Mercury Retrograde 2018, Dates For The Diary…

I Have The Dates, Just You Try And Stop Me Mercury…


In 2018, Mercury appears retrograde over three time periods, all of which are in the fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Time to get out your fresh diary and glance over the year ahead. Remember, astrology should be used like a helpful weather forecast. If it looks like rain – pack an umbrella!

Mercury needn’t cause havoc during those spells where he appears to backtrack through the constellations. However those of us tuned into the movements of the cosmos can see those Mercurial tendencies do like to stir up chaos now and then.

Here are the time frames to keep in mind, with a couple of hints of their implications…

Mercury Retrograde 2018

March 23rd – April 15th in Aries

July 26th – August 19th in Leo

November 17th – December 7th in Sagittarius (and Scorpio).

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Mercury Retrograde In Aries

  • Mercury Enters its shadow period March 8th 2018
  • Mercury appears retrograde March 23rd – April 15th
  • Mercury direct April 15th
  • Mercury Out Of Shadow May 3rd 2018.

With Mercury retrograde in the zodiac sign Aries spontaneous, direct, brashness in your connections is even more likely.

Mercury Retrograde In Leo

  • Mercury Enters its shadow period July 7th 2018
  • Mercury appears retrograde July 26th – August 19th
  • Mercury direct August 9th
  • Mercury Out Of Shadow September 2nd 2018.

With Mercury retrograde in the zodiac sign Leo our sense of self-expression will be trying. Leo is the performer extraordinaire of the Zodiac, and with the communication planet in retrograde we could be experience a re-think around what we mean to say and announce.

Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius

  • Mercury Enters its shadow period October 29th 2018
  • Mercury appears retrograde November 17th – December 6h
  • Mercury direct December 7th
  • Mercury Out Of Shadow December 24th 2018.

With Mercury retrograde in the zodiac sign Sagittarius it’s a good idea to be extra careful booking long distance travel, taking exams of submitting forms for further education, and in the broadcasting of ideas and messages.

Sagittarius rules international liaisons and overseas journeys, publishing, university or higher education and legal rulings too.


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