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How To Communicate With Coworkers, According To Their Zodiac Sign…

Practicing intentional communication around your colleagues using astrology!

Astrology can be incredibly complicated and needless to say, not everyone fits the mold of their astrological sign. However, being empathetic and tailoring your message means you can more effectively reach the person you’re communicating to.

If you want to get an idea across it’s essential to think about crafting what you’re saying – Grammarly is a great tool for clear and targeted communication, and even has a feature to set goals for tone, formality, and intent to effectively reach your audience!

Here are some useful tips and don’t forget to check your colleague, boss or friends MERCURY SIGN!

ARIES or Mercury in ARIES

Aries tend to be: Driven, bold, trailblazers.

How to reach someone with those traits?

  • Use a direct, informal style
  • Convince them using creative, upbeat ideas.

TAURUS or Mercury in TAURUS

Taurus tend to be: Dedicated, steady, stubborn.

How to reach someone with those traits:

  • Describe your ideas in detail with supporting evidence
  • Use clear language and keep your emotion mild.

GEMINI or Mercury in GEMINI

Geminis tend to be: Versatile, active, witty.

How to reach someone with those traits:

  • Demonstrate strong emotion and passion for your ideas
  • Use a casual tone, crack a joke or two.

CANCER or Mercury in CANCER

Cancers tend to be: Flexible, intuitive, focused.

How to reach someone with those traits:

  • Engage them with the facts, not flashiness
  • Prove your expertise and always check for typos.

LEO or Mercury in LEO

Leos tend to be: Ambitious, passionate, proud.

How to reach someone with those traits:

  • Use a casual yet respectful tone
  • Appeal to their ego and treat them as the expert.

VIRGO or Mercury in VIRGO

Virgos tend to be: Grounded, pragmatic, hardworking.

How to reach someone with those traits:

  • Inform them of your ideas using mild emotion
  • Use a professional tone and clearly state next steps.

LIBRA or Mercury in LIBRA

Libras tend to be: Balanced, good-natured, charismatic.

How to reach someone with those traits:

Tell a story and keep your tone casual

Be passionate and share creative ideas.


Scorpios tend to be: Committed, private, assertive.

How to reach someone with those traits:

  • Keep your tone formal and don’t pry into their personal life
  • Convince them with evidence and proof, not showmanship.


Sagittarians tend to be: Positive, direct, independent.

How to reach someone with those traits:

  • Keep your message short and clear
  • Take on an optimistic tone and be creative in your storytelling.


Capricorns tend to be: Determined, social, dependable.

How to reach someone with those traits:

  • Use a formal tone, especially as you build up a reputation with them
  • Convince them using creative, yet practical and well-thought-out ideas.


Aquarians tend to be: Bright, open-minded, unpredictable.

How to reach someone with those traits:

  • Use humor and informal language to get on their good side
  • Show your passion and emotion, but keep your message short and sweet.

PISCES and Mercury in PISCES

Pisces tend to be: Indecisive, adaptable, sensitive.

How to reach someone with those traits:

  • Convince them with passion, but most importantly, supporting facts and figures
  • Use a relaxed tone and avoid overly formal language.

I just added the Grammarly tool to my web browser, check it out here!

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