Cancer Season Spotlight: Princess Diana’s Astrology…

Roman Goddess of the Moon and the People’s Princess, a look at Princess Diana's personal horoscope...

Professional astrologer Stefanie James takes a closer look at the late Princess Diana during Cancer Season…

Sagittarius Rising, Cancerian Diana…

Princess Diana’s namesake is the Roman Goddess of the Moon and hunting.

A powerful influence on the Royal Family and public perception, the Princess of Wales is to this day, a symbol for compassion, love and charity across the world.

So how fitting is the archetype of the Roman Goddess in Princess Diana’s birth chart?

Diana’s Astrology:

Affectionately known as “the People’s Princess”, Diana’s lunar nature was able to permeate royal boundaries and personalise every personal encounter she had.

Her Moon in Aquarius saw her become a maternal figure to humanity, bridging oceans and transcending religion, background and race.

As a mother she defied the detached royal tradition of parenting.

A Princess and mother with an eating disorder in a dysfunctional marriage – Diana’s life had its highs and lows, much like the phases of the Moon.

Despite her imperfections, she was well loved by many as a woman with benevolent values and the common touch.

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New Moon In Cancer Horoscope…

Venus sits close, with harmony from Mars and Saturn too!

The stale, stoic and saturnine reputation of the royal image was softened by her presence; her Sagittarius ascendant inspired the public’s faith in the future of the British Monarchy.

The Moon rules Diana’s naturally compassionate and intuitive Sun in Cancer adding extra gravity to her altruistic dedication and with Venus in Taurus, Diana had a hands-on approach with the work that she did.

Maintaining contact with the public, comforting and nurturing the adults and children she met during royal duties, she was prepared to endanger her own life in order to fight passionately for her causes; walking through fields peppered with landmines is not the type of charity work you would expect a Princess to pursue.

Sagittarius Rising

Sadly, the huntress archetype permeated Diana’s life in less desirable ways as she became the hunted.

Stunningly photogenic, Diana’s fair and gentle lunar appearance paired with the presence and height of her Sagittarius ascendant gave her an enchanting and elegant appeal; a long legged, blue eyed blonde, she had plenty of admirers.

Stories of the Princess had great earning potential for the press, and Diana was hounded by paparazzi right up to the moment of her untimely death.

Moon in Aquarius

In order to share her caring message with the world Diana did things differently; courageously breaking traditions and encouraging change, she even had her own astrologer!

Diana’s Aquarius moon and her legacy lives on through Princes William and Harry who continue to giving back to humanity through charity work.

Princess Diana’s Birth Chart

Diana, Princess of Wales, Born Diana Frances Spencer On The 1st July 1961 At 7.45 pm In Sandringham, England…

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