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Venus In Taurus Celebrities And Their Style…

Share the story – it’s the beauty of those born with Venus in tenacious Taurus…

So, you have Venus in Taurus? Lucky you!

Beauty planet Venus is at home in the Taurus zodiac sign, as she rules the constellation – there is great harmony to be had with the placement and a natural affinity with art, good food (and wine), comforts around the home setting and a general understanding of what looks and feels sensational.

Those with Venus in Taurus are warm and affectionate, tactile and a fan of a stable, loving relationship. They can be possessive, but are faithful, devoted and as a fixed sign they’re loyal.

Venus In Taurus Fashion style – Sensuality In Spades…


Clockwise From Top Left – Venus In Taurus Stars: Linda Evangelista, Taurus, Alanis Morissette, Gemini, Juliette Binoche, Pisces, Kristin Scott-Thomas – moon and Venus in Taurus, sun in Cancer…

Resolutely in tune with the senses and all that is sensual, Taurus is a sign that emanates high levels of enduring femininity, an enveloping, rich dress style of indulgence and opulence.

They emanate a steady gracefulness like no other Venus placement.

This sign can amp up the luxe factor, with a real understanding of the material, the tangible and the finer things in life.

They don’t look gaudy with the trappings that can look so wrong on others…

Stable and earthy they’ll also be drawn to buying practical pieces that tick the box on comfort. They’ll feel their way around a department store, fingers gravitating towards soft silks and sumptuous satins.

Pink is a lucky colour for Venus in Taurus, and they can also look fabulous in florals.

There are five possible Sun signs for those with Venus in Taurus, Pisces through to Cancer. See which celebrities share your Sun and Venus sign…

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Celebrities with Venus in Taurus…

Venus in Taurus with a Pisces Sun

☆ Juliette Binoche ☆ Pasha Grishuk ☆ Mercedes McNab ☆ Laura Prepon ☆ Dana Delany ☆ Grimes ☆

Venus in Taurus with an Aries Sun

fergie  leighton

☆ Saoirse Ronan ☆ Anna Dello Russo ☆ Chaka KhanFergie ☆ Tracy Chapman ☆ Amanda Bynes ☆ Jessie J ☆ Jamie Lynn Spears ☆ Kathrine Sørland ☆ Paloma Picasso ☆ Leighton Meester ☆ Carol White ☆ Ellen Barkin ☆ Tommy Hilfiger ☆

Venus in Taurus with a Taurus Sun – Double Taurus!


☆ Jessica Alba ☆ Ella Fitzgerald ☆ Amber Heard ☆ Grace Jones ☆ Ann-Margret ☆ Jessica Lange ☆ Linda Evangelista ☆ Susannah Harker ☆ Emily Beecham ☆ Grace Phipps ☆ Diana Hayden ☆ Miuccia Prada ☆ Kristin Scott-Thomas ☆ Melania Trump ☆ Carol Burnett ☆

Venus in Taurus with a Gemini Sun


Iggy Azalea ☆ Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes ☆ Monica Keena ☆ Lisa Marie Presley ☆ Alanis Morissette ☆ Anne Frank ☆ Luo Zilin ☆ Sophia Manzano ☆ Sophie Lowe ☆ Steffi Graf ☆ Jane Russell ☆ Kendra Wilkinson ☆ Alison Moyet ☆ Julianna Margulies ☆ Patti LaBelle ☆ Suzi Quatro ☆ Carmen Dell’Orefice ☆ Alber Elbaz ☆

Venus in Taurus With a Cancer Sun


Lana Del ReyLea Seydoux ☆ Princess Diana ☆ Debbie Harry ☆ Cindy Lauper ☆ Carly Simon ☆ Michele Lee ☆ Liv Tyler ☆ Ariana Grande ☆ Ashley Tisdale ☆ Carroll Baker ☆ Betty Compson ☆ Jessica Lange ☆ Peggy Lee ☆ Debbie Reynolds ☆ Nancy Reagan ☆ Kristen Zang ☆

venus-in-astrologyDiscover more about Venus and see the other styles of the zodiac signs, here.

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