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All About The Wild, Uplifting Moon in Aquarius + Celebrities And Style…

With the moon in air sign Aquarius you could be much more detached, cool and emotionally aloof than your sun sign suggests…

Malika Favre Aquarius

Image By Malika Favre…

Our Moon sign is an indicator of what we need – what we need to feel nurtured or secure, it’s what comforts us.

It’s our emotional nature within the safe folds of family and trusted friends, it’s the personality that comes out when we’re relaxed at home.

The Moon shows how we feed ourselves – literally and emotionally! It’s how we nurture and feed others.

People born when the Moon was in Aquarius are quirky, a little wild, and need to feel a part of the community or a social scene – that they’re making progress or helping to disrupt the status quo in some way.

Friendships, a way to collaborate with others and champion a cause are ways to express their humanitarian side – think of Lady Diana and her tireless efforts…

Or Ashton Kutcher’s charitable side…

These people can lead a somewhat unconventional existence, or have something about them that goes against the ‘norm’.

This habit of disrupting convention is sometimes seen as a rebellious side to the character.

At times, Moon in Aquarius will detach from their family of origin, to rebel against the normality of where they’re from. They might not have a warm relationship with their mother (since the Moon represents nourishment).

Intellectual and logical they’re far from dull. Opinionated and little eccentric, these people can delight in surprising and at times, even shocking you!

Both Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes are stars born under the moon in Aquarius who have exhibited outrageous, shock behaviour.

We can look to unpredictable Uranus as the ruler of the Moon, and in a traditional fashion, Saturn.

Moon In Aquarius Unique Beauty!

People born with the moon in Aquarius can have a distinctive, angular jawline.

The Aquarius face-shape is often heart shaped with a noticeable clear, bright eyes!

Moon In Aquarius Home Style…

We decorate according to a number of factors, including our Sun, Venus and Rising Signs, however, as the moon governs ‘home’ it can reveal a lot about how we make ourselves feel at comfortable in our nest through our unique personal style.

People with Moon in Aquarius like to be surrounded by people and their homes will reflect their charitable tendencies to welcome the earthlings in.

This air sign is not obsessed with perfect aesthetics but rather seeks to create an atmosphere that accommodates freedom and a liberal outlook – they will want people to come and go as they please.

This could be shown in an eco-chic aesthetic – you can totally buy moon in Aquarius people a recycling device, FYI…

Taurus Jessica Alba started The Honest Co., which sells nontoxic, eco-friendly household, baby, and bath products – Taurus builds but her moon set the tone of environmentally conscious wares!

Celebrities With The Moon In Aquarius…



☆ Jennifer Jason Leigh ☆ Tiffani-Amber Thiessen ☆ Anna Hutchison ☆ Ali Larter ☆ Nora Zehetner ☆ Ashley Judd ☆ Jayne Mansfield ☆ Marilyn Monroe ☆ Joan Crawford ☆ Carrie Underwood ☆ Anna Friel ☆ Kim Cattrall ☆ Helena Rubenstien ☆ Britney Spears ☆ Diana Agron ☆ Sandra BullockCristina Hendricks ☆ Uma Thurman ☆ Vivien Leigh ☆ Victoria Beckham ☆ Sasha Pivovarova ☆ Ursula Andress ☆ Anita Pallenberg ☆ Annie Leobowiz ☆ Diana Princess Of Wales ☆ Amanda Bynes ☆ Jessica Alba ☆ Cara Delevingne ☆ Sophia Loren ☆ Audrey Tatau ☆

Sun & Moon in Aquarius: Ashton Kutcher, Ariel Winter, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jeanne Moreau, Roberta Flack, Christie Brinkley, Lana Turner, Angela Davis, Edward Van Halen, Ice-T and Sarah Palin…

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