Chris Hemsworth Astrology – Thor, The Modern Myth

Does the actor live up to the archetype of astrology's God of Thunder? Stefanie James investigates...

Piercing blue eyes, muscular physique and a billowing mane of golden hair – there’s no denying that the casting of Chris Hemsworth as Thor was a great choice – but how fitting is the archetype of Thor in the Australian actors chart?

Astrologer Stefanie James investigates…

Thor, The Modern Myth – Chris Hemsworth Astrology And Personal Horoscope!

In Norse Mythology the planet Jupiter is associated with Thor, God of Thunder. The storm-weather god of sky, his iconic hammer is said to be one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence; he’s also a fertility god.

Such an influential deity, he even has a day of the week named after him: ‘Thors’ day or Thursday to you and I.

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Without a birth time we can peer into the professional life of the actor by casting a noon chart, which is said to describe the professional and public image of an individual.

Jupiter–Uranus Rising

Incredibly, using this method, Chris Hemsworth has Jupiter–Uranus rising; Uranus is the astrological influence associated with electrical storms, while Jupiter is the archetype of Thor himself!

The signature for Thor’s hammer sits on the most sensitive personal point of of Chris Hemsworth’s professional chart. Both planets reside in Sagittarius, the sign of adventure, gods and lands beyond our own…

His Sun in Leo – destined to play the hero – falls in the 9th house, the natural home of Jupiter and Sagittarius compelling us to believe in him even more.


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Let’s face it – there’s plenty of fans worshipping at the temple of Hemsworth.

Chris’ 10th house moon, Mercury and Venus in Virgo indicates an intellectually competitive relationship with siblings for parental recognition and professional notoriety.

In addition, he has Mars in patriotic, defensive and family oriented Cancer – Thor is a warrior who battles to defend his homeland, and the people of Asgard.

On screen, Thor’s manipulative and mischievous adoptive brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is a descendant of the Frost Giants, enemies of Asgard. Off screen the Hemsworth brothers are known not just for their acting skills, but their good looks – a bevy of attractive, talented and well known actors.

Mars squared by Saturn and Pluto in Libra adds a volcanic element to Chris’ anger which can be challenging to control, not unlike our deity of discussion.

But this combination can also indicate animal magnetism and a stamina which has been cultivated through a series of hard-knocks.

All being said, the brains and braun possessed by the Norse God are perfectly described, as are the family dramas echoed through the archetypal patterns in Chris Hemsworth’s professional chart.

He was even born on a Thursday!

Who better to wield Thor’s Hammer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Chris Hemsworth Astrology And Birth Chart

Chris Hemsworth Born 11th August 1983 In Melbourne, Australia


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