New Moon In Cancer Horoscope…

  • Weekday: Tuesday / Wednesday
  • Element: Water,
  • Moon’s Ruler: The Moon Itself.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Wednesday June 29th, 10.52 am, 2022
  • London: Wednesday June 29th, 3.52 am, 2022
  • New York: Tuesday June 28th, 10.52 pm, 2022.

Your New Moon In Cancer Horoscope…


Now in the domestic realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on home, property, your roots and ancestry. You can permit yourself a fresh start focused on the way you feel settled, safe and secure.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make around the house, or in household matters, your family line and lineage – the way you maintain an important family tradition or uphold the memory of those who have passed and gone before you, the way you revere those you care about (blood-ties or your adopted family) and keep your clan together

Shine a light on the more sensitive subjects before you…

Relationships… Examine your capacity for genuine emotional semblance, empathy and compassion. Rouse sentimentality, gentle care and respect for those in your four walls, or those who have some say or sway over where you live.

You might even set goals to nest or create your ideal home life, with an atmosphere among others you can feel comfortable and safe in.

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your sign (and gung-ho Mars) you could be setting solo projects alight, with your own initiatives breeding enthusiasm!

Close contacts are well placed later in the day, with friendly Venus in your house of neighbours aligned with Jupiter; you could find yourself in touch with your tightest pals or peers, sharing the good word about your plans!

Career… The Cancer New Moon invites you to come around to ways you might settle in your surroundings and space, with a handle on feeding and nurturing.

Touch sensitively on your needs – it’s important to feel comfortable and give ourselves the best shot at being at ease, no matter what we have to face in the past, what we’ve to remember or heal. Come home to roost or know you can safely drop anchor with awareness on your innermost feelings…

But note your priority may be to active your independence, to burn bright and go it alone, with your own interests front and centre. Sense where great things are unfolding for you, regardless where you’re from or base yourself!


Now in the thoughtful, conversational realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in your communication skills, language and rapport. You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on siblings, neighbours and news.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make in local environments, with close ties or simply in the way you feel connected – relating, communicating and learning, picking up important nuances, speaking, orating, navigating, and expressing yourself in a way that’s appropriate for those immediate ties.

Shine a light on your intellect, mindset & all that’s broached in your inner circle…

Relationships… Examine your capacity for a genuine connection and show sensitivity and familiarity as you engage. Address the way you come off to those close by, making improvements around your most important liaisons and alliances.

Note the way you get from A-to-B, messaging, writing, reporting, using channels that put you in touch with others, feeling comfortable and at ease.

Just be mindful with Jupiter (and Mars) in your secluded twelfth house, there may be a major distraction (and even a secret project, isolating experience or major fall out to tend to) pulling you away from coffee dates, loose discussions and the latest updates being shared with you… Balance gentle camaraderie and kindship with sisters, brothers or those likeminded and a process of prep, gestation, anticipation and growth in private (i.e. pregnancy or dealing with recovery, healing or another person’s health issues…)

Career… Your ruler Venus now appears in Gemini and your second house of income, self-worth, purpose and finances, so there’s likely a compelling draw toward dealing with cash and coin, what you have, what you might make or attain, or profit from. Harmonious ties to Jupiter suggest time out is no bad thing, taking rest or respite, even transforming behind closed doors as you fulfil a role.

The Cancer New Moon invites you to make friends with those in your local area or on your commute, in the canteen at work or in a carpool or hangout.

See if you can show up among kindred spirits and honour your inner mechanics.


Now in the financial realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on your assets, belongings, property, income and earnings. You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on building, developing and sustaining yourself, solo.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make around spending, saving, salary matters and the way you contribute or make a living, the way you feel worthy, rewarded, compensated and satisfied in your role…

Shine a light on material comforts and the more assuring notions in hand…

Relationships… Jupiter (and gung-ho Mars) in your friendly eleventh house of supporters, cheerleaders, audiences and followers could have you socially active and flourishing among peers, with plenty driving you toward your circle.

What’s more, with Venus in your sign you could be extra flirty, friendly and keen to indulge in good times, stepping out to network and be at one with your people, those in a crowd or broader group. Sense where you’re able to find a warm team spirit, and shimmy out to be the most popular person in the room! Leverage your presence and intellect for a good cause…

Just be mindful today’s about being intentional around your job role, purpose and financial situation, too!

Career… What are your goals in a material sense, and what do you need to feel really good about what you do, input, earn or have?

Your contribution is in the spotlight now, making it an ideal time to reflect on your possessions, attributes, assets and tendencies around real-world matter, your material trappings and intangible wealth, your belongings and all you do to feel validated, valued, rewarded and compensated.

How might you feel comfortable and at ease with income and outgoings? It’s possible you’ve a tendency to be nostalgic and possessive about what you amass, but that you’re generous with others too, with the Moon governing your zone of cashflow. See where it makes sense to let go and make room for new purchases to replace the old, & be aware of hoarding tendencies!


Now in the most personal realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on your personal priorities, your personal life and your persona! You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on the way you present yourself.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make around your look, presence, your body and identity: your personality and solo endeavours, the way you maintain your own sense of self, so that people know you for you – be authentic or touch on ways to be more genuinely aligned with yourself.

Shine a light on your independence and your autonomy.

Relationships… The New Moon invites you to come home to you, to your true character and authenticity! Rather than be overly worried about a partner, make space for others to focus on you and what you need.

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your tenth house of career aspirations, status and outward reputation, your public image is likely flourishing, with attention on getting ahead in your vocational life, with a desire to hide or retreat from the world, as you get ahead…

Try to accommodate being seen, visible as the person you are in the eyes of the world, and who you are IRL as a true person and presence that’s human.

Career… Sun and Moon could bring up issues of selfhood and autonomy – your health and physical expression of self, how you look, and characterise yourself, how you show up IRL with your own life to lead.

You’re typically shy and a gentle, soft creature, and as an emotional water sign, governed by the mysterious, nocturnal Moon it’s really important you feel comfortable and at ease just as you are. Work on this!

But note it might not be easy accepting yourself, as ambitions loom large, with plans or projects putting you in the public eye, or demanding you step up into prominence, notoriety, even fame or claiming a well-earned title.

Venus in your twelfth house brings you the inclination to withdraw into seclusion and transformation, retreating as recognition arrives on your shoulders, find the balance being present & upholding a public image…


Now, in the hidden, secret realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on unconscious behaviours, private situations behind closed doors, catharsis, closure and dreams. You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on the way you deal with the unknown (and unknowable).

Make note of your intention to really surrender, letting go of any illusion of control, with the more sensitive subjects on your plate. Remember to accept defeat needn’t be ‘defeatist’, the first step in overcoming self-sabotage is to become aware of the bad habits we’re looking to rid, purge or sacrifice!

Shine a light on the more difficult circumstances and how you move beyond…

Relationships… The Cancer New Moon invites you to feel at ease with isolation, charity, quiet solitude and reflection, even prompting you to gravitate toward peaceful moments, to get out of ‘self’ and help others as they heal. You have a capacity to be selfless, now, caring for others and their emotional struggles, tending the sick or bearing witness to your own recovery.

Just be mindful with Jupiter (& Mars) in your ninth house of wanderlust, travel, global projects, publishing, education and wisdom-seeking, your willingness to venture forth may be ablaze with excitement! Getting out into your community, among friendly neighbours to learn and grow may be driving you, with an eagerness to experiencing something new as part of a crowd, audience or fellowship. Balance what you need & what you want.

Career… As your ruling celestial guide the Sun now tours your twelfth house, a sensation of gestation, anticipation and preparation may percolate, with scandalous circumstances, something untoward unravelling, a mystery or misunderstanding to broach.

Stand on the sidelines or be behind the scenes, knowing the only certainty you can possess is that nothing is certain. Lay claim to the tools developed over time that allow you to pause, making amends for your part and caring for others as they process, too.

It might not be smooth sailing, with a visionary venture beckoning you to explore and go further, to connect wildly to peers and people far flung!


Now in the community-oriented realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on networks, and friendly allies or acquaintances. You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on teamwork and collaboration.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make around developing your audience or being sensitive to your people, a common [humanitarian] cause on your radar you’re keen to get more involved in, goals in a crew, and commonalities that bring you together with others.

Shine a light on your organization or philanthropic aims – band together!

Relationships… The Cancer New Moon invites you to feel at ease with notions of team spirit, ways you unite with goals for humanity… What does your tribe of cheerleaders or your ideal squad look like? Who do you wish to get on board?

Move ahead in your circle and social scene, consider issues relating to your sector of society, circumstances that put you in touch with others aligned within your sphere, or one of the masses. What do you have to contribute to the greater good, your peers and people?

Recognize where improvements can be made with care, kindness, compassion and consideration for your clan… Just be mindful with Jupiter (& Mars) in your eighth house, more intimate unions are blossoming, with a drive to commit or follow through with just one partner or person of interest who can potentially give you a hand toward your ambitions or help you come off well!

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Career… Venus now appears in Gemini and your tenth house of aspirations, accomplishments, fame and notoriety, so you could be appearing in your public role, visible professionally or personally, making an impression.

The planet of love, affection, beauty and desires is well placed to ‘get ahead’, and now, with ties to Jupiter in your house of mutual gains, a joint plan, alliance or agreement could be poised to boost and bolster your status or standing (i.e. your boss could commit to giving you the remit and title you’ve been hoping for, a partner could propose and elevate you to ‘wife’). Just note social agendas don’t necessarily chime well with more intimate developments.


Now in the outer realms of profession and notoriety, Sun and Moon hone in on your aims, a road to advancement and your ambitions. You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on your path in the public eye!

Make note of the efforts you intend to make around your brand, reputation, career or calling, your claim to fame or how you want to be perceived – ways you feel accomplished, recognised, praised and validated by a parent, caretaker, mentor or boss, or, how you follow up and follow through with a mission or long held feat of interest – heading toward your goals…

Shine a light on your capacity to lead, show up in your vocation or represent!

Relationships… With Jupiter in your opposite sign (and gung-ho Mars) you could be experiencing plenty in a one-on-one dynamic, so that a spouse, partner, business alliance, friend or family member draws great attention their way!

Perhaps you’re learning about the demands (and temper tantrums) of a toddler, or your husband is taking up adventure sports; maybe your teenager is angry at her break-outs, or a friend is keen to start dating and needs a wing-man! It’s likely easy to get caught up with what others are doing, and with your ruler Venus well aspected today, there’s likely plenty to learn about yourself and your beliefs, politics, personal philosophy, culture or moral compass thanks to blossoming relations… Enjoy coming together!

Career… The Cancer New Moon invites you to look ahead to your enduring aspirations and goals, be they professional or personal. Perhaps there’s nothing better to you than being a success in the role of ‘parent’, maybe you’re a business owner and have set yourself a target, or, if you’re a sports star there may be a winning title that means the world.

Whatever the crown you wear upon your head, letters after your name, or status, we can all feel we’ve done a good job, proud of our accomplishments.

Take time to reflect on what’s ahead, intentions for the way you wish to be known, as an authority, leader or figure ‘in charge’.


Now in the thoughtful, broadminded realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on education, higher thought, expansion and travel. You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on knowledge and wisdom.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make toward your own development, challenging your moral compass, personal philosophy, seeking out the Truth of political reasoning, cultural exploration and where you become informed.

Shine a light on a specialism, or unfamiliar subjects on your radar now…

Relationships… The New Moon invites you to consider another point of view, steering your gaze toward a guide or educator, a professor or knowledgeable folk whose opinion you’re now drawn to. Perhaps you’re leaning toward travel or a course of study, developing your own perspective, with the help of gentle teachers or friends with an opinion you’re open to.

You can refresh and nurture your interests, flinging open a window on the world, seeing people in a whole new light.

Really give yourself time today to consider a different road to walk with fellow pilgrims already on the path ready with hands outstretched.

Career… Sun and Moon touch on projects, plans or avenues to go further afield, so you could be feeling keen to set your sights on opportunities to explore the bigger picture, faith or a global perspective.

But note it might not be easy devoting full focus to visionary ventures, as routines, jobs, tasks or a blossoming sense of order gets you excited at work, in your daily life and even your health regime. On the one hand you may be remembering your dreams, religious or spiritual leanings, or coming closer to a profound experience or journey. On the other, everyday duties and the drive to get a handle on your schedule, systems, professional team or some maintenance issues could be compelling.

With Venus well placed, you may be able to see the appeal in working closely with someone who helps you do better, manage or make good choices!


Now in the intimate realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on mutual gains – investments, private affairs, commitments and legacies that involve you and others, or, the way you unify, merge & work collaboratively.

You can permit yourself a fresh start focused on ways you feel secure in partnerships or financial entanglements, invested and contracted with awareness of your obligations, able to trust, be intimate, tied in, wedded or in agreement with some form of alliance and a show of loyalty.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make pledging yourself, promising resources or time to another (be it your boss, spouse, a parent you rely upon – and who relies on you –a best friend, even a professional with a payment plan, a housemate to split the bills and bathrooms!)

Relationships… What are your goals for a trusting, intimate union, and how might you share your time, your money, yourself, your resources, and your space or energy?

With the New Moon in your commitment zone of serious, private affairs, move ahead aware of your rapport with others, consolidating what you have – feeling comfortable and at ease with notions of togetherness.

Just be mindful with your ruling planet Jupiter in your fertile house of fun, entertainment, play dates and sexuality, you may be exploring ways to enjoy yourself – particularly with loving Venus in your partnering zone well placed to have you team up, one-on-one with great attraction and allure pulling you into partnership… Go big on making yourself happy and formalizing plans.

Career… The Cancer New Moon resets the agenda in coming together as a joint effort.

Recognize where improvements can be made and what there is to gain when teaming up with outside parties, ways you might build or sustain yourself or profit through a relationship – or make more of what you have? How might you be vulnerable and aware of what others offer?

As you’re in a strong cycle to be playful, creative and plan fun things to do, a party, vacation, pregnancy or joyful opportunity may override serious plans on the table you should pay attention to! Know what you’re committing to.


Now in the relational realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on partners – platonic, romantic, and all relationships conducted one-on-one.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make around togetherness, relationship goals and harmonious negotiations, grow aware of collaborative efforts, intentions with those you’re involved with (from a spouse, mentor, client, friend or family member, to an arch rival at work or a person you face regularly by yourself…)

Shine a light on a new chapter in the story of one-to-ones – turn the page!

Relationships… Examine your capacity for human connection, empathy and the openness you have to being personally involved with others. Are you a lone wolf or have you space for a plus one by your side? What do you really want from other people?

You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on the way you consider and care for a partner, welcoming partner or co-pilot to stand with you or show up as needed. Perhaps you can put their needs first…

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your zone of home (with gung-ho Mars) you could be enthusiastic about family life, with a flair for organizing, orchestrating and delegating – you may come off as bossy!

Career… It’s time to move ahead in all kinds of relationships, challenging yourself to be comfortable and at ease dealing with individuals across the board, particularly those who warrant a gentle touch one-on-one.

Yet you might not have the inclination to pander, busy as a been and delightfully engaged in your job, work tasks or employment, making your way to create efficiencies (particularly as this relates to your domestic or family life), with plenty to do (or systems to explore, and a ‘better’ way of living, tending to chores or a health practice).

Your approach to self-care (with an expansion and emphasis on ‘self’) is key now, as you warm your world and plan to settle or tackle your property, space or dwellings, beautifully on top of things… Just be a little sensitive too!


Now in the efficient realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on your job, wellness, & regular everyday needs. You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on the way you feel you’ve a handle on everything in your daily life.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make around health and wellbeing in particular, looking at best practice and all that helps you feel fit for service, usefully employed with a purpose and the ability to maintain or upkeep what’s needed to perform your duties.

Shine a light on ‘the little things’ in life that keep you running at your best, efficient, diligent and managing others with care, too…

Relationships… As it’s a day to improve on routines and your regime, you could be drawn toward helpful folk who enhance your productivity and support or help out.

Where do you need an extra pair of hands? More head count or assistance?

Just be mindful with Jupiter in your third house (and gung-ho Mars) your general connection to others is likely flourishing, with kinship, conversational ties and reason to reach out with enthusiasm. Social interaction, fun and pleasure-seeking doesn’t necessarily align with streamlining tasks!

Venus makes it possible for you to indulge in good times with close kin!

Career… Examine your capacity to avoid illness, and keep from falling sick – all you do to stay work-ready, maintain a position and capacity to sustain yourself, in body, mind, spirit and soul. Strive to be comfortable in your day-to-day, with admin, duties and support systems!

Address the more productive ways you handle life, with new start for a practice or your proficiency. Look at your employment and recognize where you might change, evolve or stay on top of the most important functioning.

But note your communication skills are also rapidly developing, with a pressing drive and haste to express yourself – note creative projects, sports or a willingness to enjoy yourself may compliment your blossoming curiosity!


Now in the playful realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on creativity, passion, dating, children and love-making. You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on the way you find joy and a sense of pleasure, how you procreate, love, and satisfy connection to your personal interests and kids.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make around hobbies, sports, crafts and the arts, and your approach to cultivating your talents, spending quality time on date-night or with your babies!

Shine a light on creative self-expression!

Relationships… The New Moon invites you to bring out the fun romantic in you, now in the sector that prompts you to put your heart into plans or projects.

How might life get even more colourful, joyful and bring you even more happiness? What could inspire you to sing from your heart – or hit the dating scene once again? Invigorate your sexuality, or get together with a friend that makes you howl with laughter! Say “yes” to parties, planning a vacation, or a trip to the beach, generally remembering to have a good time!

Move ahead, satisfying your desires, indulging and affirm your greatest loves, recognize where improvements can be made in reaching for true personal gratification (claiming it and never letting it go)…

Just be mindful money-making ventures may be blossoming, your role or contribution at home…

Career… Jupiter now appears in your second house of income, earnings, finances and belongings, so the issue of assets and attaining or building more may be growing and flourishing!

With affable Venus sparkling in your zone of home, past history, domestic life and your surroundings aligned with Jupiter, you could be enjoying life in your four walls, getting on great with housemates, a parent or simply devoting time and attention to where you live or where you’re from, with plenty to give, profit from, or learn about the cash you make – & where your value lies.

Sense what’s worth your time, what you can charge, then double it!

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