July 17: New Moon In Cancer Horoscope…

With support from Neptune and Uranus but tension from Pluto, this one packs a punch!

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Now in the domestic realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on home, property, your roots and ancestry. You can permit yourself a fresh start, focused on the way you feel settled, safe and secure.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make around household matters, and your family or lineage – the way you maintain tradition or uphold a line, and keep your crew together.

Money and your own revenue streams could be touched upon, with a changed outlook on your role and financial position. Lean into all that’s unconventional or alternative about your role, and what’s progressive.


Now in the thoughtful, conversational realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on communication skills, language, rapport, sibling ties, neighbours and local environments.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make in relating, communicating and learning, picking up important skills, speaking, orating, navigating, and expressing yourself in a way that’s appropriate.

With Uranus in your sign, be personally and radically involved – physically or thanks to your own purpose.


Now in the financial realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon allow you to hone in on your assets, belongings, property, your income and earnings.

You can permit yourself a fresh start focused on the way you build, develop and sustain yourself. Make note of the efforts you intend to make around spending, saving, your salary and how you contribute or make a living.

Shine a light on material comforts and what’s assuring that’s in hand…


Today’s New Moon is personal, Cancer, as Sun and Moon hone in on YOU, and potentially issues of selfhood, independence and autonomy. Find you can address your personality, health and physical expression solo – your look, persona and character as a sole entity!

Permit yourself a fresh start that centres around the way you present yourself but also solo endeavours. Note the way you maintain your presence and keep a sense of independence, particularly among friends and your network.

Uranus in your eleventh house leads you to friends in the community who are potentially changemakers or doing things differently. Work in a way that’s progressive or find you can benefit from your circle of peers, as you focus on you!


The Sun and Moon hone in on your private life, now transiting the hidden, secret realms of your horoscope. You can grant yourself a fresh start focused on the ways you feel at ease in a selfless position of service, genuinely charitable.

There may be a process of gestation that’s not entirely comfortable, a sense of anticipation, preparation, and the unknown (and unknowable). Perhaps you’re helping others with their emotional struggles or waiting for others to make a move.

Stand on the sidelines, letting go of any illusion of control, with a way to face the inevitabilities. Shine a light on the more sensitive subjects that are uncertain, unpredictable and trying…

Focus on a process of healing behind the scenes, taking time away from others to dream and unwind, cultivating peace and comfort. Honour your needs, nourished in body, mind and spirit. Try to align with your new public image, coming across as the person you want to be seen as.

Remember, to accept defeat needn’t be ‘defeatist’, instead you could improve your title, career path or reputation by yielding control.


Now in the community-oriented realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on networks, and friendly allies or acquaintances. Note the ways you band together with a common cause or endeavour in mind. Perhaps you’re on a committee or board, or called upon to be a team member.

Grant yourself a fresh start focused on teamwork and collaboration!

Make note of the efforts you intend to make around [humanitarian] causes, goals in a crew, and the common interests that bring you together with others. Take stock of your industry, organization or philanthropic aims.

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Now transiting the outer realms of your chart, representing your profession and notoriety, Sun and Moon hone in on your aims, advancement and ambitions. Be enamoured with fame, notoriety, validation, praise and your public image!

Find you’re aware of your path in the public eye, your reputation, career or calling, and grant yourself a fresh start focused on the ways you feel accomplished, recognised, praised and validated in the world at large.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make showing up as an authority or leader, willing to put yourself out there.

Shine a light on your capacity to direct and influence, showing up in your vocation or representing a company, family or brand!


Now in the thoughtful, broadminded realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on education, higher thought, publishing, expansion and travel.

Look further afield, permitting yourself a fresh start where culture, knowledge and wisdom is concerned. Focus on feeling connected to your truth, your personal philosophy and personal development! Sense where you might share (or publish) what you know to be true!

Make note of efforts you might make towards your own continual learning – projects, plans or avenues to keep you seeking out a profound experience that brings you closer to the viewpoint that fits!

Shine a light on foreign subjects and people from elsewhere! Move ahead with a vision quest or spiritual journey, leaning into romanticism and your own pleasure principle, too! A radical approach to one-to-one relationships (and new key people that have changed your approach to marriage unions) can now be considered, too!

Sign up to a course or conversation a friend has introduced, pursue adventure – or go further with projects you’re passionate about!


Now in the intimate realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on assets or material gains that are mutually beneficial. Consider where you make gains (or pay out) through others, including investments, inheritance, taxes, bills, debts, or legacies that involve you and them.

Your private affairs and commitments are touched upon, including marriage contracts, binding ties (like children), a mortgage or payment plan.

Grant yourself a fresh start focused on the way you feel secure in partnerships or entanglements, committed with intimacy (trust), financial ties, loyalty, or another form of alliance.

How you might sustain yourself through a relationship, or make more of what you have, given you now have new ways of working? Who relies on you and for what? Where are you reliant on others?


Now in the relational realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on partners – platonic, romantic, and really any relationships conducted one-on-one.

You can grant yourself a fresh start focused on the way you consider your unions, or how you might welcome a ‘plus one’ by your side.

Make note of the efforts you intend to make with those you’re involved with (from a spouse to a client or family member), the way you conduct yourself and appreciate their presence or part. If you’ve a tendency to go it alone, consider opening up to other people, finding the sense in having others around.

Shine a light on togetherness, allowing passion, pregnancy, children and your love life, your sexuality or talents to feed into one-to-ones. You may have had a change of heart in your own happiness, elevating the pleasure principle or disrupting what makes you happy. Now move ahead with individuals that mean something to you.


Now in the efficient realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on your job, wellness, and regular needs. Look to ‘the little things’ in life that keep you from falling sick, and running at your best. Focus on healthy lifestyle choices and maintenance – your chores and regular habitual regimes. Where do you need support?

You can permit yourself a fresh start around health and wellbeing – the practices that help you feel hydrated and good in your body. Show yourself how you can be fit for service and usefully employed.

Make note of efforts you intend to make around work, the way you maintain your position. Shine a light on the more productive ways you handle life…

Uranus in your zone of home life and family can lead you to changes made or being initiated around how you settle or root yourself in a property (or place, including domestically or location-wise).


Now in the playful realms of your horoscope, Sun and Moon hone in on creativity, passion, dating, children and love-making. ‘The lights’ of our skies now appear in the sector that brings out the fun side in you, the capacity for self-expression, creation and conception.

You can permit yourself a fresh start focused on the way you find joy and a sense of pleasure, how you procreate, love, and satisfy a connection to your personal interests.

Move ahead with ways you might satisfy your desires, indulge and notice what makes your heart race. Affirm your greatest loves and talents, including opportunities for a good time (a vacation, party, wedding, craft project, music concert, dancing or performing!)

Your personal gratification could be influenced by social media, communication skills, siblings, or the way you think and approach others. Uranus in Taurus has likely led you to make close ties or connections that are dynamic, so look to kindred spirits that now encourage inspiration!

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