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The Astrological Significance Of Easter… A Pagan Holiday!

The Astrology Of Easter, Pagan Rituals And The Goddess Ēostre...

Easter Bunny, But Make It Fashion…

Easter arrives with the first Full Moon following the Spring Equinox (so Easter Sunday always happens after the first full moon in spring); are there any other astrological connections between what we now call Easter and astrology?

Well, other than the timing of the ceremony, not really!

However it is a time traditionally to celebrate fertility; day and night are equal at equinox, light is overtaking darkness and so we honour new life with all its symbolism. Bunnies hop, eggs crack open with new life, shoots burst through the earth and buds come to bloom.

Spring is my all time favourite time of year! It represents the time of brand new life, plus it’s my birthday…

Goddess Ostara…

In modern paganism, we celebrate the lunar goddess of fertility – ĒostreEastre, or Ostara, a Germanic goddess who has long been known as ‘Easter‘ – with a feast!

Legend has it that the goddess found a wounded bird lying on the ground in late winter. She saved its life by turning it into a rabbit, but the change was incomplete. Although the bird had the appearance of a rabbit, it was still able to lay eggs! As for our decorated eggs, those have an ancient tradition, too.

Pagan Rituals For Easter

  • Dying eggs with bright spring colors,
  • Wearing new clothes,
  • Giving small eggs, rabbits and other gifts to mark the spring and honour the symbolism of the goddess Ostara!

Read about Saturnalia here, the roots of Christmas.

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