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Finding Balance. Aries Season / Full Moon In Libra…

Two Libra Full Moons Peak During The Reign of The Ram!

Kristen Stewart, Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra…. + Midheaven 22º Aquarius & Gemini Asc 12º!

The first of two Full Moon’s in Libra occurs March 21st 1.43 am (GMT) at 0º of the zodiac sign Libra.

  • The ruler of this full moon in Libra is Venus at 23º Aquarius, which is square to Mars at 23º Taurus, sextile Jupiter at 23º and quincunx the north node in Cancer at 24º.
  • Mars is trine to Pluto and the south node in Capricorn, and sextile the north node.
  • The full moon is aspecting Uranus at 0º Taurus in a quincunx
  • The sun in Aries is conjunct Chiron.

The second Full Moon in Libra occurs a month later, April 19th at 11.12 am (GMT) but let’s first look at the full moon that arrives on the 21st March, at the initial degree of Libra – 0º.

Times of the Libra Moon

  • Los Angeles, Wednesday 21st March 2019 6.43 pm
  • New York, Wednesday 21st March 2019 9.43 pm
  • London, Thursday March 21st 2019 1.43 am
  • Moscow, Thursday March 21st 2019 4.43 am
  • Hong Kong, Thursday March 21st 2019 9.43 am
  • Sydney, Thursday March 21st 2019 12.43 pm.

The ruler of this full moon is Venus, which will be in tension with Mars. Mars is strongly positioned, aligned with the nodal axis, plus Pluto and Vucan at 23º / 24º. The two lovers, Venus and Mars presently clashing presents a struggle of wills, as cool air (Aquarius) sticks out with her ideals and causes against practical, enduring Mars in Taurus. He wants to get on with the toil and work, she wants to put social encounters first!

So what are the ways to mark this moon in particular?

1. Put Partnerships First!

With the moon blossoming in Libra, it’s time to set aside selfish ways – just for today – and put others first. Honour special friends, your partner in crime or marital lover, OR set aside any issues you have with a particular person in your midst.

2. Seek Balance…


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Incorporate the full moon moment into your yoga and meditation practice – after all, Libra is all about seeking balance, as the sign of the scales!

Use an hour out of your day to connect and bring awareness to your sense of aptitude, and ability to move through life with grace and willingness.

3. Indulge Fully…


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Full moons are a time to realise fully, to allow things to come to light and to celebrate! As a new astrological year is upon us with the spring equinox, mark the moment with nourishing fine foods.

4. Gratitude Hour!

Practicing thanks for what is – and even what could be – is proven to raise our vibration.

Here’s a hint for your zodiac sign…

Aries: Partnerships and collaborations

Taurus: Work and health

Gemini: Love, solo interests and passion projects

Cancer: Home foundations and your roots

Leo: Community and neighbours

Virgo: How you handle your worth, income and valuables

Libra: Your fine self and the journey you’ve been on

Scorpio: The closure gained

Sagittarius: Your beautiful friends

Capricorn: Career growth and reputation

Aquarius: Travel and distant places

Pisces: Close bonds and intimate, shared spaces and finances.

5. Cut, Blow & Glow…

Full moon’s are fabulous time’s to cut your hair, as luna grows to her peak.

With the moon in beauty oriented air sign Libra go for a cut and blow out!


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Or simply focus on good grooming for the day…

Celebrities Born On A Full Moon In Libra…

Kristen Stewart, Fergie, Linda Goodman, Maya Angelou, Ellen Barkin, Claire Danes, Jennifer Morrison, Rosie O’Donnell, Susan Boyle, Akon, Julian Lennon, Matthew Broderick, Alex Pettyfer and Tommy Hilfiger.

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