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Finding Balance With The Full Moon In Libra…

Two Libra Full Moons Peak During The Reign of The Ram!

Claire Danes, Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra (and Venus and Mercury in Pisces)… Jupiter and Juno too!

The second of two Full Moons in the sign Libra occurs April 19th at 12.12 pm British Summer Time, at the final degree of Libra – 29º06′.

Libra Full Moon Chart Set For London, Placidus House System, 12.12 pm 19th April…

Times of the Libra Full Moon, April 2019

  • Los Angeles, Friday April 19th at 4.12 am
  • New York, Friday April 19th at 7.12 am
  • London, Friday April 19th at 12.12 pm (British Summer Time)
  • Moscow, Friday April 19th at 2.12 pm
  • Hong Kong, Friday April 19th at 7.12 pm
  • Sydney, Friday April 19th at 9.12 pm.

There’s such an interesting dynamic around relationships, femininity and getting our needs met at this full moon, which primarily emphasises loving unions, being in the balanced sign of Libra the scales of equilibrium.

Significantly, Venus – the ruler of Libra, is quincunx the moon in Pisces.

A quincunx aspect in astrology is an interesting one, as it invites a conversation, exchange or relationship, yet it’s neither harmonious or tense. The dynamic between Libra and Pisces in this case, (air and water, cardinal and mutable energy) is easy and complimentary. Both like to have a nice atmosphere, both hates ugly negativity and discord.

Juno, wife of Jupiter, is trine the moon, but both Juno and Jupiter are in tension with Venus, creating a mutable T-Square, which you can see below (Jupiter 24º Sagittarius, Venus 28º Pisces, and asteroid Juno, 29º Gemini).

A mystic rectangle is formed at full moon between sun, moon, Jupiter and Juno (see above). This suggests that Venus in Pisces is the odd one out, controversial or in some way aggravating at this lunation.

It’s almost as if getting what we want in relationships is at the detriment of some other growth that’s underway. Could what we want be to keep peace? Keep things looking ‘nice’, albeit on a superficial level? 

Venus at 28º Pisces is sextile Pluto at 23º Capricorn and widely aligns with the nodal axis of the moon. Perhaps what Venus – at this important point of Pisces (remember the recent Mercury Retrograde we’ve survived), perhaps what she’s striving for is actually pretty important, after all.

Juno trine the moon suggests that our emotional equilibrium is ‘happy’ with the status quo of relationships – i.e. marriage unions. Jupiter trine the sun is upholding a similar vibe – don’t rock the boat, it looks good on the outside!

Mars is in Gemini is coming into a square with Neptune, suggesting that the issues coming up at full moon can be tackled at the end of April. The full moon is aspecting Uranus at 2º Taurus by opposition, so the sun is conjunct Uranus; what shake-ups to our security are now making us feel on edge, emotionally?

Mercury is conjunct Chiron, making conversations, exchanges and interactions super uncomfortable; Venus is in a 4º out of sign conjunction with Mercury, so what we’re thinking and talking about is poignant and relevant. Make note of what subjects are broached during this full moon – probably money, friendships, relationships etc.

So what are the ways to mark this moon in particular?

Put Partnerships First!

With the moon blossoming in Libra, it’s time to set aside selfish ways – just for today – and put others first. Honor special friends, your partner in crime or marital lover, OR set aside any issues you have with a particular person in your midst.

Seek Balance…


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Incorporate the full moon moment into your yoga and meditation practice – after all, Libra is all about seeking balance, as the sign of the scales!

Use an hour out of your day to connect and bring awareness to your sense of aptitude, and ability to move through life with grace and willingness.

Indulge Fully…


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Full moons are a time to realise fully, to allow things to come to light and to celebrate! As a new astrological year is upon us with easter right ahead; mark the moment with nourishing fine foods.

Gratitude Hour! Horoscope For The Full Moon…

Practicing thanks for what is – and even what could be – is proven to raise our vibration.

Here’s a hint and horoscope for your zodiac sign…


Any good astrology loving Aries knows that Libra is your opposite sign, and therefore partnerships and collaborations are in the spotlight at this full moon. And yet with the other astrological signatures it’s a deeper connection that begs to be acknowledged and heard. Your spiritual realisations, your deeper knowing and sense of compassion is ripe; it’s not about what you say and the big gestures, it’s the gentle underscore of the symphony that makes our hearts truly sing.


At this full moon there’s a balance between work, health, habits and daily routines, and how you recharge, with attention also drawn outwards, into the wider world. How you rub along in society at large, the community you’re among, the friendship circles you move in, this is what’s really calling you to look further. It could be that friends in the workplace are asking more of you, that your social scene is demanding, or that relationships in your everyday environment are pertinent. Don’t settle for perfunctory encounters, develop relationships outside your most intimate unions. 


It’s a romantic full moon for Gemini, as Luna blossoms in your zone of love, solo interests and passion projects! It’s a time illuminating relationships, with Jupiter in your marriage and partnerships house asking for your insolvents and participation. Yet lady Venus is elevated in the most visible area of your horoscope urging you to think about how you come across in the world. This could be relevant to your public role and professional profile, or you could be processing some issues around how you show up because of family and your confidence connected to being really seen. It’s a full moon to enjoy; don’t be afraid of the path you’ve to walk.


The Libra full moon asks you to celebrate home foundations and your roots – where you live or where you’re from is in the spotlight, with emphasis on nesting, nurturing, family and recharging. This isn’t just about you feeling settled, purposeful and secure in your surroundings though, Crabcake, this is also about what you’ve learnt and continue to learn. Venus is calling you to look further afield through journeys and ventures that expand your horizons. Though you’re busy with your day-to-day work and establishing yourself consider what else you need to learn and how knowledge can be built through relating to others.


Local connections, your inner circle, community and neighbours are the focus of this full moon, with emphasis on encounters in your immediate surroundings – this is also about how you connect and relate to others, including your siblings, peers or coworkers, Leo. Yet there’s something way more intense going on at this full moon, as you’ve been doing a lot of work this spring in your private life. This could be about investments in others – relationships, bonds and financial unions, or tackling secret or hidden matters, or your property and the investment in something long-lasting. It’s important to honour your spiritual side and the intimate side of your self, while also being a fun-loving, busy bee.


How you handle your worth, your income and valuables is the focus of this full moon, Virgo, as your home or domestic life aligns with the full moon in your money zone – and the way you’re seen in the world too. It’s a full moon that’s really about security and how you stand confidently alone or in partnerships. And yet Venus in your zone of one-to-ones forces you to be aware of your sense of collaboration and how you’ve really got to play nice and negotiate in order to have a happy home life. There may be some uncomfortable conversations this full moon so take it easy!


It’s a full moon in your sign, putting the spotlight on you and your valuable contribution, Libra! Venus is your ruler, and presently flourishes in your work-a-day-zone, therefore your job or daily habits are calling to be acknowledged. This may also be health, wellness and how you stay on top of the little things – your job or role may have changed lately – honour the shifts! Relationships are also in mind, as we complete Aries Season and move into Taurus territory; this symbolises the suns journey from your marriage zone into your commitments and deeper partnerships area, take the next steps on your path, aware of new routines.


The moon peaks in your zone of closure, healing and regeneration, the area of dreams, sleep and surrender. It’s a busy time of creativity, vitality, productivity and momentum but on this day take time to exhale… Committed partnerships might not give you the enjoyment you really seek! Remember, love is meant to be fun, and make you smile.


Your beautiful friends, the network or industry you’re part of is to be celebrated at this full moon, as Luna peaks in your community zone. Yet some important relationships might not sit well in domestic spaces or mesh into home life; what needs to be adjusted in order for you to feel safe, secure and settled in your family setting?


Career growth and reputation is in the spotlight at this full moon, Capricorn, so shine a light on your accomplishments and how hard you’ve worked to elevate your status! And yet consider those in close quarters who are important to you, too. Your inner circle, friends, co-workers or sibling-type pals ask to be considered, too. Aside from your private life and achievements open up to local connections.


Adventure and broader horizons are in the frame at this full moon, Aqua bebe, which could be a connection to travel, distant places and people a way away, or it could be an educational experience that’s opened up your eyes to new philosophies and ways of living. Nevertheless, money, income, your work role or the material realms are a talking point that could feel uncomfortable yet pertinent. Though it’s nice to enjoy the world and all those who reside in it the practicalities need to be in balance, too. 


The full moon in your intimacy zone illuminates commitments, financial investments and important collaborations. Close bonds, shared spaces and private affairs can be realised and celebrated, yet your self-worth within said relationships is perhaps more important, now. Venus in Pisces asks you to honour your beautiful qualities, and how you may be the ‘better half’, at least today!

Cut, Blow & Glow…

Full moon’s are fabulous time’s to cut your hair, as luna grows to her peak.

With the moon in beauty oriented air sign Libra go for a cut and blow out!


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Or simply focus on good grooming for the day…

Celebrities Born On A Full Moon In Libra…

Kristen Stewart, Fergie, Linda Goodman, Maya Angelou, Ellen Barkin, Claire Danes, Jennifer Morrison, Rosie O’Donnell, Susan Boyle, Akon, Julian Lennon, Matthew Broderick, Alex Pettyfer and Tommy Hilfiger.

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