An Astrological Look At Sagittarius Swift…

Watch Sagittarius Swift, Miss Americana On Netflix…

She’s one of the biggest pop stars today, Taylor Swift has proved herself as a singer, song-writer and all star entertainer!

But what’s her Star Sign Style?

☆ Sun In Sagittarius

Mercury In Capricorn 

Venus In Aquarius

☆ Moon In Cancer

☆ Scorpio or Capricorn Rising

Sagittarius is a dynamic sign, full of fun and an adventurous spirit.

They make Fabulous pop princesses, down to their ability to launch into the limelight at an early age.

Britney, Christina, Nicky Minaj and so many stars are born under this exuberant zodiac sign – read about the commonalities of these singers, here.

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Venus sits with Jupiter in Taurus, and both conspire with Neptune on this prosperous day!

Capricorn Looms Large!

Though she be Sagittarius, Taylor has her Mercury and a further few planets in ambitious constellation Capricorn.

This makes her business-minded, and adds masses of determination, combined with Sagittarius’ self-belief. The earthy Capricorn energy will allow hard work to prevail over all else.

No wonder Swift was chomping at the Saggy bit to get her singing started.

People with an Venus in Aquarius have the capacity to be a little distant, as this is an air-ruled sign. They value friendship in their relationships and will often have a partnership that’s a little different or against the grain.

People with this planetary placement can be a bit quirky and different themselves, so there’ll be something of the Weird and Wonderful about her style…

Moon in Cancer is seriously significant in Taylor’s chart, conjunct planet Jupiter it holds large importance. It suggests that Taylor is much more sensitive, sentimental and moody than the Sagittarius spirit suggests. Very emotional and feeling.

The moon’s placement could also make the singer in tune with what the people want to hear. The moon in astrology rules over ‘the people’, so those with a strong moon in their chart can be extra sensitive to the feelings of the greater masses. Taylor certainly connects with her audience through her heartfelt songs, she may know just what they need to hear!

I also think people with Cancer strong suit retro styles, and I love it when Taylor rocks this look…

Taylor Swift’s Birth Chart…

Taylor Alison Swift, Born Wednesday 13th December 1989 at 5.17 am, Reading Pennsylvania, Via AstroTheme

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