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Taurus Beauties, So Pretty In Pink!

The best colour for Taurus is pink, and Taurus fashion fares well when it incorporates this signs lucky shade – and when stars think pink!

The Bull looks beautiful with a hint of this hue, in fact, this zodiac sign suits all colours that are found on the petals of plans, pigments found in the garden during May Days.

We associate pink with love and romance, so both Venus-ruled signs, Taurus and Libra, can wear these fabulous shades with flair…

As a sign associated with farming and land, Taurus is considered a gentle, fertile sign that is steady and blooming, like the darling buds of May.

Imagine a beautiful garden at this time of year and its colours in the Spring sun and you’re close to Taurean sensibilities: natural, fertile and flourishing on the cusp of Summer.

Pink Ladies…

Sun In Taurus – Audrey Hepburn, Renée Zellweger, Kirsten Dunst And Carmen Electra…

A blush reminds us of the first flushes of a crush! If you’re going on a date and want a demure, nonthreatening look, this would be an ideal hue…

Pink is definitely fun, flirty and very girlie.

To really lead the way in the style stakes wear the best colours for your sign., not only the Sun but your Rising Sign, Moon Sign and of course, your Venus sign.

Pale And Interesting


Sun In Taurus – Penélope Cruz, Janet Jackson, Cate Blanchett And Jessica Alba…

The colour pink will also have a soothing effect, for example bringing peace to an argument.

It’s said to be impossible to have a blazing row in a rose coloured room, and interior designers and decorators often consider this theory in colour psychology.

Advice for Taurus is don this feminine shade – you’ll win hearts and minds (and they’ll miss your tenacious side…)


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