The Best Crystals for Cancer Season…

What are the best crystals for Cancer Season?

Star Sign Style welcomes Tamara Driessen aka Wolf Sister, a Crystal Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and the author of The Crystal Code – released October 2018 by Penguin!

Tamara shares her top stones…


Cancer is ruled by the Moon and my first choice of stone for this season would be Moonstone because its nurturing energy can support you through changes and will encourage you to surrender to some much needed Yin energy aka stepping away from the hustle and taking a break.

This one’s for the control freaks and perfectionists, who never believe that what you’re doing is enough. Yes, despite your quest for world domination; you need to rest and allow things to come to you, sometimes. Because when we ignore our vital need to rest and recharge, it’s a one-way ticket to burn out.

Riding with your energy waves, can be one of the most empowering tricks that you could have in your self-care toolkit. Instead of feeling like you’re swimming against the tide because you’re tired, but you’ve got a never ending to-do list to get through so you keep going, press pause on it all and do something that will recharge you. No, I don’t mean a bulletproof coffee in the hope that it will rocket launch you to the finish line. I’m talking about stepping away the screen and getting some fresh air, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.

You’ll thank yourself after.

Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite can help us tune into our feminine energy and heal matters of the heart.

There may have been times in your life where you’ve felt misunderstood, unsupported and abandoned; to protect yourself: you’ve built intricate barriers around your heart as a way of self-preservation but it’s blocking you from loving (and living) wholeheartedly. You’re telling everyone that you’re fine, but behind the scenes you’re struggling. If this is you: It’s time to drop the mask. Help’s waiting for you; you just need to ask. Mangano Calcite can dissolve some barriers so that you can heal from trauma, grief, heartbreak, disappointment and outdated beliefs that have been weighing you down. This stone’s nurturing energy can be harnessed to resolve conflict between families and strengthen the bond between mother and baby. Call in some love and harmony with Mangano Calcite.


Ruby, the classic birthstone for Cancer, is also associated with Mercury – the planet of communication and making sense of things.


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When you’re feeling confused about your life purpose and overwhelmed by a wave of emotions that’s just come crashing down on you; Ruby may be the one to help you turn things around.

This gemstone can be seen as the gateway to understanding what you need to feel supported, and most importantly, how to communicate this new level of self-awareness so that you feel confident to speak up and make any necessary changes in order to turn up the volume to your passions.


Pearl has an astrological association with the planet Venus.

Just like pearls, Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, was born out of the white foam of the sea in a seashell.

Associated with water – the element ruled by Cancer – these underwater treasures symbolize wisdom gained through experience.

Think like a goddess and trust that abundance is coming your way. Wear pearl when you need a dose of calm and reassurance when life feels c-razy. It’s said to protect against negative energies and help us to see the lesson in all of our experiences.

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The Crystal Water Bottle Trend!

Cancer rules water and if you’d like to elevate your connection with these beauties, you can make a crystal elixir with the stones that have been mentioned above so that you can supercharge your water and give you some extra support throughout the day.

Water bottles with crystals already secured inside of them are one of the latest trends on the ‘gram, but you don’t need to pay $100 for a fancy water bottle to sip on the good vibes.

Tumbled stones are best for this, crystals with sharp points can chip easily making them risky for consumption. Simply make sure that your stone is clean and free on any contaminants, place the stone at the bottom of a glass or drinking bottle and fill it with fresh water.

The energy of the crystal will infuse with the water and as you sip it you’ll get a dose of the healing frequencies.

To add some extra magic to your elixr: make a wish when you place the stone in the bottle, it could be something like ‘I’m open to going with the flow’, ‘I’m ready to open my heart to love’ or ‘I’m ready to heal my relationship with my mother.’ (themes for cancer season)

Crystals are not to be ingested. Do NOT swallow. Not all stones are suitable for making elixirs, please research before making your own crystal cocktail.

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