The Best Crystals For Libra Season…

Because there's beauty in the earth, the seas and the stars!

What are the best crystals for Libra Season? Star Sign Style turns to Tamara Driessen, aka Wolf Sister, a Crystal Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and the author of The Crystal Codeorder your copy now from amazon!

Before reading the crystal descriptions take a few moments to tune into which crystal that you’re most drawn to. Close your eyes, take three slow deep breaths, relax your shoulders and stretch your jaw if you’re holding some tension there.

When you open your eyes again, scroll through the crystal images and then select the one that’s calling your name – this is the one that you need the most.

For this Libra Season, I’ve selected blue calcite, green fuschite and Spirit Quartz. Read on for their properties and uses…

Blue Calcite…

A.K.A. The Peace Stone… 

Blue Calcite soothes a storm that’s stirring in your heart. Especially, when you’ve been biting your tongue instead of speaking your truth. Which can lead to anxiety and your overactive thoughts leading you astray.

If you’re drawn to Blue Calcite, it’s time stop bypassing a conversation that needs to be had, before you blow up and say something that you may regret later. It can help to prepare what you want to discuss beforehand so that you can get clear on what you’d like to say so that you’re coming from a place of compassion and confidence, instead of anger and frustration.

Green Fuchsia…

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For enhancing the social atmosphere…

Fuchsite loves to get the party started! Having this stone in your presence will remind about the importance of getting loose and having some fun.

It’s creative energy will inspire you to break-free from your mundane routine so that you can blow away some cobwebs and try something different.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. You aren’t insane, you’ve just got stuck in a (dis)comfort zone and it’s time to mix things up.

Pop your head into the WhatsApp group with your BFF’s and arrange that overdue night out on the town or if you’re feeling as if you’re social circle is limited, try a social app like Bumble to meet some new like-minded people.

Spirit Quartz


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Spirit Quartz can break the spell of the media and society; that bewitches us into thinking that we’ll be happy when we’ve achieved our #goals or when the time is right, you’ll make some overdue changes to your lifestyle.

The thing is, what’s the point if the hustle is leaving you feeling disconnected and behind the scenes your anxiety is wreaking havoc with your sleep.

When was the last time you laughed, like, really laughed until your cheeks ached?

This shimmering crystal reminds us that its all about the journey, not the destination.

Take the pressure off and start measuring your success by how much fun you’re having and the real life connections that you’re nurturing with your loved ones and community. Your life doesn’t have to look like anybody else’s.

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