The Best Crystals for Pisces Season…

Precious gem stones for the month of the fish! See the selection of crystals for Pisces...

What are the best crystals for Pisces Season? Star Sign Style dives into choices for fish!


The classic gemstone choice for the Pisces zodiac sign is aquamarine.

Light blue or sea foam green, this is a variety of beryl that heightens the ability to think and respond; it enhances intellect and reasoning. 

It also helps people to attune to spiritual awareness and enlightenment, and the higher self.

Gentle and compassionate, its energy is ideally suited to Pisces Season, as it stimulates and inspires ideals of being in service to the world, enhancing artistic inspiration and healing.

Blue Lace Agate

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Blue Lace Agate At Monica Vinader

This pretty stone is ideal for releasing tension and stress, and is suited to gentle people in particular.

With its blue and white pattern, it helps the wearer reach high levels of spirituality and brings them into greater awareness.


Lepidolite brings faith and helps with general stress reduction. It has a refreshing energy and increases light, hope, and acceptance, transforming and transitioning situations and old patterns. 


Vauxite increases the individuals’ character and helps the wearer to settle arguments and disagreements with cool clarity.

It brings peace, and dissipates annoyances.

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