The Best Crystals for Leo Season…

Select the stones for the month in the spotlight!

What are the best crystals for Leo Season?

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Star Sign Style welcomes Tamara Driessen aka Wolf Sister, a Crystal Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and the author of The Crystal Code – released by Penguin!

Want to learn more about Crystal Healing? Order your copy of The Crystal Code by Tamara Driessen, who shares her top stones…

Before reading the crystal descriptions take a few moments to tune into which crystal that you’re most drawn to. Close your eyes, take three slow deep breaths, relax your shoulders and stretch your jaw if you’re holding some tension there.

When you open your eyes again, scroll through the crystal images and then select the one that’s calling your name – this is the one that you need the most.


Peridot is traditionally the birthstone for August and a hot tip for Leo season and anyone who has a strong placement in their birth chart.

This is the crystal you need when your head is ruling your heart and you need to come back to your truth. Since the earliest civilisations, Peridot was the go-to-stone of protection, because it was believed to have to power to banish forces of darkness.


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Even Cleopatra made sure that she wore it to ward of evil spirits.

Its energy is uplifting and can help clear up any stormy energy, supporting us to release feelings of frustration, depression and anxiety; so that we can transform our challenges into opportunities for positive change. If you’re having a meltdown and your thoughts are tangled, choose peridot as your side-kick to help you bring your perspective back to the heart.

Either spend some time just looking at this picture of Peridot or lay down with a piece of peridot on your heart and imagine that your heart is opening like a flower and you’re absorbing the crystals energy throughout your body. When your heart is open, your overactive mind gets quieter.

Peridot can help you focus on the things that are truly important to you.

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Golden Topaz

Fiery, charming, cheerful, passionate and oh-so-magnetic, Golden Topaz is like the exuberance of Leo encapsulated in stone.


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If you’re looking for a slice of those energies, this stone will help you tap into a well of confidence that you may have forgotten was even there.

Associated with the sun, Golden Topaz can awaken any of your superpowers that have taken a hiatus and revitalise your spirit.

It’s the perfect dose of ‘I can do this’. Think of that feeling when you listen to a motivational speaker and they captivate you by reminding you that, you can do big things too – if you just turn down the volume of your limiting beliefs and step outside of your comfort zone.

Try watching some Ted Talks or listening to some inspirational podcasts. When you’re inspired, it’s so much easier to take action when you’re high on the fumes of someone else’s belief in you and what you’re passionate about.

Golden Topaz will help you call in success and abundance, in whatever form that is for you.

Remember: You can do this.


Hey natural-born leader, stop hiding your light!

Pyrite is a grounding and protective mineral that will help you get your strategy to slay, locked down. It’s a must-have if you’re trying to manifest some juicy things from your vision board because it will help you commit to making things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen.

Instead of waiting for the golden opportunity, it’s time to create it for yourself.

This one’s for the creatives, entrepreneurs and visionaries, who are ready to start turning dreams into reality. Write down something that you’d like to manifest, then write down the steps that you need to take to put things into action. Schedule these steps in your diary. Share this with a friend for some extra accountability and keep a piece of pyrite close by throughout the process.

You’ve got work to do.

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