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The Best Crystals for Virgo Season…

Select Stones Each Month According To Star Sign!

Take in these gorgeous pieces of nature, my top crystals for virgo…


Moss Agate…

A stunning stone for earth sign Virgo, Moss Agate brings confidence, courage, strength and soothing.

It’s an agreeable influence and also a crystal for self-esteem.

In ancient times, Agate was placed in water used for cooking and drinking, in order to dispel sickness, and Moss Agate in particular has been used in agricultural pursuits, successful in promoting the growth of new crops!

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Its colouring can range from green, yellow and brown to red.

We can consider its healing properties and influence with rejuvenating powers.

It can also improve concentration, enhancing our mental focus and improves perception – especially with analytical abilities.

With a vibration of purity that’s in line with Virgo, Agate can generally promote marital fidelity.

Its soothing energy calms any tension or anger within or around you.

This large moss agate tower is a stunning decorative piece for the home.


One of the most beautiful crystals to come from the earth, Ajoite is found in South Africa.

It can bring relief from personally inflicted criticism, eliminate hostility, and aid overall wellbeing.


A nerve soothing stone that pacifies worries and fears, Amazonite can help with metabolism.

It’s a loving influence that helps overcome chaotic environments, generally positive for health and maintenance.


This is a mineral that represents continued change, metamorphosis and perseverance – a reorganising and improving of the self.

It can help to dispel anguish, anxiety and exasperation, and supports meditation.


A crystal that features cubes and cubic crystals, perovskite is a mineral that helps bring conclusion, enhances our capacity to follow-through, and stimulates momentum towards ‘the goal’ in mind.

It provides the strength and courage to persevere, and avoid persecution, and like Virgo help to eliminate confusion.

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