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The New Moon In Taurus, May 15th 2018…

5 Rituals To Mark The Moon Moment –

New Moon in Taurus…

Tuesday 15th May 2018

☆ Hong Kong: Tuesday 7.48 pm ☆ London Tuesday 12.48 pm ☆ New York Tuesday 7.48 am ☆ Los Angeles Tuesday 4.48 am ☆

What to do With The New Moon in Taurus?

The new moon is a potent time of collected energy, and this month that energy culminates in the Taurus zodiac sign.

It’s an awesome time to get still, focussed and intentional about the area that Taurus governs for you. Not only are new moons fortuitous times to usher in new beginnings, there’s a radical fresh start just hours after the new moon in Taurus, as Uranus moves into the zodiac sign for a seven year stint.

This is pretty big news for Aquarius (governed by Uranus) and Taurus, and noteworthy for Leo and Scorpio.

The new moon in Taurus (plus Uranus) emphasises new beginnings, fresh starts in the following areas:

♈ Aries –  ways of making money, your income and position you value.
♉ Taurus –  your identity, what you do, who you are.
♊ Gemini – how you transition, heal and gain closure, how you exhale.
♋ Cancer – your community and who you’re associated with.
♌ Leo – the way you’re seen at what you do / who you are at large.
♍ Virgo – your relationship to travel, philosophy, education and entrepreneurship.
♎ Libra – deepened relationships, your sense of trust and intimacy, working and living with others.
♏ Scorpio – love relationships, business partnerships and all unions.
♐ Sagittarius –  ways of working, your day-to-day habits, health and workalike.
♑ Capricorn – your sense of creativity, passion and self-expression.
♒ Aquarius –  home and your domestic surroundings.
♓ Pisces –  the close kindred spirits all around you, the way you relate to others and learning.

Here are some beautiful ways to slow down and indulge in quiet to honour the new moon – rituals to mark the moment…

1. Go Neck And Neck

Honour Your Throat Chakra…

Taurus rules the throat and there is no better day to take a vow of silence than the 15th.

Fasting and meditation aren’t a terrible idea on the new moon, a day to take it slow as the moon is waning from its balsamic to darkest phase. Take a break from your usual role to imagine new ways of feeling good about what you do.

Protect your neck with a scarf, and still your mind on this electric day. And ask for a neck rub!

2. Indulge Your Senses

Honour Real World Pleasures…

With the moon in a zodiac sign governed by Venus it’s a time to heighten the senses – touch and smell can be immediately gratified with a gorgeous scent smoothed over the body. Use rose in the way of a gently fragranced moisturiser, light a decadent candle or essential oil burner. Ylang ylang is a mild aphrodisiac to pique the interest of raging bulls. Palmarosa is another ideal choice for Taurus.

3. Plan How To Switch It Up

Dream And Manifest By Writing It Down…

The 15th presents an awesome time to strategically envisage the future, you needn’t know all the details, just imagine the possibilities!

4. Turn Off GadGets

Switch Off, Clear Your Mind…

Step into the artistic realms and turn off your essential devices for a moment or the entire day.

Uranus governs electricals and this could be an incredibly heady time to be involved in your computer, phone or screens.

5. Go Steady

You’re In The Valley Of The Bulls…

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to go steady on the 15th.

We can see the new moon energy on the face of Andy Macdowell, born with a new moon rising in Taurus. Channel her slow, sure, steadiness and surety, her immovable resolve and gentle romanticism.

Born on a new moon in Taurus, Jessica Alba, Andy Macdowell, Katharine Hepburn, the Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale and Ann-Margret.

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