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Top 5 Things To Do During Taurus Season!

Blossoms & Bouquets, Sweets, Treats, & Time In The Garden – Ideas To Maximise The Sun's Tour Of Taurus...

There’s a reason for each and every season, but what to during the Bull’s reign? Discover my Top 5 Things To Do During Taurus Season, with cosmic inspiration!

1. Get Comfortable…

The  ‘fixed’ earth sign of spring, languid Taurus represents the still, sunny days of late April and May, when we claim a chance to enjoy what life – and nature has to offer. From the first fruits on the hedges (blackberries, strawberries and such) to the beautiful blooms in our gerden or parklands, Taurus Season is a time to slow down and smell the roses.

Pause, take it easy, slip into textures with a fancy touch – silks and satins; put on a feathered gown and rest awhile to gain steady footing…

Listen to music, gaze upon fine art! 

2. Try Something Sweet!

Venusian-ruled Taurus is associated with brightly colored pastels, including candy-colored pinks, pistachio greens and soft-dusted rose and caramels.

There’s no better time to get an ice-cream or packet of bonbons!

3. Use Flowers…

Beltane is one of the festivals of Taurus Season, and is a timely reminder to gather blooms.

4. Head Out Into The Countryside!

As one of the earth signs, Taurus is practical and enduring. What better time of year to appreciate the beauty in long-lasting elements of nature?

Head out into gardens and green pastures, and gaze upon fields and landscapes.

5. Build Something To Last

From a solid table to earthenware pots, or a mug, Taurus Season lets us turn our hand to soemthing tangile. You can save money, or count the coins in the coffers too!

What are your choice activities for Taurus Season? Let me know on social channels! Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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