New Moon In Taurus Horoscope…

Venus, Jupiter and Uranus supercharge this key moment of the month of May!

Read your New Moon in Taurus horoscope for your Sun and Rising sign…

7th May, 11:22 pm New York / 8th May, 4.22 am London / 11:22 am Hong Kong.

Your New Moon In Taurus Horoscope…


The Taurus New Moon encourages you to address your role and personal contribution, Aries. This doesn’t simply have to be your financial input and money-making capabilities. Consider all the ways you hold value, upholding a worthwhile position. Sense you’re prized in your role and appreciated. Affirm who you are and what you do, the way you sustain yourself and pay your way. Look to your possessions, belongings and what’s in stock or banked. Make sense of what you really need and require in a practical sense. Notice the way you spend or save has changed!


Acknowledge a new beginning, fresh start and brand-new chapter! It’s your time to focus on number one, with planets assembled in your first house, Taurus. This line-up favours launches, pregnancy, a commitment to a solo feat, not to mention body changes, and radical shifts that are personal. Address physical or personal awareness, knowing what matters to you at an individual level. Affirm who you want to be, your character and opportunities to be even more in touch with your desires and true purpose.


Slow down, Gemini. Five celestial bodies now reside in a hidden corner of your horoscope, encouraging you to dip back for respite. Dream the day away, grounding yourself with tools and techniques to surrender and heal. Recalibrate or lose yourself, in selfless service to others. Catharsis could be incredibly sensual and a great pleasure, or you could find you’re isolated, sedentary and keen to switch off. Use patience either way, with an escape that takes the pressure off.


Your New Moon in Taurus horoscope favours social life, groups and the wider community you’re part of. Note a fresh start around a network or your peers, and what you all come together on. Attune to friends, your people and what’s best for society. There may be something important among allies and general acquaintances, or a general sense of altruism may have blossomed. There may be aspirations you have for everyone, so be generous of spirit with those around you.


A claim to fame might be worth reflecting on, as the stars light up your aspirations, public image, your career and reputation! Attune to your goals and ambitions, the direction you’re keen to move in, and the way you come across in your outer life. The spotlight now lands on your title or ways you’re seen, which could have radically changed and been emphasised. Examine all that spells success, that allows you to feel ‘you’ve made it’. No doubt you’re winning at life or gaining prominence. Reaffirm your own flourishing sense of accomplishment, having fun with praise bestowed on you…

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Tomorrow’s New Moon lands in the most adventurous corner of your horoscope. Acknowledge your visionary potential and how far you’ve come, Virgo! Higher education, publishing and a specialism you broadcast may be important. Worldliness, wisdom, a quest for knowledge and understanding could be apparent. A foreigner, someone different, a political, religious feat or legal opponent may have provided context, or, a radically changed outlook on life may be apparent! Sense a growth journey, the truth you’ve attuned to, and experiences that hold meaning. You might now find a philosophy, global influence or platforms with reach are extra special!


The New Moon invites you to address trust and your capacity to be vulnerable, Libra. Look at where you’re committed for keeps or the longer term, obliged to show up for others. What do you owe, where have you borrowed, made a vow or pact? There may be much wisdom now percolating around your private life, and knowledge of who stands loyal and true. Outside support and financial bonds could absorb you, so be willing to look at reasonable plans and investments, working with others. Your mortality, and the passing of time could be topical too. Still, there may be a way to enjoy and relish commitments made!


Highlight relationships or a VIP. Address what you’ve learnt about partners of all kinds, the way you find yourself working together with people one-on-one, including a therapist, coach, client, colleague, family member or your spouse. The New Moon in Taurus horoscope suggests you’ve worked on communications, and can now conduct yourself better. React and respond accordingly, turning over a new leaf and honouring a new chapter. Sense the significant plus one playing a key part, and boost attention you devote to special unions. Today could signal the start of something wonderful!


Address day-to-day life, with the New Moon. From the job you do, to a sense of order, organisation and consistency, to your health regime, diet, and overall wellbeing. Allow positive habits to shine, with your own sense of service, practicality and productivity foremost. Look to the ways you avoid toxic situations and illness, go large on lifestyle, rituals and regimes! A fresh approach to your upkeep or maintenance may include a way to delegate to a co-worker, a cleaner, PA, support system, or assistant. Note the help you need, and positive rituals to continue with. Enjoy progress so far!


Allow heartfelt wishes and joy to swell! The New Moon in Taurus lights up your zone of creativity, affection, fertility, children and pleasure seeking. Look to recreational activities, opportunities you’ve had to vacation, go to a concert or show artistic promise. Perhaps you’ve won a competition lately, fallen in love, spent time with kids or seen a hobby gain ground. Look to all that increases your sense of personal happiness, and ignite your own sensuality, with optimism and a playfulness. Claim a fresh start in your approach to those passion projects that hold meaning!


Address your foundations, your experience of home and domesticity – your emotional or literal base! The New Moon invites you to appreciate or enjoy some facet of your inner world, your roots, notions of nourishment, the way you find your place, how you relate to the past. Consider parenting or a parent, appreciate what you have, if possible. Nesting tendencies, family or your private life could be important, as you attune to what’s comfortable, assuring, and stable amidst a major change. Bring on a fresh start where you live or settle.


Look to local environments, Pisces. Consider your surroundings and skills: writing, language and communications. Check in with kindred spirits, people around you in the shops, markets or on your commute. Attune to siblings or neighbourhood ties, and acknowledge the plans with close friends that have flourished this year (and last). Teaching those around you, and common interests could be important, social media, learning, relating or being visible with something to discuss. You can now take a refreshing look at your mindset, vocal and interested! 

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