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Partial Solar Eclipse 5/1: Your New Moon In Taurus Horoscope…

Planets in earth and water are aligned, making for fertile soil and a nourishing New Moon…

New Moon In Taurus, 10º28’

  • Weekday: Saturday – Saturn’s Day,
  • Element: Earth,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Venus.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Sunday May 1st 2022, 4.28 am
  • London: Saturday April 30th 2022, 9.28 pm
  • New York: Saturday April 30th 2022, 4.28 pm.
  • Los Angeles: Saturday April 30th 2022, 1.28 pm.

About This Taurus New Moon…

  • Venus in Pisces meets Jupiter / Venus conjunct Jupiter (+ sextile Pluto)
  • Sun and Moon aligned with Mars in Pisces
  • Neptune in Pisces aligned with the North Node.

This partial Solar Eclipse signals a powerful fresh start.

Consider what’s being seeded at this time of stillness, not only in the realms of Taurus and all that’s tangible (food, finances, fashion and the real-world elements of our survival) but the immaterial side of life. The ruler of this New Moon is an exalted Venus in Pisces, embraced by Jupiter, making up a strong stellium in this water sign (Mars, Neptune, Venus and Jupiter).

Many methods to build, develop, feed, farm and trade are  ripe for innovation and change (thanks to Uranus in Taurus), yet we can also make use of transcendent experiences: our Faith, our willingness to graciously surrender control (and face death), submerged in collective agendas…

Your New Moon In Taurus Horoscope…


The Moon meets the Sun in your second house, signalling a new beginning for your role and contribution: for your financial affairs, or the way you hold value, uphold a role, sustain yourself, and experience your own worth.

Meanwhile, Venus in your twelfth house combines forces with Jupiter, both co-present with Mars and Neptune. A giant touch of Faith, waves of hope and even mysterious serendipity could be in flow!

Attune to what you do; heighten dreams about money, elevate artistic sentiments in your position! Meld, merge & blend your imagination with profit.

Relationships… With your ruler Mars hiding out in the secretive, clandestine twelfth house, considerable activity could be undertaken behind closed doors, or you could be inclined to keep something back, holding some part of yourself separate and sacred…

There may be a deep desire to acknowledge a transformation, ways you’ve let go of an old version of yourself – including a relationship, a part of your life

Look to your own flourishing sense of self-worth and rouse the assurance all will be well – no matter what you’re experiencing at an emotional level, even unconsciously…

Growth… It’s a powerful to renew your values, your priorities financially, your ‘worth’, income, and material goals. New Moons are times to affirm new beginnings, consider this one extra potent and plough yourself into practical terrain, grounded and stable.

You could be in the mood to open the floodgates on spending, or feel competent and capable in your earning potential, with intuition, a selfless approach or your charitable nature seamlessly harnessed to make gains. 

Reflect on how you’re compensated in your position, planning ways to build, develop and grow what you have and make even more


The Moon meets the Sun in your first house, signalling a new beginning for your personal life – or you personally and physically, Taurus!

Consider what matters to you at an independent, autonomous level, what’s important – plans to follow through on by yourself, with ideas and plans coming solely from you.

Meanwhile, your ruler Venus is conjunct the biggest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter, both together in your eleventh house signalling a social time! Boost awareness of peers and people in the world around you! Attune to your own purpose and promise, with an audience, community or people in broader circles applauding you, ready to lend your their support

Relationships… With your planetary guide boosted by expansive Jupiter, there may be heightened experiences among friends, with hopes and dreams for your group, your industry or company.

Focus on collective causes you care about, and drift toward those in the scene or network that now holds meaning and promise.

Claim a strong sense of who you are at this Eclipse, affirm who you want to be, particularly against the glittering, illustrious backdrop of cheerleaders, society at large or your community.

Growth… This New Moon is about you, what feeds and fulfills you at an autonomous level, what helps you to be nourished, stable and in your sovereignty. Look to examine all parts and facets of yourself – from your physical look, body image and issues around your presence, to your purpose, strength of character and physical constitution.

Explore all your endeavors! As an Eclipse this is a key day to own a fresh start that’s personal, so affirm where you stand and how you hope to show up – particularly as a part of a crew, movement, industry or social group.

Be ‘at one’ with associates and allies, step out, ready to be embraced by others – those you encounter may seem larger than life, lucky, or big characters thanks to Jupiter’s presence in today’s stars – meet the benefactors, influencers, famous friends or people who can give you a hand!


The Moon meets the Sun in your secretive twelfth house, signalling a new beginning for tools and techniques to surrender and heal, to move beyond unconscious tendencies, habits or addictions that are potentially problematic.

Meanwhile, Venus in your tenth house combines forces with Jupiter; a boost to your prominence, your reputation or professional title – or your visibility and notoriety – could be in flow!

Attune to what serves you and what (or who) does not, particularly where career or a prolific outer profile is concerned; let recognition fuel inner contemplation

Relationships… An Eclipse in your sector of closure and healing signals a time to go offline, losing yourself in a selfless act, with catharsis and recalibration underway.

It’s a powerful day to consider ways to let go, detox or dream, and find peace in isolation, even calm in existing relationships. Relinquishing any illusion of control over others, and what they do or bring to your setup.

Note what you do to lose yourself – even in ways that aren’t good for you (i.e. drugs, sleeping too much, checking out with music, food or sedentary videogames – shopping or eating or sex!), and notice what other people have to do with your capacity for escapism. Circumstances may seem elusive, secretive, and prompt you to really evaluate what’s working for you…

Growth… Four planets in Pisces and your house of aspirations, goals, ambitions and success suggests there’s now a strong drive to get ahead and claim a crown!

You could be in a prominent position, seen, visible, or known, with vocational paths flourishing & advancing – you may be coming off well in the public eye, attracting attention from those higher up or who you’re keen to impress!

Consider rehabilitating or working in solitude, getting on with a retreat behind the scenes, even an element of secrecy – anything that takes the pressure off. Remind yourself how best you unwind and recharge…


The Moon meets the Sun in your eleventh house, signalling a new beginning for social life, groups you’re part of or your wider community. Note your capacity to network and be involved with something bigger than yourself.

Meanwhile, Venus in your ninth house combines forces with Jupiter. A quest for meaning, knowledge, experience and understanding could be in flow! A profound moment on your travels or cultural awareness could be realised! A feat of publishing or wisdom!

Attune to your people, the group consensus and society, heightening the philosophy or specialism you’ve grappled with…

Relationships… It’s a powerful day to manifest among friends, allies and general acquaintances in the world, with new beginnings (and an Eclipse) touching social networks, the hopes and dreams you hold for humanity and your people (be it a sense of team spirit in an industry niche, fellowship or religious chapter – even regular attendees to a school, company or class, even a geographic tie)…

Note the aspirations you have, even altruism.

Look to how you’re keen to participate with unity and collaborate online or IRL – this is an Eclipse, so it could be extra meaningful. Open up your imagination around crew mates, peers and contemporaries…

Growth… With Mars & Neptune sharing space with the planetary pairing of Venus & Jupiter [all gathered in your ninth house of personal development, higher education and broader horizons], it’s a magnificent time to amplify what you’ve devoted yourself to as a specialist subject.

What has captivated and enchanted you?

There may be a particular philosophy, knowledge of a place or area of life you’ve become expert in, a [spiritual] experience may have allowed you to study further, with travels, teachings and faith propelling you. Education amassed over time counts today, particularly for those in your circle…

Be reminded what you’ve taken time to learn, share and broadcast among peers or even society at large! Post the motivational quote on social media! See how you’ve connect to long-distance travel of overseas places!


The Moon meets the Sun in your tenth house, signalling a new beginning for your aspirations, public image, your reputation and praise bestowed on you –for your career direction, goals or the way you come across in your outer life.

Meanwhile, Venus in your eighth house combines forces with Jupiter, both co-present with Mars and Neptune. Circumstances, a partnership, even a theme of collaboration could move you to look to others for their support!

Attune to where you’re headed, vocationally, and how you wish to appear in the world at large, recognised; rely on others and all they do for you to bolster notions of success, acclaim, notoriety and prominence. Certain alliances or contracts are strong enough to help you be seen at your very best!

Relationships… To really thrive and feel accomplished you may need to feel steady, stable, and as if you have people to hold on to – a port or safe-harbour to come back to when the spotlight lands on you and your title or ways you’re seen… Consider yourself investing in your public image and the future appreciating what others do for you (including a parent or spouse, a friend or financial loaner).

With astrology’s lovers, Venus & Mars in the eighth house of your horoscope, you may deeply desire a sure thing – unified, committed, bonded for keeps.

Considerable activity could bring you motivation you require to trust or show loyalty, to put in money, time, energy or another resource that proves you’re in it for the long-term, risking something you have, to go the distance.

Growth… It’s a powerful day to manifest your worldly appearance, the way you come across in your professional life or as a headline act. Examine all that spells success to you, or allows you to feel ‘you’ve made it’, winning at life.

This is not only a New Moon (signalling a fresh start), it’s an Eclipse, so your goals and ambitions around a trade or vocation, aspirations or career aims are supercharged. Reset the dial, encouraged to be vulnerable, face your fears, looking to people or pillars of support to pull through for you.


The Moon meets the Sun in your ninth house, signalling a new beginning for journeys, quests, travels and your Truth – for your search for meaning and experience, an education or belief system that rings true for you!

Meanwhile, Venus in your seventh house combines forces with Jupiter, both co-present with Mars and Neptune. A huge emphasis steers you toward one-to-ones and partners – significant people in your midst!

Attune to what’s beckoning and calling your attention, a political, religious or legal feat may warrant your time, consider what you might learn…

Relationships… With affectionate Venus and expansive Jupiter in your opposite sign, it’s a lucky day for harmonious matrimony, for a prolific romance, or for a positive affiliation to captivate you! Look to blossoming relationships and infuse them with wanderlust or opportunities to grow beyond your known limits!

People across from you at the dining or board room table could loom large, with an education served up thanks to the planet of growth and knowledge (Jupiter). One-to-one experiences that teach you are likely particularly pertinent, so you’ll do well to really listen to your other half or counterpart.

Growth… The New Moon is supercharged – as an Eclipse in your house of higher thought and publishing. 

You may find you’re accessing a fresh start around your own personal expansion, and the ways you seek out knowledge, or another perspective, another outlook or foreign take on life.

Look to unfamiliar terrain or a culture you’ve become accustomed to, with adventurous sentiments, philosophies or specialist subjects that have opened up to you, with a new viewpoint to ruminate on.

You have a rare opportunity to do a 180 around your moral code or what you choose to share, broadcast and believe in – consider the wisdom, course, track or area of interest that seems to hold strong, the journey or global education that leads you to a path of greater awareness.


The Moon meets the Sun in your eighth house, signalling a new beginning for your commitments, debts, investments and bonds; note who is showing up for you, and your capacity to be vulnerable. Sense where you share or have pledged your time, money, resources, energy, even your space or bills.

Meanwhile, your ruler Venus is conjunct the biggest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter, both together in your sixth house signalling a productive time to get behind your own employment, health agendas or a regular practice or ritual.

Rely on outside support; trust others to play a part and show up with something valuable to contribute, sensing where your dutiful nature and devotion to your own wellbeing benefits you both.

Relationships… It’s a powerful day to manifest a sense of unity with others – not simply bringing a partner into view, but going further, with an irreversible bond, an irrevocable tie between you – an agreement or obligation. As this is an Eclipse, you may be looking at a significant contract: a mortgage, marriage proposal, inheritance, divorce or investment opportunities – or otherwise!

For some, trust is built when people have to share money or kids, and co-parent, for others, there may be loyalty forged with a promise (to build a pension, a business, or a legacy, ways to profit and gain in the future).

Look to energetic threads between you and another, sensing mutually beneficial outcomes. You likely have a big part to play, upholding a role and showing up in a position that’s meaningful, fuel for your partnership…

Appreciate what you can uphold and what others promise to give!

Growth… With your planetary guide boosted by expansive Jupiter, there may be good news for you personally, particularly in the realms of your job, your bodily constitution, even how you manage others (or are appreciated for doing well, say from a manager or gym buddy – recovering from ailments or sickness).

You might find helping hands at your disposal in your day-to-day, even around ways you’re looking to streamline and maintain personal equilibrium, through a routine, regime or healthy habits. Have faith and achieve the balance that’s so important to you, with someone to trust or commit to, too.


The Moon meets the Sun in your seventh house, signalling a new beginning for intimate relationships and the way you react and respond to others, the way you partner or team up, one-on-one, with people on your horizon.

Meanwhile, Venus in your fifth house combines forces with Jupiter, both co-present with Mars & Neptune. A thirst for self-expression, passion & creativity could be in flow! Profound joy may be derived when you fill your own cup!

Attune to those that show up, available or challenging you to engage & allow space to have fun, be artistic or devote yourself to happiness with a plus one.

Relationships… Today is no ordinary New Moon, it’s an Eclipse in your relationship zone, signalling a time to reset the dial around partners of all kinds. Time to team up!

Your ability to derive joy, happiness and inspiration from your unions is worth ruminating on, so make time to contemplate those across the table – from a spouse, friend or love interest, to a therapist, coach or even client, colleague, or boss.

A significant other likely heightens a sense of romanticism within you, as the New Moon ‘answers’ to Venus in your fertile fifth house, of pregnancy, creativity, pleasure, entertainment and illustrious sexual intrigue… Dream of your ideal plus one!

Growth… Start a creative craft, artistic plan or passion project with another person standing by – entertain or be entertained, with fun, inspiring individuals and one-to-one encounters and imagine your ideal business partner or a plus one to bring to a party or on vacation! Go big on those areas promising a magic or sensational high note! Pleasure, stellar satisfaction or personal gratification!

Four planets in Pisces and your house of recreation, procreation and laughter, fun and talents see your own solo interests swell, so you could be expanding the attention you devote to having a good time, or practicing the hobbies that get your heart rate up (swimming, painting, singing, yoga or any activity that makes you feel alive). As you’re afforded a prolific fresh start in collaboration with others, consider a new beginning in a harmonious pair…


The Moon meets the Sun in your sixth house, signalling a new beginning for day-to-day life: for the job you do or the way you maintain a sense of order, organisation and consistency, for your health regime, diet, work and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Venus in your fourth house combines forces with your ruler Jupiter, both co-present with Mars and Neptune. Seek pleasure in your own primary dwelling – your home, your body or the place that offers great comfort!

Attune to positive, healthy habits and heighten the notion of nurture, self-care and a capacity to settle. Use your intuition, drop anchor with rituals & supportive regimes you know work well for you (and your digestion!)

Relationships… Considerable activity could draw you toward your nest or family life, heightening dreams of an ‘ideal home’ or environment that breeds stability.

Your emotional life could be overwhelming yet have a silver lining, now, so that you could deepen your affiliation with your roots, home land or the way you respond to parents, a partner’s caretakers, or people in your space.

Gravitate toward people who encourage you to stay well, alleviate some of the load before you with helpful folk by your side.

Growth… It’s a powerful day to manifest in your position or around the way you maintain and uphold your role, with freshness and renewal around your duties, sense of service, and your capacity to detox, purify and stay well.

Look to the ways you avoid toxic situations & ill health, including being weighed down by a job that’s not right for you, a situation at work that’s near breaking point!

Liberate yourself now…

Perhaps there’s the possibility of lightening your load, delegating to a co-worker, a cleaner, PA, support system, or assistant. Contemplate the help you need, and the positive rituals or practice you’re inclined to continue with.


The Moon meets the Sun in your fifth house, signalling a new beginning for heartfelt wishes and creativity – hobbies, passion, and all that makes you laugh or increase your sense of personal gratification.

Meanwhile, Venus in your third house combines forces with Jupiter, both co-present with Mars and Neptune. A boost to close knit ties, siblings or kindred spirits could see your popularity in a tight group flourish!

Attune to personal pleasure, laughter, and smiles–open up to your neighbours past or present, co-workers or a sisterhood who share a common mindset…

Relationships… The Taurus New Moon – and Eclipse – in your fertile sector of joy and happiness brings a sense of freshness and renewal to your solo urges, to all you cherish and adore, including a lover, your kids or a potential love match!

Recognise who and what sparks joy, resetting the dial on romance and all you devote your heart to – including your intention to have a baby, see your kids more, or enhance your dating profile to meet “the One”.

With relationship planet Venus tied to Jupiter, you may have a really good time with those in your local area or environment; amplify a sense of fun bought on by a those around you… Don’t neglect the communication skills or language you’ve been developing, as your voice, tone or sentiments could be appreciated today!

Growth… Heighten your passions through recreation, creative inspiration, procreation and pleasure – turn to hobbies, your own interests and things that make you smile – stop & smell the roses, play a musical instrument!

Imagination, intuition and a keen receptivity is blossoming, and today it could be really obvious how your winning rapport has infinite potential; friendly chatter is yours to delight in, lean into self-expression, indulgence, pleasure seeking, parties, entertainment and the arts.

If this sounds too much like pure hedonism turn to sports, games, engage with crafts! Reach out to those your local environment who can converse and appreciate what makes you happy, gather & share seamless rapport with a couple of close friends.


The Moon meets the Sun in your fourth house, signalling a new beginning for your emotional or literal foundations, for your experience of family and domesticity, for your base, roots, even your body and notions of nourishment.

Meanwhile, Venus in your second house combines forces with Jupiter, both co-present with Mars and Neptune. A boost to your role, income, earnings or expansion of the position you uphold could bring rewards, confidence or clout!

Attune to what’s comfortable, assuring, stable and what’s lucrative; your sensitivity may be high, yet reflect on what you want to do, keep or secure…

Relationships… An Eclipse in your sector of home and steady footing can spotlight pronounced changes internally, so that emotional patterns, your hidden inner private life or nesting tendencies may be amplified.

Focus to what and who brings steady nourishment, and general stability.

It’s a time to contemplate and consider ways you find security and your place, how you relate to family and the past, to your ancestral ties, your land, lineage, your roots or base – and address issues around where you can live or settle. Bring on a fresh start! Think about cultivating a steady groove, or become house proud, with a plan for your dream home and interior. Your income, salary or contribution may have everything to do with the soft-landing pad and steady footing you’re looking for.

Growth… Four planets in Pisces and your house of money, earnings, belongings, wealth and self-worth suggests there’s now a strong drive to make, build, develop and do. Note a desire to spend (and go big) with frivolous Venus tied to larger-than-life Jupiter in your sector of profit, gain–and purchases.

Huge dreams about what might be, a sense of personal value in your role, or flexibility in attaining something valuable is key, as well as an unrelenting faith in your capabilities, contribution and investments. Financial rewards or your assets may not be conventional or normal, yet welcome a magical Midas touch and unexplainable routes to cashflow…


The Moon meets the Sun in your third house, signalling a new beginning for your skills, writing & communications, local interests and your connection to kindred spirits – even for your commute, a special message or teaching.

Meanwhile, Venus in your first house elevated your physical presence, your persona, image or body (and what you physically represent), which could be profoundly important!

Attune to the important sentiments you have to share or say, heightening the prominence of your own experiences and a feat you’ve grappled with…

Relationships… It’s a powerful day to manifest among a sisterhood, brothers in your environment, or around the news you deliver to close friends, the emails you write to colleagues, the language you use for those in your environment (i.e. slang or words only you get the context of), or the way you mobilize in your local area, aware of what matters to you and the people around you.

Neighbors may invite you toward a fresh start, with ways to wipe the slate clean and improve personal ties to your allies, siblings, or inner circle.

As this is an Eclipse, really embrace those in your surroundings and what you might discover together, using your ‘hood or city as the backdrop for an exciting breakthrough! Make contacts and find connections that spark your curious nature, and your willingness to be thoughtful, vocal and interested.

Growth… With a stellium in Pisces and your first house of selfhood, autonomy, purpose and personal life, it’s a magnificent time to amplify what you’ve devoted yourself to solo, captivating and enchanting those around you with a project or launch.

Draw on your presence, lending awareness to you and your special qualities and part.

Don’t be shy about giving your opinion or input on certain social issues, navigating or mobilizing with others to make a difference and be heard… Consider how you band together.

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