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Solar Eclipse Horoscope – August’s New Moon In Leo…

Check out your new moon horoscope for Saturday!

Charlize Theron, Born On A Leo New Moon….

New Moon – Solar Eclipse In Leo!

Hong Kong – August 11th, 2018, 5.58 pmLondon – Saturday August 11th, 2018, 10.58 amNew York – August 11th, 2018, 5.58 am Los Angeles Saturday August 11th, 2018, 2.58 am 

Overview Of This New Moon Eclipse

The moon will meet the sun on Saturday, at 18º of the Leo zodiac sign.

Mercury will be retrograde in Leo, creating a bit of brain fog, drama and delays; Mars will be retrograde, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn too… Talk about a time to re-assess!

Chatterbox Mercury will clash with the planet of optimism, hope and our big plans, giving us a challenge to navigate on this new moon. Don’t over promise. Sweet Venus will align with Sol and Lune but clash with stoic Saturn.

Watch out for fun plans that fall flat!

New moons give you the opportunity for a fresh start – to do and try something new. It’s highly likely what’s coming or due is already on your radar or in motion, yet there’s still plenty space to manifest!

Fire sign Leo is highly creative, so this is a wild time to wish upon a star (which also happens to be Leo’s ruler).

Beyonce, Mars in Leo and possibly Leo Rising…

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and represents the burning desire in man to recreate, procreate and be recreational – to have fun, play and be childlike. That’s why Leo’s are natural storytellers and thespians – because they so easily CREATE, entertaining us with warmth, generosity of spirit and their unquenchable enthusiasm.

Selena Gomez – Leo Rising & Venus In Leo…

Where Leo falls in our horoscope shows where we can be proud (and where we can use gold touches…) And, it’s the area of the natal chart where the new moon will occur – make wishes for that area of life and watch your dreams come to fruition over the next six and eighteen months!

So, the new moon in Leo – what to wish for?!


As the first sign of the zodiac fire sign Leo rules your creative impulses, Aries. Let your imaginative juices flow this new moon – crack open the crayons or visualise the possibilities of what you could bring into existence! From an artistic project to something sporty that gets your heart pumping, to the most ardent and enjoyable pursuits – LOVE. Passions are especially lit, with your sex (5th) and intimacy (8th) houses activated. A retrograde Mercury clashes with OTT Jupiter in intense Scorpio; this could play out in a number of ways, think: steamy (fire+water, of course).


A focus on your home spaces and surroundings brings fresh perspectives – not only your domestic but to your emotional life and sense of security, Taurus. Remember that the new moon means new beginnings, with the potential to manifest the household of your dreams! Consider entertaining at home, family values, and your ancestral links on this powerful eclipse.


Close friends, school or playmates, university peers or those you see everyday in the workplace – your ‘siblings’, literally or metaphorically are in the frame, Gemini. Consider a fresh start for you and your besties, and take time to consider close ties. Your ruling planet – Mercury is retrograde, and comes into tension with everyday growth and plans that have been developing significantly this year. Your job, health, routine or habits could enforce a pause at this new moon, however connect to your truth, and strive for clear-headedness.


Your job role and income are in focus this new moon, so think ‘abundance’, Crab… Write out the cheque, stick it on the fridge, believe and you will receive. As per L’Oreal – you’re WORTH IT! Note, due to Mercury Retrograde there’s a teeny bit of tension between your ability to make gains and your sense of fun, creativity and passion. Jupiter has been flourishing in your zone of enjoyment, and you might need a generous pause while thinking about your financial position, as fun projects seem more exciting.


You do you, Leo. That’s the message of this new moon, so if you’re not feeling particularly in your power it’s time to remind yourself what you’re really made of – pure gold! Set your personal intentions for the next six months and beyond – to the next year and a half! You’ve a powerful opportunity with this new moon eclipse in your sign to begin a powerful new chapter. Just note that Mercury is retrograde in your sign, bringing a dash of confusion into personal agendas, particularly around home or domestic matters. Mercury is in tension with Jupiter in Scorpio, camping out in your emotional zone of stability and nesting. Growth around feeling established could throw up a little confusion, yet remember it’s all about you.


With planets swimming in the closure zone you could be experiencing an end of an era, with a death of some kind closing a chapter behind you. Your hidden agenda can come into focus now, with your most private affairs and secret desires spotlighted. Change and transition is a given, Virgo, so let it unfurl. With your ruling planet retrograde it could be a tricky weekend to navigate, elusive and slippery. Jupiter is known for being overt, and in your communicative zone of close friends you could find the cats out of the bag – watch for secrets that spring forth.


Social butterfly Libra, Leo governs the area of your horoscope connected to groups, communities and networking. This Saturday it could be time to flex your connective tissue, as you bring together the individuals you adore. Manifest a circle of friends though remember to check your reservation as Mercury is retrograde. It could be the start of something magnificent! Members of your company or peers at work could be emphasised, or special friendships that link you to your dreams and how you want to develop in the world, doing something meaningful. You might need a little longer to settle your plans; it’s a great time to reflect.


For Scorpio, Leo governs the area of your horoscope pertaining to career, your public role or reputation and the nature of your vocation. That’s why so many Scorpio’s make incredible thespians and dramatic performers – not only because of their powerful presence but because of their star power, courtesy of Leo. With this new moon eclipse in Leo it’s time to take your time in the spotlight, and have a slice of fame. You’ve a unique opportunity to see your name in lights so seize it, Scorp! Just note that with Mercury retro their could be a few delays brewing, and that same Mercury is kicking up tension with the planet of growth, opportunity and potential in your sign (Jupiter). Balance bigger plans with a refined message of how you want to come across.


A brand new adventure could already be locked in, Sagg, or you could be poised to embark! Whether it’s the departure lounge, a new calling or a fresh term at school or university that’s lined up big tings are yours to embrace. It’s Leo season, which represents journeys further afield – even abroad – and foreign connections. It’s also the most spiritual area of your horoscope, and the zone of learning and growth. So, what are you waiting for? Wait, your governing planet comes into tension with Mercury, so there could be a little bit of pausing needed this weekend.


It’s an interesting new moon for you Capricorn, as your most private affairs are in focus. From property deeds and inheritance monies, to taxes outstanding, contracts, commitments and all manner of property or shared assets in mind, you could be ruminating on important matters. Though you’ll need time to process it all (that pesky Mars retro in your sign AND Mercury Retrograde), you’ll come out on top, you always do canny Cap. Just navigate community and social activities with care over the weekend. Group dynamics clash with your intense mood rn.


Look towards the one you love this new moon, Aquarius, for it appears in your partnership zone. Perhaps a new collaboration has come on your Aquarian radar, or perhaps you’re into a special suitor! Business or pleasure, friendship or simply fun in a twosome, it’s essential to share the load. There is a wee conflict of interests when it comes to your plus one, however, as Mercury is confusing conversations and retrograde in this zone of happy unions. What’s more, the chatty planet is clashing with the growth planet in your career zone. Make sure bae gets attention, despite career commitments calling.


A new job? A new routine? A new set of habits to be proud of Pisces? All these are distinct possibilities, as the new moon resets your agenda in your zone of everyday matters and work-life. If you need assistance now is the time to put in a request to the universe; help could be on its way to you. This is also an incredible time to start off on the right foot for health and wellness, implementing a new regime or diet! Just note that you might not settle for a few weeks, with Mercury retrograde, and that your new schedule could seem to clash with bigger plans unfolding.

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