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The Full Moon In Pisces Wants You To Heal And Be Real…

Luna peaks with strong ties to Pluto...

Asia Argento, Virgo With A Pisces Moon…

The Full Moon Peaks September 14th 12.33 pm at 21º5′ of the zodiac sign.

Luna will bloom in Pisces within 4º of nebulous Neptune, and with a Grand Trine in Earth to lean on!

September’s Full Moon In Pisces, Times Around The World:

  • L.A. – Friday 13th
  • New York – Saturday 14th 12.33 am
  • London – Saturday 14th 4.33 am
  • Hong Kong – Saturday 14th 12.33 pm
  • Sydney – Saturday 14th 2.33 pm

Overview Of This Full Moon

At this full moon we’ve a stellium in earthy Virgo: Mars, the Sun, Venus and Mercury (both at 29º) are all sitting pretty in the sign of the angelic Maiden.

The moon flourishes in watery Pisces in opposition to this strong, earthy landscape, sonf in a sextile to planets in Capricorn, most notably Pluto (20º) and very widely the south node of the moon and Saturn.

Our dreamy lunation can drop anchor to the depths, powerfully aligned with Pluto, god of all that lies beneath…

Pluto is intense, while Neptune lacks boundaries and this could be a lunation awash with potent vulnerability.

Here’s your full moon horoscope…


Pisces represents endings and closure for Aries, yet with planets in earth the more practical realms are emphasising transformation in your public role. Consider how you now appear in the world at large and how stepping back from the action has helped you accomplish this.


Your community is emphasised with the moon flourishing in Pisces, so look to friends in pools and ever increasing circles all around you! Peers and your personal philosophies can come together seamlessly now, yet intensity is high. Your ruler Venus is goading you to stay busy but adventure calls; follow your heart.


Home life is in the spotlight for Virgo season but the Pisces full moon shines its light on your public role – your reputation, career path and worldly role! Consider how your private life – strong bonds and commitments – can benefit your position and goals. Welcome cheerleaders by your side; strengthening important unions can allow you to flourish in your public role.


Your sense of worldly vision, your beliefs, philosophies and faith is spotlighted by the full moon, Cancer, with support all around you from community, friends, lovers and special partners. Embrace an adventurous mood and draw out all you’ve been longing to verbalize, as your sense of expression is high. Home spaces could feel stifling so venture out.


A property, partnership or private matter can come full circle this weekend with serious agreements lit up by the moon. You’ll want to use diplomacy, patience and diligence when relating to those around you.


There’s an emphasis on significant others because while Virgo season is all about YOU the Pisces full moon lights up your unions. Passions are in full flow, bringing a fun creative project or a romantic liaison into view; relationships are complimented by your playful enthusiasm. However navigate your sense of fun with care, as you might brush up against money or control issues.


This weekend  puts particular emphasis on home and new perspectives you’re developing around your foundations, while the moon highlights your daily practices or routine: work, and everyday schedules. Tension’s high, and you’ll be wise to balance your desire to socialize with deeper emotions that are stirred at this time.


Passion projects or cherished [LOVE] story can come full circle! You may have reason to celebrate, Scorpio, as Pisces represents your amorous, adoring zone of recreation, joy and romance. Embrace opportunities for fun; friendships and your inner circle are thriving.


Virgo season lights up your career goals and professional direction, but the full moon hones in on home life and your sense of stability, which is enhanced by taking a steady, practical and even shrewd approach. Friends might not like it but if you’re money-minded you’ll sleep peacefully.


It’s a good time to broaden your outlook, embracing freedom and new trains of thought. However tune in to close connections on the full moon, focusing on the primary ways you connect, communicate and express yourself. Embrace your inner circle and show your responsible side, Capricorn.


Emotional stability is on offer for you Aqua Child, helping you to heal and be real. Set aside superficial inclinations, and instead see your role, income and financial position with clarity. Leverage friendships and your community to help you thrive in your position.


The focus is on you sweet fish! And also your place at the heart of your community, a group of peers, your company or social set; there are opportunities to strengthen special partnerships and unions now but claim the spotlight of the full moon. Note how you’re held by those around you, celebrating the feeling of security on this important weekend.

Top Tips For The Full Moon In Pisces…

1. Go Loose And Lovely…

The full moon wants you to let your hair down – through the lens of Pisces this calls for mermaid waves and a palette of rainbow-pretty hues!

2. Reveal Your Artistic Side!


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Like the painter, carpenter or illustrator that sacrifices his life for the love and service to art and the greater good, Pisces holds space for the martyr complex – so show your creative streak!

3. Walk On Air…


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Go light and lovely with a special pair of shoes that shows you’re consciously stepping up!

With so many planets in earth right now introduce a little air into the mix too…

4. Focus On The Feet…

Pisces is the zodiac sign that rules the part of the body Jesus was obsessed with – the feet!

Note that the two fish swimming in different directions is akin to the Christian symbolism? That’s because we were in the Age of Pisces during the last 2,000 years, and so the collective were happy flowing in the rivers of Christian faith.

Think of the traits associated with Jesus – compassion, healing, empathy, the savour – and channel these, offering to wash your friends feet! Or simply give yourself a full moon pedi.

Born On A Full Moon In Pisces…

Asia Argento, Evan Rachel Wood, Jennifer Hudson, Tom Ford, Gloria Gaynor, Michael Jackson, Macaulay Culkin, Moby,  Wiz Khalifa, Paul Walker, Chris Pine, Jack Black, Liam Gallagher and Jason Priestley.

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