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July’s Solar Eclipse, Plus New Moon In Cancer Horoscope…

Solar Eclipse incoming! This new moon is charged with intensity...

Courtney Love, Born With Sun & Moon in Cancer, Mercury In Leo…

The Cancer New Moon falls July 2nd 3.48 am (UK Time) at 10º of the zodiac sign.

Luna will renew in Cancer and this time it’s an Eclipse!

July’s New Moon In Cancer, Times Around The World

  • Sydney – Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 at 5.16 am
  • Hong Kong – Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 at 3.16 am
  • New Delhi – Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 at 00.46 am
  • Moscow – Tuesday July 2nd 2019 at 10.16 pm
  • Paris – Tuesday July 2nd 2019 at 9.16 pm
  • London – Tuesday July 2nd 2019 at 8.16 pm
  • New York – Tuesday July 2nd 2019 at 3.16 pm
  • Los Angeles – Tuesday July 2nd 2019 at 12.16 pm

There’s a lot to say about this new moon.

New Moon In Cancer Horoscope By Sign…


A new beginning is signalled in your familial realms, with the emphasis on homely spaces, your emotional or literal surroundings – or your sense of family, ancestry, safety and roots. Claim a fresh start, Aries; this is an ideal time to consider sweeping changes underfoot, so acknowledge the environment that helps you feel settled. Anticipate some distraction pitted against your nesting, as career, your public life or worldly role competes with your special sanctuary. Your vocation is experiencing it’s own transitions and challenges, therefore allowing ambitions to dominate can disrupt domestic bliss.


It’s your closest connections that are the subject of this new moon, Taurus. How do you intend to move ahead? Significant friendships (including sibling ties), colleague dynamics or even the way you relate and communicate within romantic unions can be contemplated. Local, neighbourly interactions and school-friends are also relevant at this new moon, as well as the ways you tackle conversing, and improve or build your skills. It’s time to shed old beliefs, purge outdated philosophies and honour boundaries with overseas connections – welcome a kinder way of interacting.


It’s a practical new moon for Gemini, as the sun and moon meet in your productive zone of work, income and the job you carry out to earn and bring home a crust. Claim a fresh start for finances, noting the aspects of your position you really value and care about. Your investment of time and money in certain partnerships could now feel frustratingly arduous, with Saturn rolling through your zone of commitments and partnership. Perhaps a significant other in love or business isn’t pulling their weight, or, the reality of saving reveals itself as a mountain to climb. Allow your reputation and the soothing parts of how you come across in the world gloss over any tension.


A fresh start beckons, and for you Cancer it’s personal. The solar eclipse in your sign could have you reflecting on health and your sense of fitness or vitality, yet do take it easy for a few days. One to one relationships – a lover or significant other – could now present tension, conflict or a sense of duty or sadness. Wet weekend Saturn in your partnership zone is putting your unions to the test, so do the deal – take responsibility, suit up and show up for others. Thankfully the stars align for your wisdom and philosophical nature to shine through; connect to those in your community and soak up the nurturing vibes.


Surrender is the theme of your new moon, Leo, as lune joins the sun in your closure zone, bringing the need for transition, release and renewal in the most private area of your horoscope. Cancer season represents a time for you to go off the grid and escape; seek out therapy, write down and analyse your dreams, and go swimming. Keep a low profile this new moon and recharge solo. The stars support you in quiet meditation so turn your phone to airplane mode and reflect on whatever’s on your mind. You might need to let some element of your day-to-day fall by the wayside now, i.e. expectations around a fitness regime, a job or work ritual, or some other habit. Let it go!


The company you keep is the theme of this new moon, so look to the (caring) community, social network or industry you’re grateful for, Virgo. Personal passions may need to play second fiddle to the group dynamic, so allow your expectations around sexy projects, plans or love affairs to subside – even your fitness hobbies or bae. Solo interests versus that of your circle are likely to differ, so expect a clash when it comes to your enthusiasms, and the objectives of those around you, they might not chime so well.


The path you wish to tread, your vocation and who you are at large is calling, Libra! The new moon resets your agenda around your public profile and position, so focus on how you want to be known in the world. Your job has been experiencing lots of attention or growth, and you’ve no doubt been learning certain information or skills in order to perform better. Home and your private life also have their part to play during this new moon; it could be time to draw boundaries with family members, renovate home or focus on what changes need to be made and shift underfoot.


A special venture, educational path, journey, quest or some important growth opportunity is the subject of your new moon, Scorpio, with a moment of still that allows you to look beyond your usual parameters. A neighbourhood beyond is calling, perhaps even a distant or foreign land! Connect to new ideals and philosophies you’ve developed; it’s a great time to visualise an adventure and the path ahead for you – and those you adore. Relationships can thrive now, you might even feel compelled to shake up your relationships or reinvent your usual approach! However remember that the new moon is a good time to take it slow, so pause, Scorp.


Your private life, personal commitments and investments are the focus of the new moon solar eclipse, which means trust and financial ties are pertinent, Sagittarius. Consider any contractual agreements you have, including property or partnerships – these and intimate issues (like sex, lies, and whether you paid your taxes or not) could now be on your radar, essentially, how you spend your time or money. Your personal income or job role is also vying for attention, however it might be time to recognise that some element of your work, job or income is not truly where you priorities lie. Lean into unions that are loyal!


Personal relationships are in the spotlight of the sun, as Cancer season lights up your one-to-ones, Capricorn. What’s more, the new moon solar eclipse creates opportunities to invoke new partnerships, as well as opportunities to appreciate those around you, and share the load.Tune into your skills of empathy, and your ability to connect to others from a place of compassion and depth; it’s time to set aside your own ambitions and put others first, just for today. Health issues may too loom large: skin, bones, knees, the skeletal structure and teeth! Mind yourself my lovely Goat.


The new moon in Cancer brings focus towards both an inner and outer sense of self-care, Aquarius, and while you’re one of the zodiac’s self-sufficient logical characters it might be necessary for you to pause more than most, now. There are shifts behind the scenes that warrant your attention, and matters around your job and everyday habits that do too! Think of the little things you can do everyday to improve your schedule, and surrender and surrender some more. It might be time to delegate, and look to the people around you that can now step up. The healing process you’ve embarked upon will take time to come full circle, yet for now, lean into a productive, practical stance.


Your sense of romance, creativity, passion and play can enter another dimension at this new moon, Pisces – claim a fresh start for cherished projects, hobbies, personal interests and romantic inclinations. Seize an enthusiastic take on everything that raises your pulse, including sports, games, children, the dating scene or your resolve around an artistic sideline. Renew your affections.

Top 5 Tips For The Cancer New Moon…

Settle In, Nest & Rest

This Is An Eclipse!

The most important ritual to adhere to on this particular new moon is taking a generous pause.

The new moon is the most low energy time of the month, when luna has disappeared totally from view.

Chill out.

Write Down Your Intentions…

Enhance Your New Moon Wishes – With Feeling…

Put pen to paper, and actually writing down your goals planning for the 6 and 18 months ahead.

In six months time it will be the full moon in Cancer, and in 18 months we’ll see another full moon that more closely matches this degree of Cancer.

Gently Exhale…

With so many planets in water you’ll want to hold onto something that reminds you to breathe.

Discover the perfect practice, a yoga sequence for Cancer season in the new segment on Star Sign Style, with Yogastrology.

Be Soft

You can step into those peachy corals and a smokey eye for the new moon moment.

Use the Cancerian signature beauty style, a dark gaze and luminous skin…

Born On A New Moon In Cancer!

Courtney Love, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jessica Simpson, Busy Philipps, Arianna Huffington, Sandra Oh, Giorgio Armani, Sofia Vergara, Vera Wang, Lana Parrilla, Tulisa Contostavlos, Inna Shevchenko and also Prince William, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

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