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A Pisces With A LOT Of Aries, Rihanna Astrology…


Rihanna was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty on the 20th February, 1988.

A cultural ambassador for Barbados she burst into the limelight in 2005 with the her debut album, Music of the Sun.

Now, one of the best selling artists of all time, RiRi has won seven Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, 22 Billboard Music Awards and two BRIT Awards.

Somewhat controversial, she has bought public attention through her relationship with Chris Brown, provocative outfits and music videos, so what’s her Star Sign Style?

Sun In PiscesMoon In Aries ☆ Venus In Aries ☆ Aries Rising

Proudly Pisces…


One Of Rihanna’s First Tattoo’s – The Pisces Glyph…

With her Sun in the sign of the Fish, Rihanna is proudly Pisces – she even has a tattoo to prove it!

That’s right, one of Rihanna’s first tattoo’s was the Pisces symbol, which is seen behind her right ear. See More Celebrity Zodiac Tattoo’s Here.

Mermaid Moments…


As a Pisces, Rihanna suits shoots by the sea.

A water star sign, these people are deeply emotional and intuitive, and being near water can wash away the stresses of everyday life, offer tranquility and a cleansing effect.

We so often see Rihanna on boats so she must truly love the water!

People born under this sign can carry clothes that offer a glamourous and magical quality, as Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is linked to glamour, photography, film and creating an illusion. Read Pisces Miss Mermaid

However, Rihanna has Venus, the moon and planet Jupiter (and possibly her rising sign) in the next zodiac sign: ARIES.

With so many influences coming from a totally different constellation we’re seeing a lot of Aries energy through Rihanna.

The Aries Side…


Rihanna champions the unibrow… Totally ARIES!

Did you know that Aries rules the head and in particular the brow?

This zodiac sign has a particularly noticeable forehead and will often have dark or thick eyebrows.

Those born with the moon or Venus in Aries will often share this characteristic too… Read Aries, Beauty, it’s all about the brow

Her Hair Style…


That red hair comes courtesy of the sign of the Ram, with a generous dose of Aries in her chart she’ll be drawn to the stand-out Aries colour, red. Read Aries – Ravishing In Rouge

Rihanna really encapsulates a Pisces spirit but you simply can’t deny all that fire burning bright in her chart!


Warrior sign Aries also suits the print camo – it’s suits their fighting spirit! Read Aries, the Warrior Queen

She’s also got Mars in the free-spirited sign, Sagittarius – hot to trot!

Pisces people are total chameleons, able to transform into any look seamlessly. Typically have beautiful hair that can be styled in so many ways and still look totally amazing. Read Pisces Hair, Pelage Perfection.


Rihanna’s Birth Chart

rihanna aries rising birth chart

Born 20th February, 1988 At 12.00pm In Saint Michael, Barbados

Did You Know…


Rihanna has Aquarius on the Midheaven, which governs public reputation and career. Aquarius is ruled by the unusual planet Uranus, which also governs rebellion and of all things, umbrellas! Could it be that Rihanna’s fame and career progression was spurred on by this inanimate object?

It certainly captured the imagination of the masses when she invited us to shelter, and “Under my Umbrella…” put her firmly in the public eye.

Similarly the song “SOS” could resonate with the Pisces side of the singer, and Diamonds” are the stone associated with the Aries zodiac sign.

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