Pisces Beauty – Her Hair Is Pelage Perfection!

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Perhaps you’ll have noticed, one of Pisces beauty assets is her hair – it’s simply mesmerising.

You’ve only to look at the likes of Sun in Pisces stars Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kristen Davis and Rachel Weiz to see that natural Piscean locks are indeed thing of beauty…

A Tumbling Vision


Luscious Locks Right?

There are generally two ways in which Pisces locks will be an enchanting feature, they’ll either be naturally thick, glossy and gorgeous, or will be styled as a striking statement.

Whereas Leo’s crop is their crowning glory, Pisces locks are a noticeable feature for different reasons…

Pisces Hair Style Is Very Versatile…


Sun In Pisces – Jessica Biel Suits Every Style…

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A brilliant Pisces beauty tip is to play to your strength – versatility.

Unlike other signs you can really experiment with your tresses – nothing looks bad on you! That’s because you’re a true chameleon and are able to adopt a number of different styles and fashions. Ruled by Neptune you’re fluid and free, so very versatile.

It doesn’t matter how she has her hair, Jessica Biel always looks fabulous! Give her bangs, style it loose or perhaps poker straight, she always wears it well.


Sun In Pisces, Venus In Aries – Rihanna Does Rouge…

Rhianna is another classic example of a Pisces who can pull off just about anything when it comes to styles.

She set the world alight with her trend-setting red, and whether she’s growing out a bob, working a perm or going for an undercut – her hair is always impressive and stunning.

Pisces Beauty – Don’t Forget Drew!


Ahhhhhh the many hairdo’s of Drew, she’s definatley worth mentioning as a pretty Pisces beauty!

Check out the changing styles of Drew, and how she pulls off each and every one.

Advice for Pisces beauty?

Acknowledge your luscious locks, they’re pelage perfection…

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