Aries, She’s Ravishing In Rouge…

The best colour for Aries is red, and Aries fashion should feature a touch of rogue, or, go all out – and red all over!

A bold shade of red reflects the pure, raw energy and vibrancy of spirit associated with this, the first of the zodiac signs.

If Aries is in need of a little courage, drive or vigor, red will act as the catalyst, an uplifting remedy heating their spirits nicely.

In fact, for anyone in need of an extra dose of warm energy, red will get the blood pumping, regardless of their zodiac sign.

Likewise if you’re needing a bit of a confidence boost, slap on a slick of red lippy to act as your surefire suit of armour…

Sun In Aries Stars Working Their Carpet!


Kristen Stewart, Kate Hudson, Claire Danes, Reece Witherspoon And Sarah Jessica Parker… Love The Red Riding Hood!

To really lead the way in the style stakes wear the best colours for your sign., not only the Sun but your Rising Sign, Moon Sign and of course, your Venus sign.

Red, white and black are the lucky colours for Aries, with red most definitely the power colour.

It should be worn with just a little caution, however, as although our amazing Aries sisters look super sexy in this shade, it can act as a stimulant, ramping up the Ram’s naturally assertive qualities.

If someone’s ‘seeing red’ they’re annoyed or angry, and given this is the zodiac sign ruled by Mars it can be better that a red mist doesn’t descend…

When wearing red, an Aries may exhibit their passionate, forthright nature with abandon, perhaps getting more carried away than usual.

Run for the hills!

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Perhaps a good middle ground for Aries is to tame a brilliant rouge with a more delicate pattern, for example lace. Trust Aries to keep it tight though – just to raise the temperature!

Red Leather


Sun In Aries – Kristen Stewart And Rosie Huntington Whitely Are Seeing Red!

If a fiery temperament is displayed strongly in your birth chart, it might be best to totally tone down that lust for life with a more mellow choice from the colour palette.

Save the red talons for your star sisters that can carry them – they’re going to be too scary for you Miss Fire!

Seeing an Aries in red will certainly raise the temperature – if not the blood pressure in others, especially when this headstrong siren is heading their way in a knock-out, bold hue (bright is best, leave the deeper shades to Scorpio…)

Venus In Aries Stars


It’s not only the Aries Sun signs that pull of this daring colour, check out the stars above (and below) that suit this bold hue. All of these celebrities have Venus in Aries.

Venus rules our fashion tastes, so it’s no wonder these ladies look Ravishing in Rouge



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