Venus In Aries Celebrities And Their Style…

Raring to go! The world's greatest are born with this placement...

Venus In Aries – Loves The Chase! 

When Venus is in Aries, it can bring a fiery and impulsive energy to a person’s sense of romance and friendship.

Venus represents the way we love, our relationship style and personal values. Aries is a fire sign known for its passion, and spontaneity .

Here are traits and tendencies associated with Venus in Aries…

Passionate & Intense…

A person with Venus in Aries is likely to love intensely and passionately. They can be very enthusiastic and spontaneous in their expressions of love, youthful and even childlike at times.

Independent & Assertive…

Bossy and keen to dominate, Aries is a sign that values independence and assertiveness. They can easily make the first move…

When Venus is in this sign, the person may prefer to take the lead and express their desires openly.

Impulsive & Impatient…

The first sign of the Zodiac, Aries boasts a quality of impulsiveness and impatience. With Venus here, a person may be quick to jump into relationships and make decisions based on immediate desires.

Competitive & Adventurous…

Aries Venus likely enjoy a sense of competition and the thrill of the chase in relationships.

Trying new things and pushing boundaries is exciting to them. They are motivated people who tend to be the conquerors in love.

Easily Bored…

A thrill seeking planetary placement, Venus in this fire sign can lead to a tendency to get bored easily. There may be a desire for excitement and novelty in their relationships to keep the spark alive. This person might likely prefer sex to soppy cuddles and could have a seriously short attention span.

Venus in Aries can bring a lot of excitement to a person’s love life.

However, it can also lead to impulsiveness and a craving for constant stimulation.

Venus In Its Detriment Sign!

This is no passive petal. There is an ardent nature of our ‘Amazon‘ of the zodiac…

This sign could feel their assertive nature is a little out of touch or dampened when pursuing the object of their affection.

They love to pursue but the hunted might feel downright terrified!

People with Venus in Aries could well have their fire put out by those that are insecure with their own place in the astrological cycle but keep your warm fire burning!

After all, if you’ve been born with this Venus you’re in remarkably good company, just check out the celebs with this sign below!

(Something tells me it’s the very best sign…)

Venus In Aries Fashion Style – Iconic!


Stars With Venus In Aries – Aquarius Jennifer Aniston, Pisces Rihanna, Aries Sarah Jessica Parker, Taurus Renée Zellweger And Gemini Carey Mulligan


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Stars With Venus In Aries – Aquarius Lana Turner, Pisces Elizabeth Taylor, Aries Jayne Mansfield, Taurus Audrey Hepburn And Gemini Marilyn Monroe

No matter the Sun sign, people with Venus in Aries look Ravishing In Rouge. Just take the stars above as evidence – these ladies have Star Sign Style in spades!

Can also go for the sweet as a lamb look, actually, who am I kidding?!!

Aries Rules The Head…

Venus in Aries is iconic, and can make a statement through headgear and hats – read more here!

Also, the iconic haircut of the 90s was introduced by Venus in Aries / Aquarius Jennifer Anniston…

Beauty: Go Bold Or Go Home.

Makeup for those born in this cycle can be daring and bold.

No need to hold back through it is perhaps wise to go easy. Sometimes these folk can be heavy handed, careless or fail to check their eyeliner hasn’t smudged. Therefore, go for a messy look in the first place.

Aries Venus? You’re A Hero And A Boss!

Brave, bold, fearless, remember that this Venus placement is ruled by Mars in your horoscope.

There are five possible Sun signs for those with Venus in Aries, Aquarius through to Gemini. See which celebrities share your Sun and Venus sign…

Venus In Aries Celebrities…

Aries Venus Aquarius Sun

shakira  jennifer-aniston

☆ Jennifer Aniston ☆ Mia Farrow ☆ Shakira ☆ Sarah Palin ☆ Christina Ricci ☆ Lana Turner ☆ Rosa Parks ☆ Roberta Flack ☆ Anna Pavlova ☆

Aries Venus Pisces Sun

eva   elizabeth   rihanna   jean

☆ Rihanna ☆ Elizabeth Taylor ☆ Eva Longoria ☆ Queen Latifah ☆ Carrie Underwood ☆ Liza Minnelli ☆ Emily Blunt ☆ Chelsea Clinton ☆ Chelsea Handler ☆ Jean Harlow

Aries Venus Aries Sun – Double Aries!

lady-gaga-astrology  Aries-Rooney-Mara  viv-westwood  keira  sjp  jessica-chastian  aries-ashley-judd  aries-jayne-mansfield

☆ Lady Gaga ☆ Sarah Jessica Parker ☆ Keira Knightley ☆ Rooney Mara ☆Mariah Carey ☆ Marcia Cross ☆ Doris Day ☆ Sarah Michelle Gellar ☆ Linda Goodman ☆ Leona Lewis ☆ Ashley Judd ☆ Alessandra Ambrosio ☆ Mandy Moore ☆ Jayne MansfieldJoan Crawford ☆ Susan Boyle ☆ Julia Stiles ☆ Julie Christie ☆ Ali MacGraw ☆ Rosie O’Donnell ☆ Elizabeth Montgomery ☆ Vivienne Westwood ☆ Melissa Joan Hart ☆ America Ferrera ☆ Jessica Chastain ☆ Alek Wek ☆ Caroline Winberg ☆ Jessica Hart ☆

Aries Venus Taurus Sun

verushka  donatella-versace  cate-blanchett  katherine-hepburn  janet-jackson  miranda-cosgrove  shirley-temple

Verushka ☆ Renée Zellweger ☆ Audrey Hepburn ☆ Lily Allen ☆ Katharine Hepburn ☆ Cate Blanchett ☆ Sofia Coppola ☆ Janet Jackson ☆ Toyah Wilcox ☆ Donatella Versace ☆ Arielle Dombasle ☆ Virginie Efira ☆ Alison Goldfrapp ☆ Audrina Patridge ☆ Sophie Anderton ☆ Andrea Corr ☆ Bianca Jagger ☆ Miranda Cosgrove ☆ Natasha Richardson ☆ Arissa Hill ☆ Shirley Temple ☆

Aries Venus Gemini Sun


Marilyn Monroe ☆ Bar Refaeli ☆ Helena Bonham Carter ☆ Priscilla Presley ☆ Lea Thompson ☆ Fairuza Balk ☆ Annette Bening ☆ Carey MulliganMutya Buena ☆ Annette Bening ☆ Denise Van Outen ☆ Anne Heche ☆ Jewel ☆

venus-in-astrologyDiscover more about Venus and see the other styles of the zodiac signs, here.

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