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Ardent Aries Emma Watson Astrology – Virgo Rising Star!

Share Emma Watson’s Horoscope – Aries with added Virgo and Pisces!


A Beautiful Blend Of Virgo And Aries…

For me, this picture of Emma really sums up her Virgo Rising and Aries Sun.

She’s got that pure, earthy vibe going on but you know there’s a feisty chick smouldering under the surface! Emma’s beauty has a dreamy quality thanks to Venus in Pisces and she’s further steadied by Mercury, her communication style, in Taurus, which is a little slower and more purposeful than hot-headed Aries.

Watson currently has Uranus in Aries, which is transiting the sign through to 2018, possibly making her a little more rebellious and electric than in years gone by. It’s directly squaring her Neptune too, during the publicity of the HeForShe campaign.

Is that why there’s the stirring of scandal in the air? Where there’s Neptune blurring the waters…

I love Emma’s magical Gemini Midheaven most…

Emma’s Star Sign Style!

Sun In AriesMoon In SagittariusVenus In PiscesVirgo Rising

Emma’s Birth Chart


Born 15th April, 1990 At 6.00pm In Paris, France

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