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Snow Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Leo Horoscope…

February 16th 2022, Luna Blossoms in the Lion's sign...

  • Weekday: Wednesday / Thursday – Mercury’s Day or Jupiter’s Day,
  • Element: Fire,
  • Moon’s Ruler: The Sun in Aquarius.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong / A.W.S.T – Thursday 17th February 2022, 12.57 am
  • London / G.M.T – Wednesday February 16th 2022, 4.57 pm
  • New York / E.S.T – Wednesday February 16th 2022, 11.57 am EST.

About This Leo Full Moon…

The Moon now reaches its fullest point of the Lunar Cycle with the Leo constellation playing host to the Full Moon (at 27º59′), while the Sun appears with Saturn and Mercury in opposite sign Aquarius.

We might need to call upon a master of ceremonies, a star to entertain the masses, with a considerable audience established! Allow warm flames to delight without burning too bright…

Look back to intentions set with the New Moon in Leo 2020, August 18th / 19th…

Your Full Moon In Leo 2022 Horoscope…


The Moon moves through Leo and your playful, romantic, creative house of personal passions and gratification. Welcome the spotlight on your talents, hobbies or solo affairs, hone in on a sense of enjoyment, pleasure, an artistic feat or project, with a warm, dramatic mood on offer.

But note the Moon lands across from Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, and the community and friendship sector of your horoscope, so despite a need to perform, express yourself or have a good time, your social life counts too.

You may need to consider the group as well as what feels fun to you…

What About Relationships? You could be feeling romantic, playful, ready to indulge in your own pleasures with the Full Moon in your self-seeking fifth house of fun.

Yet balance what you desire and need with awareness and focus on peers and the hopes you hold for humanity. Your friendships or an interest that concerns one an all is important to sustain and take seriously.

Celebrate your own interests and passionate affections while also being cognizant of your people, a social scene and teamwork. Show interest in the issues that affect your crew, your allies and fellow man, with ‘the greater good’ in mind, while also allowing awareness of your own sexual magnetism, fertility, kids, desires and what makes you happy!

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… Your own success at large is dominant, with Mars and Venus together with Pluto in Capricorn and your tenth house of aspirations and advancement.

Know that your reputation and professional aims are now a motivating factor, with the astrological lovers at the top of your chart bringing your goals into view.

You’re never one to shy away from hard work, and now your ambitious nature can really come into its own, with plenty of stellar moments that bring you status or a stamp of approval. Stand in at the top thanks to your own enduring efforts (and be grateful for those that work with you, too!)


The Moon moves through Leo and the base of your horoscope. Be ready to illuminate your nest, nurturing tendencies, your roots or domestic side.

But note the Moon lands across from Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, and the top of your chart guiding focus toward your aspirations, advancement, successes and life goals (informing how you reach toward validation and notoriety).

Family, friends that comfort and care, or your domestic spaces and surroundings may feature today, with an enveloping quality bringing you home. Touch base with memories, mother, or the past, as well as honouring you vocation, or the way you’re seen by others.

What About Relationships? Your educational path and worldly connections, visionary ventures and global pursuits are dominant, with Mars and your ruler Venus together with Pluto in your ninth house of truth-seeking, quests and personal expansion.

Lend enthusiasm to ‘exploring the unfamiliar’, learning, seeking and going further into specialist subjects. A teacher, guide or people who are different, or from somewhere foreign to you can now enhance your growth and even encourage you to step closer to a belief system or meaning you’ve discovered.

Sense those outside influences, people that add perspective!

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… You could be feeling inclined toward home base, nesting, nurturing, baking and refueling with the Moon aglow in your hidden zone of family life, retreat, parenting and private life.

Yet balance what you need to settle, secure in warm spaces, cooking and connecting to caretakers, with the way you come off in your career or publicly, gaining a stamp of approval thanks to the responsibility you’re willing to take on, the work you can do to climb and succeed.

Your professional image, a title, accolade, or praise and your status is key, with Aquarius Season emphasizing your authority and expertise, yet today allow those behind closed doors to feature, too…


The Moon moves through Leo and your third house of siblings, neighbors and local circles. Welcome a warm, sociable tone, and note a mood that lends itself to connection and rapport. Look out for data, new and information revealed about your environment or neighborhood!

But note the Moon lands across from Sun and Saturn setting your sights further afield. You may be interested in those that are different to you, that allow you to explore a specialist subject or fresh outlook on life and its people.

Your own worldly exploration, social diversity and foreign perspectives must be balanced with a mindset that’s familiar to you, the way you and those around you comprehend life versus observations found through an outside standpoint or political angle.

What About Relationships? Your intimate bonds, financial ties, obligations and agreements are dominant, with Mars and Venus together with Pluto in Capricorn in your eighth house of investments and shared resources, so that mutually beneficial circumstances are on your agenda, motivating you to collaborate and work with others.

Grapple with the people and partnerships that ask you to be vulnerable and pledge what you have, or commit, long-term!

With today’s Full Moon you’ll also want to strike a balance with those encountered, near and far. Close connections, friends and communication skills are illuminated, your inner circle and kindred spirits, and wise folk and people you’re drawn toward in the world who might impart wisdom…

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… Sun, Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius light up a path to your own personal expansion, knowledge and journey or quest for meaning, Gemini – this can be achieved in all manner of ways. From grappling with your own education or a subject of expertise (i.e. coding or technology) to finding faith through philosophy, religion or a moral framework, travel, culture or even astrology!

Connect to your own adventure, pursue distant horizons, yet know that the Full Moon presents a need to engage at a more primary level, with warmth rubbing shoulders with those in your immediate environment – with simple conversation and the sharing of ideas, stories and gossip in close circles…


The Moon moves through Leo and your self-sufficient house of income, earnings, personal value and self-worth. Welcome the spotlight on your savings, spending, material or intangible assets, all that’s banked by you: your own input, rewards, belongings and capabilities.

But note the Moon lands across from Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, and the sector of collaborative efforts and jointly held resources, so despite a need to recognise and acknowledge what you have in hand and your own money-making capabilities, teamwork and another person’s part counts too! Note what’s shared, loaned, or given to you as an agreement, contract or pact…

It’s may seem like a day of give and take!

What About Relationships? Your partnerships and personal relations dominate, with Mars and Venus together with Pluto in your opposite sign, Capricorn, and your seventh house of intimate encounters. One-to-ones are likely key, now, with a compelling draw to enjoy togetherness, being in a pair or union, as well as taking your obligations seriously (say, with a contract on the table).

Note all that arises from a financial collaboration or energetic entanglement, what’s shared, merged, pooled or pledged, and the trust, loyalty, intimacy and commitment required. Note pillars set in stone when bonding, showing a sense of vulnerability, coming together with something to lose – not only resources but time. Build rapport and develop a formal agreement.

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… The Moon illuminates and elevates your role, security, and the more tangible or material side of life. Notice your possessions, bank balance, earnings or contribution, feel good about what you accomplish solo, or devote attention to your part. Celebrate what’s yours – your work, role and finances.

But note the Moon lands across from the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius, and the house of joint investments, mutual gains – efforts that are down to you and an outside collaborator of influence. While there’s reason to appreciate what you do, show off what you give, private interests, what others provide, or how you both profit is relevant. How a service provider, parent, spouse, friend or business partner (or professional) gives or shares looms large Draw your attention to your input and value and theirs!


The Moon moves through your own sign, Leo, with a Full Moon that spotlights your prowess and magnetism – what you bring to the table: warmth, generosity and heart! Highlight your best qualities for all to see!

But note the Moon lands across from Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, and the partnering zone of teamwork, collaboration, personal relations and one-to-ones, so despite a need to show off solo, to perform, express yourself and devote attention to your own desires or needs, other people count too.

What About Relationships? With the Moon in your sign today act as master of ceremonies, soaking up attention and realizing your needs, center on the stage of life – you do you!

Yet don’t get too carried away!

Your ruling guide, the Sun appears in Aquarius, and your sector of partnering and other people, so that other people’s perception may be prominent – the way you’re perceived by others may impact how you feel about you…

It’s a poignant time to pay attention to intimate relationships, and you’re encouraged to take folk seriously… Be aware of what others stance is without taking their opinions to heart – you may be extra sensitive!

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… Your routine, health, lifestyle choices, employment and wellbeing can dominate now, with Mars and Venus together with Pluto in Capricorn and your sixth house of routines, maintenance, daily life and habits.

Know that your regular workload, tasks and general labour (including domestic chores and running operations at home) are now a motivating factor, with the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) urging you to create efficiencies, and enjoy organizing diet, exercise or a regime.

Harness a ‘dutiful focus’, your sense of purpose or ritual, with a transformation to your physical self (or your job) and a self-affirming spotlight on you thanks to the Full Moon!!


The Moon moves through Leo and your quiet house of closure, prep, gestation and release – it’s the kind of day to step back, retreat and do nothing, or bring your gaze to healing modalities, tools and [mental health] techniques that allow you to surrender control…

But note the Moon lands across from Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, and the industrious sector of service, health, duty, work and wellbeing, spotlighting all you do to help out and consciously maintain yourself in your position.

Balance a need to embrace a low-key mood with routines, rituals and regimes that allow you to be well, practical and proficient…

What About Relationships? Your veracious passions, creativity and a strong desire to make yourself happy (or drive ahead your love life, relationship to kids, hobbies, pregnancy or joy) can dominate, now.

There’s potency around your ability to conceive, or another channel for self-expression and personal gratification, as Mars, Venus and Pluto gather in your house of pleasure. Note a pull toward your artistic talents, a motivation to date, make a baby, craft or play sports – to exhibit a talent or pursue a fun activity for fun! Entertain or throw a party, build your side hustle, or note your approach to sex, romance, flirtation and heartfelt pulls… You likely have a good grasp on your potential for happiness – now follow through!

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… Your work, employment, schedule, or healthy living is poignant now, as Aquarius Season brings focus to routines, daily life, and those people who endorse you at work (your assistant, hairdresser or cleaner, helping hands!)

You may be tackling diet, serious about your job or capacity to organize and bring efficiency to your day-to-day habits. But note the Full Moon spotlights closure and methods that are more mysterious, your intuition and sentiments that are unknowable.

You might like to escape the everyday to acknowledge a way round life’s hardships, with a need to recalibrate out of sight. Remember all you know about escapism, what’s good for you in moments of (despair and) discomfort.


The Moon moves through Leo and your social sector of community, groups, teamwork and friends. Welcome the spotlight on your people, social life or social scene – your participation in a company, industry or audience.

But note the Moon lands across from Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, and the zone of personal gratification, love, and heartfelt notions.

Despite a need to collaborate and be a part of something bigger, your own plans and desires count too, with a firm, serious, non-negotiable level of attention devoted to people, places and things that matter to you alone…

What About Relationships? Feel at ease with friends, colleagues, peers, acquaintances, and allies – come together with your crew, a network, or your audience (even online!)

Yet note your stance on dating, love, affections and your own passions, with a level of formality that won’t budge! You might be protective or firm on your own happiness, sex life, or ways you give your heart away (and to who!)

While peers and your people are much needed there may be a boundary that stands between your plans and inspiration and your crew. Celebrate the crowd you’re a part of, while sustaining interest on your love life or desires…

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… Your roots, devotion to home and family life, and even a great drive to dig deep into the past, parenting issues and your personal life (within your four walls, or under your roof) is dominant, with Mars and Venus together with Pluto in Capricorn and your fourth house of security.

Know that your dwellings, property, land or household issues are pertinent, with motivation to ground yourself or address where you live.

Pay attention to domestic issues, and all that runs throughout time, bringing you into touch with traditions, your lineage, even your ancestry or the way you feed, and treat your body. Acknowledge the transformation of your approach to nesting, self-care, and how you find comfort.


The Moon moves through Leo and your zone of public image, spotlighting your path and vocational direction – progress and reason to celebrate your reputation or status, your name in lights!

But note the Moon lands across from Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, and the sector of domestic life, all that’s familiar, hidden and brings you home.

Despite a need for recognition and praise or validation, your private life, security and steady footing also feature, so honor your calling and a sense of inner peace, stability and calm that’s being cultivated.

What About Relationships? Your close connections, siblings and kindred spirits may be important to you now, with personal relations dominating – and compelling reasons to stay in touch with those in your local environment.

Mars and Venus are together with Pluto in your third house of writing, messages, news and contact, so communication skills and a drive to be mobile, even influential around neighborhood issues rouses your voice (potentially powerful and commanding, or, with a level of control that’s to be revered!) You might find you’ve a potent matter to discuss, so allow current momentum to propel you and motivate your rapport forwards…

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… There’s reason to lean into your public role, seen in your career or outward facing role, as the Full Moon peaks in the highest house in your horoscope.

Note a claim to fame and maximize visibility and prominence. You could be in the mood to take up a position of importance, visible in your professional post or celebrating your success personally or in your vocation!

However, there’s great influence calling you inwards, with the Sun, Saturn and Mercury in the base of your horoscope, the lowest sector of roots and homeland, so that you might also want to hone in on the way you recharge, finding semblance around house hold matters, your foundations & domestic life. Balance recognition with security, safety, settled in familiar environments.


The Moon moves through Leo and your adventurous ninth house of higher education, travel, truth seeking and experiences that bring you awareness of the world, with meaning, colour and creativity.

Welcome the spotlight on a quest for knowledge, foreign perspectives, exotic lands and cultures! Illuminate projects, plans & people beyond your horizon line, at ease with stellar folk from somewhere different…

But note the Moon lands across from Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, and the communication zone of local contact, your usual environment, siblings and skills. You may need to consider those closest and the common mindset or language you share, as well as those further afield…

What About Relationships? Your siblings, neighbors, and ties in the neighborhood are in focus, with Aquarius Season spotlighting people close to home, communication skills and language or news and nuances that are local and immediate.

You may be in conversation and contact, with talks or topics, discourse and discussion that leads you to common ground, formalizing the way you navigate or broach social issues pertinent to you and yours…

Yet today’s Full Moon in Leo and your own element fire rouses a warm mood, illuminating global connections and worldly endeavours, education and projects that take you further – notice what you’ve explored, a new belief system or legal feat has perhaps revealed another outlook or political view.

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… Your own material life, money, personal income and value is dominant now, as Mars, Venus and Pluto assemble in your sector of sustenance, tangible assets and attributes, bringing traction around your sense of self-worth.

There be a motivation to show you’re self-sufficient, with plenty to gain, make or build solo. Hone in on your cash or capacity to earn in your position, to profit or bill thanks to your own capabilities and confidence!

Show you’ve the muscle and charm in your work to lay claim to your income, or indicate what you do that’s worthwhile, even frugally cutting coupons!!


The Moon moves through Leo and your intimate, collaborative house of bonds, mutual gains and shared space, so that one jointly held issue may be prominent and paramount: your ability to trust, face fears and be vulnerable.

Welcome the spotlight on all you do with a reliance on an outside source, noting where you merge, pool, borrow or loan.

Equally, there’s attention on your part, solo, as the Sun, Mercury and your ruling planet Saturn light up your self-sustaining sector of material gains, spending and personal investments. Note your role, contribution, paycheck or earnings, as well as your privately held interests and commitments.

What About Relationships? With a Full Moon in your eighth house, one star individual may warrant attention – and what you share or accomplish as a duo (making a baby, a business partnership or co-habiting in good spirit!)

You may have reason to celebrate unity, grateful for another person’s input or contribution… Cast your gaze towards a cherished collaborator or friend, noticing warm hearted souls that pull through for you, that you can trust, and who show loyalty. Elevate what to gain with outside support.

As Mars, Venus and Pluto assemble in your your sign your purpose, presence or persona is key, too. Regard yourself as a powerhouse with irrepressible magnetism, who has transformed over time… Relish your solo stance, and come across beautifully, as well as a co-parent, business partner, a spouse, competitor or BFF!

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… Money and matters of financial security could be on your radar, Capricorn, what you do, your salary, sustenance, and spending, with Aquarius Season pointing to your self-worth and input. You could be inclined to focus on the tangible, personal gains, assets and material interests, your belongings, cash and how you make a living.

Balance what you might develop, build or save through sheer determination solo and where you’re happy to have a partner’s part with their talents, too!


The Moon moves through Leo, your opposite sign in the wheel of the zodiac, and your house of partners, presenting the potential for sensitive encounters or the opportunity to illuminate relationships, taking other people’s feelings into account!

As it’s Aquarius Season the spotlight lands on you, and the serious endeavors that are yours alone… Take your own plans, projects and intentions with a formal pinch of sale, with attention (deservedly) on you but also your intimate relationships, and one-to-ones, too…

What About Relationships? The Leo Full Moon lights up your house of relationships, so you set your sights on a collaborator, co-pilot, or partner in crime! However, it’s likely not easy being resolutely engaged with a plus one…

You’ve likely got your own priorities to think about and tend to, with the Sun together with your ruler Saturn, both joined by clever, articulate Mercury. Your own presence is likely considerably influential, with plenty about you to command respect or reveal your authority. Allow your own ideas to propagate, making it all about you, while also seeing where other people’s perspective is a much-needed attribute that can improve your day!

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… Mars and Venus are together with Pluto in Capricorn, gathered in your clandestine twelfth house of secrets, private healing processes, closure, gestation and catharsis – notice where a gruelling passage or procedure endured is now rewarding! You know what you’ve been through, even if others can’t see it…

Release the unconscious desire to control, making moves to actively surrender, clear your side of the street, and relinquish the reigns.

Be OK with the shadow side of life (yours or other people’s behaviours, habits and dark tendencies)…

Deep, tectonic shifts are yours to acknowledge, transformations at a subtle level that have likely helped you heal in profound and indescribable ways!


The Moon moves through Leo and your busy house of maintenance, regular practices and toil, elevating daily life and your routine or regime. You might feel eager to spotlight a small achievement or something managed that has found consistency – from a diet or habit, to chores that are now a ritual, or perhaps you’ve organized something with flair!

However, the Moon lands across from the planetary pairing of Sun and Jupiter coming together in Aquarius, and the low key twelfth house, so that despite busying yourself with chores and keeping on top of a healthy lifestyle you may be engaged with a solitary focus…

While you might need space for quiet isolation honor your duties, too!

What About Relationships? Your social life or engagements within a crew, fellowship, industry or your company of peers may dominate, with Mars and Venus together with Pluto in your house of friends and alliances. Get involved with your community, coworkers, industry mates or online circles.

Notice influential persons that have helped you understand your part in a crowd, impactful people involved in group work, with team spirit paramount.

Endeavors that bring you together with your crew may seem compelling, so recognize where you’ve part of a crowd of likeminded peers to appreciate what you’ve managed to accomplish as one.

Contemplate Opportunities For Growth… The Full Moon emphasizes processes and schedules, daily life and toil – healthy living, work and tasks on your plate. Sense completion of a job well done, reason to celebrate how you maintain your position or routine!

Just be mindful your own tendency toward introversion, secret musings, dreams or a quiet, charitable feat is also before you, with a capacity to deal with your own mental health, hardships, or a project that steers you offline.

Feel the call to participate in the day-to-day, while also appreciating a capacity to stand down, resting or taking necessary space to disconnect.

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