Your Full Moon In Leo 2024 Horoscope…

Luna Blossoms in the Lion's sign...

Scroll down for a Full Moon In Leo 2024 forecast. Read for your Sun and Rising sign…

About This Leo Full Moon…

The Moon now reaches its fullest point of the Lunar Cycle with the constellation Leo playing host to the Full Moon.

Meanwhile, the Sun appears in opposite sign Aquarius with Pluto. Jupiter in Taurus adds extra charge, creating a t-square with the Luminaries. Read your Jupiter in Taurus forecast here.

Look back to intentions set with the New Moon in Leo 2022, July 28th…

Your Full Moon In Leo 2024 Horoscope…


Passion and playful, romantic, creative inspiration may be roused by the Full Moon in Leo. Meanwhile, Aquarius Season encourages you to make friends with your community!

Further tension arises, thanks to Jupiter, a planet that’s asking you to lean into your role, earning potential and a journey of growth around your practical contribution. Think about your own success, what you’re striving for and the reputation or stamp of approval you’re working hard for.

Your personal passions and a sense of gratification could be important, yet maintain good sense! 


Your nest, nurturing tendencies, your roots or domestic side may be roused by the Full Moon in Leo! Look to home life and your property for clarity or something revealed. Meanwhile, Aquarius Season encourages you to focus on your public image, aspirations, advancement and a sense of success.

Note that tension can be felt, thanks to Jupiter in your own sign, and ideas about your path and foreign connections. A worldly interest may see you learning, venturing forth, or a project may demand you educate yourself or publish your knowledge.

Strive to accept your physical body and presence as family and life goals take up space!


Welcome a warm, sociable tone, as the Moon lights up siblings, neighbors and local circles, connection and rapport. What’s revealed about your environment or neighborhood? Aquarius Season encourages you to travel or set your sights further afield, too.

Yet tension arises, thanks to Jupiter in your secretive twelfth house of acceptance, closure and surrender. Private affairs, recovery and escapism may now be a big issue, so too intimate bonds, financial obligations and contractual agreements.

Worldly, foreign perspectives, social diversity and specialist subjects must be balanced with familiar folk around you. Not to mention life behind closed doors!


The Moon moves through your house of income, personal value and self-worth. Spotlight your savings, spending and what you do to contribute! Aquarius Season asks you to borrow, invest, lend or consider what others do for you when you collaborate or pool together.

Tension arises, thanks to Jupiter in your community zone. Lean into your social scene, team spirit and group work. Be a part of something greater than you alone, with partnerships that stand out!

Money and sacred bonds could be important, yet maintain friendships and your key relationships!


Your identity, prowess, charisma and magnetism, or your physical appearance, body image and personality may be important now, Leo. Aquarius Season encourages you to team up, or look to key people and your relationships, so a friend or someone in particular may seem significant!

Yet stay on course in terms of your aspirations and goals. Jupiter is blossoming in your house of success and long-term plans, giving you reason to go the distance in service of your public image. It’s possible to stick to a routine, healthy lifestyle or tasks, with ideas about what works well for you!

Do accept and highlight your best qualities for all to see!

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Step back, retreat and let go, Virgo. This Full Moon touches the quiet sector of your horoscope, representing your blind spot and all you can’t control. Aquarius Season encourages you to set to work and focus on health, however a worldly perspective beckons.

Jupiter in your ninth house of publishing, knowledge, education, wisdom and travel encourages you to seek answers, perhaps further afield. Think about what makes you happy, your creative output, romantic ideas and inspiration. Allow yourself fun, heart and joy, considering the projects and philosophies you’re exploring.

Welcome quiet, recovery and healing as well as pleasure.


Welcome community, with realizations around your social life or a group. The Full Moon could place important on friends and teamwork; however, Aquarius Season brings significance to your own creative output, your kids or personal gratification. Balance a need to collaborate and be a part of something bigger with your own plans.

Note too Jupiter in your investment zone, and activity stirring around home life and family. A pledge or loan is worth committing to, as you acknowledge how important a property, your space or self-care is (a safe space). Lean into shared space, joint assets or a road that binds (and teaches) you.


The Moon moves through your house of public image and career success, potentially helping you acknowledge your direction, goals or accomplishments. Meanwhile, Aquarius Season encourages you to cultivate stability.

Tension arises, thanks to Jupiter in your partnership sector, suggesting it’s worth leaning into a union or learnings about relationships. There may be a significant person, with a sense of close connection or sibling-like rapport. Think about ways you’re happy to be in touch, as your path, vocation and situation becomes more apparent.


Higher education, adventure, publishing, knowledge, wisdom, travel and truth seeking may be roused by the Full Moon in Leo. Meanwhile, Aquarius Season encourages you to look closer to home, to siblings, neighbors or local environments.


But tension arises, thanks to Jupiter in your house of routines, health, wellbeing and work. You may be motivated in a material sense, with clarity around personal income and what you value now. Rewards or a prized possession may have you on track, with your wellness journey or regime in hand. Welcome a quest or foreign perspective, yet stay in your stride.


Note your ability to trust, face your fears and be vulnerable, as the Full Moon glows in your intimate, collaborative house of sacred bonds. Meanwhile, Aquarius Season encourages you to focus on your contribution, your earnings and role – what you value or have the propensity to accumulate solo.

Jupiter in your house of fun, joy, romance and personal gratification adds tension and something to consider. Your own happiness and getting what you want matters too! There may be great purpose plans or play dates before you asking you to lean in. Think about your take on a vacation, hobby or your kids, as well as what you share with others.


The Moon moves through your opposite sign and your house of partners! Illuminate relationships, taking other people’s feelings into account! As it’s Aquarius Season the spotlight lands on you–happy birthday! There’s a focus on you and the power and presence you’re stepping into, but also intimate relationships, and one-to-ones…

Elsewhere, Jupiter adds tension from your zone of security, safety, roots, parents and origins. Big plans for a property or domestic feat could now call you towards acceptance. Use a touch of serenity, prepared to heal and tend old wounds, as you keep on top of your private life.


The Moon moves through your busy house of maintenance, routines and regimes. Work, health, systems or your daily life may be important! Yet Aquarius Season encourages you to go slow, into time out and towards your dreams.

Tension arises, thanks to Jupiter in your social sector of close kin and tight-knit ties. Lean towards best friends, sisters and your broader community. There’s reason to network and come together in a humanitarian or group endeavour now, a part of a fellowship or crew.

Manage chores and duties without neglecting the communication skills and connections that have begun blossoming.

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