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January 28th/29th: Full Moon In Leo Horoscope…

The Moon Blooms In Lavish Leo But All Eyes Are On AQUARIUS As Jupiter & The Sun Embrace!

Full Moon In Leo, 9º06’

  • Weekday: Thursday – Jupiter’s Day, or Friday – Venus’ Day
  • Element: Fire,
  • Moon’s Ruler: The Sun.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Friday January 29th, 2021 6.16 am
  • Hong Kong: Friday January 29th, 2021 3.16 am
  • London: Thursday January 28th, 2021 7.16 pm
  • New York: Thursday January 28th, 2021 2.16 pm
  • Los Angeles: Thursday January 28th, 2021 11.16 am.

About This Leo Full Moon…

  • Venus meets Pluto 11.19 am, EST
  • The Sun – the ruler of the Moon – is conjunct Jupiter at 9º!
  • Saturn, Sun & Jupiter square Uranus & Mars in Taurus

The Moon is FULL in lavish, showy Leo, making for a warm, dramatic point to celebrate and show awareness during Aquarius Season.

Full Moon’s are times of maximum light and a moment to acknowledge or see clearly, with the light of the Sun cast across the receptive Moon.

But there’s a strong signature in Aquarius, as the Sun arrives in the bosom of Jupiter, enthusiastic, benevolent and the largest / larger than life influence that guides our plans and journey.

Elsewhere, Mars and Uranus in fixed Taurus interact and clash with the luminaries…

It’s a challenging day that could be laced with intensity; Venus arrives in the arms of power monger Pluto – the planet of pleasure, desires, flirtation, wants and lavish cravings enraptured with the potent, deep, probing Lord of the Underworld.

This pairing in ambitious earth sign Capricorn could spell relief, smoothing over all manner of challenges and transformations that have occurred over time; Venus is the gloss, and cherry on the cake, and much has been unearthed by Pluto, thanks to its guests getting up close and personal in 2020 – Jupiter & Saturn who both sidled up for board meetings.

We can put fancy finishing touches and a stamp of approval on matters that have dominated and run us down, to levels of depth…

Meanwhile Neptune is square the nodes, so all is not as it seems…


Moon moves through Leo for a warm, dramatic mood, with a Full Moon in your playful, creative house of personal passion and gratification.

Your fun fifth house lit up, ready to express desires and be a little selfish in the pursuit of happiness – you may be feeling wildly romantic, ready for a moment of passion, pleasure and enjoyment!

But the Moon lands across from the planetary pairing of Sun and Jupiter coming together in Aquarius, and the community and friendship sector of your horoscope, so that despite expressive artistic or sexual magnetism you may need to consider the group dynamic or other peoples preference.

What’s more, Mars and Uranus in Taurus are working hard towards stable ends, in your practical, possessive zone of income, assets and belongings, making for an unsettling ‘high tides’ day!

Friends. Ones You Can Depend On…

You could also be feeling romantic, playful, and ready to indulge in your own pleasures and priorities, with the Full Moon in your self-seeking fifth house of fun, Aries… Yet balance what you desire and need with blossoming awareness and focus on your friendships, peers or an interest that concerns you all. There’s progress in your circle with the potential for recognition of ‘your people’, as the Sun spotlights plans with allies, a sense of team spirit, group work and community.

Celebrate your own interests and passionate affections while also being cognizant of your social scene and concerns for humanity.

Work It.

With a stellium in Aquarius (including slow moving Saturn and Jupiter) you might working more on the issues that affect your peers, interested in societal concerns and collaborating with a sense of the greater good, humanity and what can be achieved for and with your crew by your side.

Yet today your success at large is dominant with Venus in the arms of Pluto in Capricorn that lends awareness and even success to your reputation, standing and professional aims thanks to enduring efforts and hard work.

Your ruler Mars and disruptive maverick Uranus bristles and brushes up against group work or social agendas, so that material or money making endeavours on your map (or a financial issue, a matter of personal gain, or your role, income, or position) interrupts your capacity to be a true part-of the tribe, or to enjoy something just for you, Aries.


The Moon is Full in Leo encouraging your nesting tendencies to shine – home life or domestic inklings could prove inviting, family, friends or your space & surroundings may offer comfort (or food, fodder & opportunities to nourish).

Allow warmth to envelop you. This may be easier said than done, with the Sun and Jupiter coming together in Aquarius, and the highest house in your horoscope – your reputation, and sense of notoriety and success is getting attention too! Usher in new feats for your position at large, while still appreciating what’s underfoot, stable.

What’s more, Mars and Uranus in your own sign encourage you to break out with autonomy and a point of difference! Settle, Petal! Your ruler Venus joins forces with Pluto in Capricorn, making for a powerful, strong signature and resounding impact. Note educational pursuits, feats of knowledge & experience, or a quest that’s taken you further – it’s a compelling day all round…

Growth & Personal Development.

Lend enthusiasm towards ventures and paths pursued that now have a sense of pleasure, satisfaction and even a prolific sense of ‘paying off’; note how you’ve gone the distance exploring the unfamiliar, learning, seeking & conquering with veracious ambition!

A special teacher, guide or outside influence may have been prominent during your journey, and now with your ruler Venus and Pluto bound together in your house of foreign connections, reach out to those that have inspired and educated you. Acknowledge and appreciate your outlook and global or cultural perspective.

Aquarius Signature.

Saturn, Mercury, and the pairing of Sun-Jupiter appear in Aquarius, so your career, vocation and sense of success could be prolific, now and in the twelve months ahead (and beyond)! The way you’re seen by others–including authority figures–is no doubt gaining momentum or prominent.

Focusing on your professional image, a title, accolade, or praise and how you come across is well and good, however today Moon is aglow in your zone of home, nesting, nurture & refueling… The hidden sector of the past, where you’re from, family patters or life behind closed doors is important, and you could be feeling inclined to retreat…

Balance attention on the progress you’re looking to make (and recognition around your public image) with the need to touch base with family or those you consider offer security, warmth and care, or a sense of place…


The Moon moves through Leo lending a warm, sociable tone– you could be in the mood to gravitate towards your inner circle or to a source of connection and information, as a Full Moon peaks in your informative third house of siblings, neighbors and local surrounds…

But the Moon lands across from the planetary pairing of Sun and Jupiter coming together in Aquarius, setting your sights further afield. You may be presently be captivated with those beyond your horizon line, or with notions of travel and faraway ventures, projects and plans that touch upon education, learning, or cultural diversity and difference.

Venus comes together with Pluto; notice the investments and shared duties you take ownership of with another, mutually beneficial circumstances with a striking undertone… Don’t be enraptured or blindsided, do relish your bonds.

Connect & Communicate.

Strike a balance entertaining those you encounter near and far as the Full Moon lands in your neighborly house of siblings, closest connections, friends and communication, meanwhile Aquarius Season highlights those that teach or guide you, in your sector of lofty learning and higher education.

Where to direct your attention could feel conflicting – towards simple conversation, rubbing shoulders with those in your immediate environment, or, opening up to those that strike a chord from a distance – those that offer a new, progressive stance!

What’s more, Venus in Capricorn merges and bonds with Pluto, urging you to take stock of long-standing devotions that have dominated–notice collaborators that pull through and offer a deep, powerful tie ¬that binds you…

Fresh Thinking.

A journey beckons, Gemini, with the stars lighting the way – Aquarius Season presents a stellium of planets in your adventuresome ninth house of exploration and experiences that open your eyes to a new perspective. This year, the Sun has extra help from your ruler Mercury, buoyant, jubilant Jupiter and responsible Saturn, all conspiring to help you go the distance.

Yet Mars and disruptive maverick Uranus are now in your low-key house of serenity, surrender, and solitude, clashing with those planets, and creating tension, which could be reflected as you pursue knowledge, information and distant horizons. With today’s Full Moon you could find a need to engage and talk, putting vital pieces of the puzzle together. Shine a light on key data, really listening to those around you who have something to contribute.


Moon moves through Leo for a warm mood that elevates your role, security, and the more tangible or material side of life. Notice your possessions, bank balance, earnings or contribution, feel good about what you accomplish solo, Cancer. You may be keen to draw your attention to your input and value!!

But note the Moon lands across from the planetary pairing of Sun and Jupiter coming together in Aquarius, and the house of joint investments, mutual gains – efforts that are down to you and an outside collaborator of influence.

Venus in Capricorn also lends focus towards partners, and, as she slow dances a simmering number with Pluto you could find an insatiable magnetism draws you to enjoy & deeply relish what you have with another…

Urge To Merge.

Obligations of a financial or energetic nature loom large, Crab, as celestial influences dominate in Aquarius, and your intimate sector of trust and unification. You’re invited to take collaborations more seriously, and yet community matters too. Mars and Uranus in Taurus (another fixed sign) add tension and a potentially erratic tone to your social life and dealings among friends or peers.

Today, there’s reason to appreciate how far you’ve come either with a partner, or on your own merit. Your house of partners is charged, as is your axis of give and take. Mutually beneficial arrangements, intimacy and private interests are blossoming, but allow others to see what you give, too.

Experiences with a plus one could finally feel they’re on solid ground so try to enjoy and relish what you have with others, responding in kind!


It’s a celebratory day with emphasis around what’s yours to own – your work, role and finances could be spotlighted, or you could simply be in the mood to relish and appreciate what you have in hand.

Friends or your professional network could add tension, the status quo in your social scene could interject or interrupt your sense of satisfaction, or the practicalities, as a Full Moon in your money house clashes with community.

Pay attention to the world around you, while still being comfortable with the efforts you’ve made, materially…..


Moon moves through your sign today, Leo, with a Full Moon that spotlights your prowess and magnetism – stand in a self-affirming spotlight, center stage, master of ceremonies, soaking up attention and realizing your needs.

Yet don’t get too carried away! The Moon lands across from the planetary pairing of Sun and Jupiter coming together in Aquarius, and your sector of one-to-ones, so that other people’s perception or validation may be prominent, you may be on a journey boosting your awareness of partners and their perspective.

What’s more, the way you’re inclined to be seen in the world at large could interrupt what you’re keen to embody or satiate solo and create discord in your unions or engagements, too…


It’s a poignant time for intimate relationships with blossoming awareness and focus on one-to-ones. Four planets (some here for a long-time, not a good time) are gathered in Aquarius, encouraging you to grow more aware of what others stance is on certain matters, with a partner to indulge or pay attention to. Note what others are presenting, what lessons and learnings appear to be written in the stars?

Acknowledge another, a love interest, collaborator, special someone you encounter, one-on-one… But still be sure to meet your own needs, too!

Follow Your Path.

Your career or calling, reputation and public image is an area that’s likely motivating you and calling your attention now, Leo, as Mars and Uranus drive ahead innovative walkways for you to follow, in your tenth house of success and advancement, praise and recognition.

Meanwhile Venus in Capricorn lends focus towards routines, consistency and all the habits you’ve employed that help you do a good job and set to work; you could finally feel you’re getting the results or impact you deserve having toiled to the extreme!

A ‘dutiful focus’, purpose or sense of ritual and regimes could be intense, with a transformation to your physical self, or employment matters. You might feel busy, in demand or keen to focus on your work, goals, and position, still, relish your needs and pay attention to what (or who) is calling!


The Moon is Full in Leo encouraging a low-key mood, with the quiet house of closure, prep, gestation and release aglow and activated. You may feel keen to escape the everyday & instead turn your attention to matters that are elusive, unconscious, and even uncomfortable, or scandalous!

Find a moment to slip off the radar, yet don’t anticipate it’ll be easy to go offline, thanks to the Sun and Jupiter coming together in Aquarius, and your house of routines, rituals, work and healthy living. 2021 sees great emphasis on daily regimes and practices, which may have traction. For example, you may be tackling diet, a toxic job or organizing tasks and habits to be effective.

Venus joins forces with Pluto in Capricorn making for a powerful, strong signature in your passionate, creative fifth house. Note a sense of gratification, lust, obsession or a potent desire towards your artistic talents.


Venus now finds itself in Capricorn’s terrain, resonating with your love life and passions, Virgo. Today, the affable, lavish planet of romance and flirtation finds herself up close and personal with Pluto in the earthy sign of ambition and stoicism, you could be engaged in a fatal attraction, a serious liaison or deep diving into matters that have dominated (your approach to sex, dating, your prowess or baby making and pregnancy).

There’s potency around your ability to conceive, or another channel for self-expression and gratification, and as the Full Moon dips into your solitary house of closure you may be inclined to duck out of sight to deal with veracious, lusty pursuits…

Daily Life.

Your work, employment, schedule, or health is poignant now and, in 2021, with slow moving Saturn in your house of routines & daily life. Mercury, and the pairing of Sun-Jupiter also appear in Aquarius too, and this sector of organized systems – note what can be accomplished with little, consistent steps, what you might learn, experience and acknowledge through regimes…

But note the Full Moon spotlights closure and methods that are more mysterious, your intuition and sensibilities that are unknowable. You might like to acknowledge a way round life’s hardships that’s yours to rely on…

But it may not be easy as Mars and Uranus in your broadminded house of seeking takes leaps and bounds, driven on a path of discovery and wanderlust, so that philosophical or cultural pursuits also call! Try not to succumb to fragmented ideas that pull you here and there when you need a moment to recalibrate…


Moon moves through Leo for a warm, inviting mood among community as a Full Moon peaks in your house of groups, teamwork and friends. Notice ways you’re a part of something bigger, Libra, feeling selfless, putting the needs of your peers first, at ease with the crowd…

However, the Moon lands across from the planetary pairing of Sun and Jupiter coming together in Aquarius, and your sector of personal gratification, love, and heartfelt notions. You’re on a path that sees your own plans and desires elevated, so don’t be surprised if solo interests or your hobbies, love life or desires override or compete with your crew!

Venus in the arms of Pluto in Capricorn lends awareness and gravitas to the realms of family, with the potential for relief around a matter of parenting, family or tradition – allow depth and awareness to permeate your roots…


Feel at ease with friends and your social scene or colleagues, Libra, with the Full Moon peaking in your house of peers, acquaintances, and allies – come together with your crew, a network, or your audience (even online!)

Yet note great momentum in your fun, fertile fifth house of love and affection – the things you adore experience a boost courtesy of a Sun-Jupiter connection in Aquarius, and your house of conception, personal gratification and passion projects. Find balance: what’s good for the choir and your solo moment…


Pay attention to your sense of security, as your ruling planet Venus arrives in the arms of Pluto in your domestic fourth house of land, lineage, family and roots – there’s reason to stop and acknowledge the transformation of your approach to parenting or parents, emotional scope, and patterns explored that can now find relief or greater levels of awareness. You may have overcome a testing feat at home, in the hidden realms, with acceptance and even pleasure now derived around where you’re from or your roots and past.

More broadly, friends and fellows and your participation at a group level are to be celebrated, as the Full Moon blossoms in your eleventh house of networks and alliances, so that organizations and team spirit can be a source of action!

Just be aware that Mars and maverick Uranus in your house of investments and committed relations add a dash of controversy! An agreement, bind or promise made may intensify your part among peers…


Moon moves through Leo for a warm, dramatic mood, and a Full Moon in your zone of public image spotlights your path and vocational direction, Scorpio – progress and reason to celebrate success in the more outward facing side of life (career, or your reputation at large). You could be in the mood to feel seen, visible or acknowledging a matter of business that’s license for praise and notoriety (a title or way to advance!).

However, the showy Moon lands across from the planetary pairing of Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius, and your sector of land, home, security, standing and place, so you’ve to balance your inner & outer world…

What’s more, Venus in Capricorn lands with Pluto, so that your voice, communication skills, or a pertinent discourse or neighborhood issue has prominence (or a matter among siblings or close ties…)


Venus appears in your house of siblings and kindred spirits, so that you might find you’ve a potent and powerful line (of contact and connection, or a line of thought that’s resolute!) Connecting and being in tune with others may be rewarding and a sweet spot, with this affable planet arm in arm with your modern ruler delivering impact to your tone or rapport. What’s more, your ancient ruler – Mars – and Uranus appear in Taurus and your partnership sector creating extra excitement.

Planets now elevate your sensitive domesticated zone of, feelings and emotional life, lending gravitas towards home and your roots. With so much activity – and a potent Full Moon – expect interruptions that distract you from following your path, or from finding inner peace, stability and calm.

Be Seen.

There’s reason to lean into your career, public role or outer image, Scorpio, as the Full Moon peaks in the highest house in your horoscope–you could be in the mood to maximize visibility and prominence around your calling.

However there’s great influence around you sense of security, safety and the lowest sector of roots and homeland, so that you might also want to hone in on the way you recharge, find semblance around house hold matters, your foundations and domestic life.

Take a break, resting or recalibrating on home turf, settled in familiarity while not missing out on your moment for recognition, praise and fame!


Moon moves through Leo for a warm, adventurous mood – a Full Moon in your ninth house of higher education, travel, truth seeking and experiences can bring you towards foreign perspectives, exotic lands and cultures!

Spotlight ways you’ve explored, developed a new belief system or overcome a legal or feat in connection to something beyond your norm. Yet note the Moon lands across from the planetary pairing of Sun and your ruling planet, Jupiter in Aquarius, which could steer attention (overwhelmingly) closer to home, on connections, news and nuances that are local and immediate.

Your siblings, neighbors, and ties in the neighborhood are bolstered, rather than those further afield… It’s a balance, Sagittarius!

Today your material world could also be prominent, with a powerful or noteworthy reward worth acknowledging…

Connect & Communicate.

Your axis of connection and communication is activated with people near and far competing for space and attention! A whopping four planets now appear in your house of navigation, neighbors and contact, so that the overarching themes begin to steer you and your interests towards being in touch, with rapport, formalizing your skills and aptitude around those closest.

But the Leo Moon lights up projects, plans & people beyond your horizon line, so you could feel at ease with stellar folk from somewhere different!


Venus now lands in the arms of Pluto – in Capricorn and your self-sufficient second house of material gains, so that you may now find you’ve traction and confidence thanks to your enduring effort; your contribution, value and earnings, your position and all that’s been accomplished over time.

Erratic, innovative change maker Uranus now appears with Mars in your sixth house of work, health and wellbeing; both bristle and brush up against planets in Aquarius so that habitual tasks, chores or the daily grind could interrupt your interactions– even a testy wifi line could irritate your ties!

As the Full Moon spotlights global connections and worldly endeavours, education and projects that warm your heart, notice what now comes to fruition and what’s revealed… Set aside time to broach the things that matter to you and heartly engage!


Moon moves through Leo, with a Full Moon in the most intimate, collaborative house of your horoscope, so that one star individual in your orbit may warrant attention but more importantly what you share together and accomplish as a duo (making a baby, lucrative business partnership or co-habiting in good spirit!) You may have reason to celebrate and be grateful for another person’s input or contribution…

Equally, there’s attention on your part, as a stellium of four planets (including your ruling planet Saturn) light up your sector of material gains, spending & personal investments. You could be inclined to focus on the tangible.

Venus too has a starring role – now in your sign she comes into the arms of Pluto, a powerhouse that’s transformed your purpose, presence or persona over time… Relish your solo stance, and come across beautifully GOAT.

Trust & Commit.

Cast your gaze towards a cherished collaborator or friend, Capricorn, noticing the strong, warm hearted souls that pull through for you, that you can trust, and who show loyalty, as the Full Moon spotlights and illuminates your private interests and commitments.

Elevate notions of togetherness and mutual gains, the people who show you how much better life is with them in it (from a co-parent or business partner, a spouse, competitor or BFF).

Venus steers focus your way with irrepressible magnetism thanks to Pluto, and you may finally feel rewarded in feats you’ve endured, or certain solo experiences overcome… There’s potentially attention on your look or physicality (dress to impress!) with romance and fun creating a ruckus!


Money and matters of financial security could be on your radar, Capricorn, what you can do, your salary, sustenance, and spending… Four planets appear with a long-term tour of your house of personal gains, assets and material interests (your house of belongings, and cash!) Note how you make a living, your role, contribution, or paycheck – a job well done – or well earned.

Mars-Uranus in your fun, fertile zone of creative expression could put you in touch with artistic opportunities and a sense of fun. But note crafting or playful endeavours, even romance or fitness could distract you, a hobby, your talents or a sport, your love life or kids could pose utterly compelling!

Enjoy yourself while also knowing there’s great emphasis on what you might gain, develop, build or save, the material realms (solo and together).


The Full Moon blossoms in Leo – your opposite sign in the zodiac wheel – and your house of partners, presenting the potential for sensitive encounters within relationships or the opportunity to take other people’s feelings into account!

Of course, it’s Aquarius Season so the spotlight lands on you and big projects, plans & endeavors that are yours to own – the Sun is together with lucky Jupiter and there’s no doubt that you deserve attention solely on you.

However, there’s reason to balance – own your part, lean into your passions and ideas while seeing too where others perspective is a helpful mirror.

Venus now appears in Capricorn (lending focus to the private realms of healing, closure, gestation and cathartic release,) and arrives in the clutches of Pluto, so that all that’s been endured can be experienced through a more satisfying lens – notice where a gruelling passage is now rewarding!

Full Moon.

The Leo Full Moon lights up your house of relationships, so you set your sights on a collaborator, co-pilot, or partner in crime!

However, it’s likely not easy being resolutely engaged with a plus one as you’ve likely got your own plans and priorities unfolding thanks to a bevvy of planets in your sign making it all about you and your blossoming plans and ideas…

Just for today, try to allow two sides of the coin to add value.

With Mars and Uranus adding strife from your emotional and domestic house of feelings, home life, nurture and nesting, your sense of stability, where you live, even family or housemates could seem a little unsettling!

Aquarius Szn.

It’s a special year, Aquarius with four planets in your sign taking up space – you could be experiencing a very special new beginning of sorts, stepping out, taking up space; personal projects and your own presence, interests and ventures are to be acknowledged – your special qualities or the fresh start!

But it may not be smooth sailing for solo plans, with disruptive Uranus and Mars in tension to the Full Moon stability could be a cause of concern. Deep, tectonic shifts are also to be acknowledged, transformations at a subtle level that have helped you heal in insurmountable ways!

Though it’s a time to celebrate your unique attributes (and enjoy yourself, even having a bit of fun) you could find you’re unsettled. Be sure to have faith in your path, even when your footing doesn’t feel as steady as you’d like and turn to partners today, to see where they might have answers to fill a gap…


The Full Moon elevates daily life and your routine or regime. You might feel eager to spotlight a small achievement or something managed that has found consistency – from a diet or habit, to chores that are now a ritual, or perhaps you’ve organized something with flair!

However, the Moon lands across from the planetary pairing of Sun and Jupiter coming together in Aquarius, and the low key twelfth house, so that despite busying yourself with chores and keeping on top of your lifestyle you may be consumed with solitary musings, dreams or a quiet, charitable feat…

While you might need space and solitude don’t be surprised if you’re involved!


Venus in Capricorn now gets up close and personal with Pluto, so there’s an intense signature in the skies that could play out among your community, coworkers, industry mates or online.

Notice influential persons that have helped you understand your part in a crowd, impactful people that bring you out into your circle of friends – and who might not be readily, easily trusted!

Your sense of kindship in group work, team spirit, and endeavors that bring you together with your crew is strong and resounding, so recognize where you’ve been part of hopeful, optimistic, collaborative efforts – come together in a crowd of likeminded peers to appreciate what you’ve done.

With Mars and Uranus in your sociable third house of connection, navigation, speech & close ties cultivate rapport…

Just be mindful that you could be setting to work, keen to emphasize processes and structure of daily life and toil, which doesn’t leave much room for social agendas! Balance the tasks on your plate with important allies…

Health and Healing.

The Full Moon blossoms in your busy house of daily toil, but four planets have traction in your house of secrets and surrender. You may be vacillating today between a project that steers you offline, while also feeling a call to participate and busily be a cog in the wheel, celebrating your position.

Stand down, appreciating the incoming trend towards surrender, rest and retirement, silently observing what’s before you, while also allowing the usual parts of your day a look in. Kindred spirits have the propensity to interrupt your focus so be willing to break from routines, or dreams to be among your group of peers…

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