Pink Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Libra Horoscope…

Luna Blossoms in the sign of balance, harmony and equilibrium...

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Your Full Moon In Libra Horoscope…


The Full Moon illuminates’ unions, personal relationships and partners. Whether you’re single or attached, all kinds of individuals can be significant, from a best friend – or frenemy – to a spouse or business collaborator.

Since this is an eclipse, expect emotions to be heightened, in yourself and others.

However, make note there are now four planets in Pisces. Life may seem on hold, with an unconscious swell pulling you under. A dreamy sensation asks you to take your hands off the steering wheel and step away from the driver’s seat! Acknowledge the circumstances that are beyond your control. You may be selflessly working on behalf of others, finding it hard to catch a break.

Surrender to what’s in flow now Aries! Ride the waves…


Shining in the corner of health (and sickness), body maintenance, employment and routines, the Full Moon promotes a sense of balance and order around your daily life. You may be undergoing a lot privately, in secret or in service of others, too.

Acknowledge ways of delegating or working that help you feel your best!

Make note too of the four planets in Pisces. This sign represents society or social issues, your peers or industry mates. There may now be a lot of activity around friends, community and your dream team!

Look to allies, networks your crew as you come to terms with your physical constitution, undertakings around your job or a project. Expertly navigate social issues – even if they are challenges!


Aries Season is a sociable month for you, with the focus steered towards the people around you, and what the group or key people want out of life. You could be focused on your circle, network or crewmates. Certain friends may stand out, with conversations underway that require your input.

However, the Full Moon illuminates your passions, hobbies, children or pregnancy, your love life, sexuality, sporting feats, celebrations and what your heart desires.

Yet, there’s a considerable signature around your reputation, public image and outer life, so the key to your happiness could now rest in the way you’re seen, with greater responsibility around your career or position as a parent.

Find you’re leaning toward your life goals, success and a title, an authority among your peers and community.


The Full Moon peaks in your zone of home, strengthened by a private agreement or commitment on the table. While Aries Season puts the spotlight on your career and reputation, the Libra Moon brings awareness to your domestic environment and life behind closed doors.

There’s now prominence around paths to wisdom, too: long-distance travel, higher education or a course and specialism. Your relationships may have enabled you to grow in incredible ways, with a pursuit of the truth, knowledge and philosophies to deal with the world and other perspectives.

Allow your outlook to nourish you, as property, family or nesting issues are touched upon. Lean into experiences, understanding and higher thought.


Aries Season spells adventure for Leo, spotlighting ways of seeking, understanding, experiencing and relating to the wider world and its people. Yet you needn’t go far to gain perspective. A journey may be before you that feels intimate, with planets occupying your zone of commitment, mortality, legacies and vulnerability.

You may be facing your fears, realistic about what’s within your capabilities and where you must rely on others to play a part.

The Full Moon indicates close connections, neighbors and your local area are poignant, a message you have for those around you that could feel sensitive, that you’re exposing yourself.

Trust that other people have your back more than you know, that you can lean on strong figures around you.


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Financial agreements and trusted alliances may be on your mind, Virgo, with important conversations, dealings or exchanges taking place. Aries Season shines a light on deep bonds and all that’s pledged or shared by you and others. Expect rearrangements in the weeks ahead, and for contracts, pledges and loyalties to be touched upon.

Elsewhere, the Full Moon illuminates’ your profits, earnings, possessions or the role you uphold to contribute something of value. It might be necessary to take your cue from a partner or significant figure. Four planets in your opposite sign and house of partners means that much now rests on the shoulders of a collaborator. It’s easy to take your unions seriously now, avoid unnecessary squabbles and allow others to show up for you.


Direct attention to yourself, Libra. The Full Moon in your sign promotes awareness of your persona, character and identity but also asks you to address health, sickness, employment, employers and your daily life.

Four planets in your work-a-day zone of rituals, maintenance and purification prompt you to delegate, ask for help and support, or could lead you to look at methods to streamline, staying well.

Your wellbeing and physical constitution is likely a huge theme now, or your duties, which could include looking after others. Your relationships are also key, yet really any partner or person may have to succumb to what’s best for you!


Take the day off, Scorpio! The Moon peaks in your healing house of surrender, acceptance, closure and unravelling, making it a great day to release the reigns, retreat and recover.

There’s a strong signature too around your kids, creativity, love life, passion projects or the heart you put into your own interests. Inspiration and your own fertility may seem to be an important issue now, not to mention your health, routines and daily life. Bring attention to your position, staying employed or useful, keeping on top of things. But know that your own happiness or plans you’re serious about may be non-negotiable now too.

Recreation, procreation, the arts and self-expression are key!


The Full Moon peaks in your friendship and community sector, so be aware of the people cheering you on, or society at large and the industry or causes you care about. Come together with important people, or a group.

With the Sun in Aries, a lot of attention also brings focus to projects born or created from you – your children, hobbies, sporting feats or your artistic output could be important now. Your love life, passions and solo gratification may be significant!

However, there’s also an assembly of planets in your home zone, leading you back to your roots, property, parenting issues and the past. Domestic settings or your surroundings may feature and inform your happiness, and how you gather among your peers.

Know that stability is important, and try to enjoy what you’re building.


There may be a sense of recognition, as the Full Moon illuminates your reputation, career and personal accolades or achievements. You might be into prominence, with visibility or notoriety as a boss, parent or leader!

There’s influence around the message or mindset you’re cultivating too. You may have communication skills or presence online that allows you to speak to certain issues, and now you could find you’re reaching a goal connected to personal relations or the way you relate information.

Excitement may be palpable, as you deal with neighbors, local community, siblings or writing projects. Home and domestic life, your role in familiar environments also glean your attention. Allow family to be in focus, as you navigate mindfully.


Aries Season lets you focus on close ties, rapport you have with siblings or good friends. A curious, conversational time, address communication skills, explore life in your neighborhood and local environments – including your office.

However, note the Moon now peaks in Libra, which represents those long-distance, or those with a different view, outlook or perspective on the world.

This may lead you to get clear on your beliefs, your personal philosophy or understanding of the bigger picture. Acknowledge the potential you have as a key figure to those near and far today.

There’s a considerable signature around what you have or are keen to earn, make, build or profit from, too. Therefore, consider that money, security and the ways you sustain yourself are key. Due diligence in a material sense is now vital but don’t get too frustrated or hot under the collar around finances. One step at a time pays.


The Full Moon peaks in the intimate sector of shared resources, co-habitation, loans, joint interests and unification. Look to important collaborations and the trusted parties that deliver value to you personally, Pisces.

There’s a big focus on you and your character, philosophy, body or identity. Four planets in your sign now put you centre stage! Finances, what you can do, earn or contribute may be on your mind, with frustrations if you sense other people simply aren’t playing fair or showing up in their role.

Show up with grace among your friends, and acknowledge what’s challenging about your income, and what you expect from others. You needn’t vocalise this, it may be clear in the way you present yourself!

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