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Worm Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Libra Horoscope…

Full Moon In Libra, 8º18’

  • Weekday: Thursday – Jupiter’s Day,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Venus.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Sunday March 28th, 2021 6.48 am
  • Hong Kong: Sunday March 28th, 2021 3.48 am
  • London: Sunday March 28th, 2021 7.48 pm
  • New York: Sunday March 28th, 2021 2.48 pm pm
  • Los Angeles: Sunday March 28th, 2021 11.48 am.

About This Libra Full Moon…

  • Sun-Venus conjunct in Aries
  • Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune.

The Moon moves into Libra with a Full Moon in this sign of balance and equilibrium – the ruler of the Moon is Venus, now tightly bound to the Sun in Aries.

We have a Grand Trine in Air thanks to Saturn, Mars and Jupiter all lending their support to the Full Moon (Saturn is widely trine the Moon).

Mercury lands in the arms of Neptune, planet of dissolution, delusion and scattered, fragmented longing: the Sea.

Note thinking could be off as the details elude us! Rather than take a gamble it’s a time to see what’s revealed by the light of the Moon, and in opposition, to focus on the rays of our brightest star, the Sun and all it’s steering our attention towards…

Your Horoscope For The Full Moon In Libra 2021


With Sun and Venus conjunct in your sign enjoy the spotlight on you and your stellar qualities, Aries – enjoy your own charm and extra attention…

Yet note the Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in your opposite sign on the astrological wheel; balance – & awareness of others – must be cultivated…

Elsewhere the communication planet, Mercury, is coming into orbit of Neptune, so that your head may be in the clouds, with thinking dreamy, elusive and even a little paranoid! Don’t let delusion or idealism reign.

Relationships: The Full Moon puts partnerships and togetherness first, as the spotlight lands on others, and how you balance the load and negotiate personal relationships.

Whether you’re single or attached, all kinds of individuals can be significant today Aries, from a best friend – or frenemy – to a spouse or business partner.

Look to the ways you partake as an individual within those unions, and particularly lend awareness to communication, local ties, and the way you foster rapport through curious chatter, engaged.

With your ruling planet Mars in Gemini your conversational third house of siblings, neighbors and folk in close proximity is activated. Your ability to get along with those around you is key. Note how you deal one-to-one with friends or members of your crew, even online, or addressing ‘the Masses’…

Personal Growth: There’s great emphasis on the ‘people-oriented’ sectors of your horoscope now, Aries, with a Grand Trine in Air. There’s likely enthusiasm for collective endeavours, company dynamics, society, your crew, team or professional squad with a humanitarian outlook or plans; make moves in your company, your circle of friends or network, connected to causes being personally and socially active.

Structured Saturn and expansive fertilizer for growth Jupiter transit your house of peers, networks and community, making group work pertinent, plus Mars in Gemini and the Moon moving through Libra, and your seventh house of partners. Harness the amicable, sociable slant in the stars, making allies of those you encounter, really digging deep into what’s revealed about the way you relate, now.

Just be mindful that you might be on a strong roll solo, with Sun and Venus together in your own sign carving out your special qualities for recognition…


With Sun and your ruler Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy a secret interest now, Taurus, something only you know about & have to relish and focus on…

Yet note Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in Libra and your sixth house of health (and sickness), body maintenance, employment, routines and daily life. Look to improvements made in work environments that help you feel usefully employed and productive – lifestyle choices that are ‘good for business’, or your reputation…

Consider too folk that help you, and allow you to uphold your job role; celebrate and thank employees, your cleaner, personal trainer or PA – people that keep you running like the industrious, capable creature you are…

Relationships: The communication planet, Mercury, is coming into orbit of Neptune in your house of friends, community, allies, friends & networks, so people in your circle may be on your mind, thoughtfully engaged yet with clouded vision.

A foggy mist may blur your thinking, so that clarity is lost around social issues.

On the other hand, your imagination and ability to tune into the bigger picture is likely magnified with utmost compassion, so do ruminate on your people, aware that details are now elusive and vague.

As your ruler Venus appears in your twelfth house of mystery, gestation, closure and catharsis there may be something important to focus and tend to in private. Allow the process that’s now in front of you time and attention…

Personal Growth: There’s great emphasis on the practical sectors of your horoscope now, Taurus, with a Grand Trine in Air. Objectives can take hold, with the potential to see progress.

Structured Saturn and expansive Jupiter transit your house of career, vocation and public image, while Mars in Gemini lights up your lucrative zone of earnings, material comfort, values and self-worth. The Moon is Full in Libra, and your sector of routines and habits, so that realizations can arise that illuminate wellbeing (diet, fitness, body health).

With these sensible sectors acknowledge how you can best pursue your goals, success, prestige, gain status and accomplish something in world thanks to enduring efforts. You’re primed to step up, feeling fit, ready to appear!

Just be mindful that you might be inclined to enjoy retreat, rest, escapism or even sacrifice, and a position that’s serving others…


Your ruling planet Mercury is now inching closer to Neptune in your prolific tenth house of vocation, goals, notoriety and public life, Gemini, so that your reputation at large may be on your mind but becoming a little hazy.

Be mindful of idealism as you strategize paths to advance; using imagination and broad brushstrokes is easy but so too is the propensity to get carried away with dreams about your career or what praise and validation offers.

With Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy the spotlight on your group, peers and community, with utmost fun to be had in your circle of friends.

Yet note the Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in Libra and your fifth house of pleasure, attraction, allure & the feel-good factor…

Relationships: The Full Moon peaks in Libra and your fun, fertile fifth house of creativity, projects, passions and romance. This puts love, sexuality, and special affections you have high on the agenda, as the spotlight lands on your heart’s desire, pleasure seeking, and how you find enjoyment (and inspiration) in life, and all it has to offer…

Notice what makes your heart beat faster – a pregnancy, child, romantic liaison, a person or interest that has your full adoration; celebrate what you love knowing it can teach you so much! A lover could be the gateway to a new faith, moral code or offer a roadmap, a baby could be your greatest teacher, an artistic talent could be key to travel, touring, learning and experiencing more, or, your sexuality could be what leads you to your personal truth.

Connecting to what you love takes you further, just be mindful your social circle or group counts too, perhaps the approval of your audience means most!

Personal Growth: There’s great emphasis on the passionate, personal sectors of your horoscope now, Gemini, with a Grand Trine in Air. Structured Saturn and expansive Jupiter transit your house of personal development, global quests, adventures, education & growth experiences –it’s an incredible year to pursue your dreams & take a course of action seriously.

Mars in your own sign amps up your capacity to veraciously chase different paths to progress, cultural experiences or different beliefs or philosophies –– with today’s Full Moon in your fifth house of solo gratification get excited!

Enhance your vision, and the pursuit of your own truth and dreams, not forgetting your cheerleaders, peers, friendship circle or the crowd that stands by supporting your endeavors…


With Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy the spotlight on the fast track to praise – and routes to success in the public eye! Time to be rewarded & smile!

Yet note Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in Libra and your hidden domestic sector – the base and roots of your chart.

Be conscious of improvements made in home spaces and environments (house beautiful!) where you cook, live, eat and work – and notice where you have a reason to feel accomplished, safe, and stable. Family life may be having a ‘moment’, or perhaps you feel confident about your foundations, the past or your property. You may have worked on an emotional issue and feel relief…

Relationships: There’s great emphasis on the sensitive, emotional sectors of your horoscope now, Cancer, with a Grand Trine in Air. Saturn and Jupiter tour your eighth house of joint assets, bonding & intimacy, creating a signature of commitment, unification, and progress facing your fears, and vulnerabilities.

Mars appears in your solitary, dreamy zone of exhalation, escapism, sacrifice and surrender – a deep dive may now be accelerated in private, behind the scenes, even processing unconsciously, while the Full Moon peaks in your fourth house of home, elevating & supporting notions of trust & collaboration.

It’s an ideal setting to retreat, take it easy, and focus on self-care and nurture.

Appreciate what’s now coming to pass thanks to your ability to merge, show loyalty, consolidate and direct your energy to the more uncomfortable side of life… Your own ambitious side and willingness to lead may be part and parcel!

Personal Growth: Thoughtful go-between, transactional Mercury – our communication planet – is now inching closer to Neptune in your visionary ninth house of foreign beliefs, cultures, ideas and global connections, your house of broadcasting, publishing, education, knowledge and higher thought!

There may be a project or gravitational pull towards an ongoing interest that captivates you, Cancer – your own personal development and growth that’s touched upon through travel, teaching, or specialist subject.

Note the journey you’re engaged on and go the distance, mindful not to get too enraptured or distorted in your views. Neptune heightens our spiritual sensitivity and inspiration but can also delude us, clouding the path ahead.

Be in touch with those that help your learning, discovery and exploration…


With Sun & Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy lending the spotlight to adventure; set your sights further – or towards higher education. Relish the journey and all you’re seeking, with the chance to relate to exciting counterparts!

Yet note the Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in Libra and your house of contact, close ties, neighbors and communication skills, illuminating primary connections and the more preliminary lessons on your agenda…

Mercury begins to arrive in the arms of Neptune, which adds an emotional tone or sense of heightened longing, and even confusion in relationships and interactions across the board. Hold strong with hands on the railings!

Relationships: There’s great emphasis on the ‘people-oriented’ sectors of your horoscope now, Leo, with a Grand Trine in Air. Structured Saturn and expansive fertilizer for growth Jupiter transit your opposite sign and relationship sector, while Mars and the Full Moon in Libra elevate friendship and rapport.

Mars lights up your zone of peers, networks and community (from Gemini), signaling a time to be motivated around social issues, while the Full Moon brings illumination to those closest and your affable communication style.

Be engaged and make allies of those near and far – remark at your ability to get along, and don’t get overwhelmed at talk of what you might owe others or what they should do for you – it’s easy to trip over the details in your unions…

Personal Growth: Aries Season is a time to travel (mentally if not literally), exploring and venturing further afield to learn, grow and expand the horizons of your mind towards higher thought, educating yourself through worldly experiences.

However, the Full Moon comes to fruition in your third house emphasizing connections closer to home. From siblings, neighbors, and close kin, to school friends, coworkers or those in your immediate surroundings, (or, those folk that are top of your message inbox,) spotlight kindred spirits, your brothers in arms and close proximity…

Rapport is strong, now, and your ability to connect and communicate ranks high on the agenda. Notice improvements made that enhance what you’re opening up to in more personal, one-to-one dynamics. For example, learning a new language that brings you closer to a partner, learning to drive to take responsibility in a union, adding negotiation and social skills to your repertoire to better step up (or stand up to another).

All kinds of interactions can be significant –– reveal information and data that produces realizations about ‘what you know’ to be true…


With Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy ways you’ve developed a bond and sense of togetherness, able to rely on certain people to show up for you.

Yet note Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in Libra and your second house of money, material goods and personal belongings – the zone of salary, personal contribution, & gains.

As Mercury begins to get up close and personal with Neptune you could find yourself captivated with a partner, leaning into liaisons and intrigue without bounds or borders. Be careful not to get washed away with ‘their’ take, Virgo!

Relationships: Your ruling planet Mercury is now inching closer to Neptune in your relationship zone, producing conversations, transactions and exchanges that could be elusive, even baffling or vague.

Rather than spend too much time second guessing or reading between the lines simply appreciate and relish the agreements and alliances that are secure and true. Sun and love planet Venus now move through bold, honest Aries and your sector of trust and deep bonds, urging you to align with your loyalties and focus on what you want from a union.

Pledge yourself while anticipating some lines will get lost in translation…

Personal Growth: There’s great emphasis on the practical sectors of your horoscope now, Virgo, with a Grand Trine in Air. Structured Saturn and Jupiter appear in your house of routines, health and habits; Mars sparkles in your tenth house of career, vocation, and public image, lighting up paths to praise, progress and acclaim.

And, the Full Moon blossoms in your lucrative zone of earnings, material comfort, values and self-worth.

With these three level headed sectors illuminated, your sense of accomplishment can take hold, with potential around your plans for success.
Notice what you’ve accumulated, built, and developed in terms of real-world assets, and how these help you come off better in the world (in your career or outer position and reputation).

Though Aries Season shines a light on what you earn or make as part of a team, today you can illuminate your possessions, wealth, and the way you sustain yourself and others through your solo efforts and talents.


With Sun & Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy your relationships, Libra – show up for a friend, spouse, business partner or simply appreciate & adore another.

Yet note the Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in your own sign, your autonomous first house of self, persona, and identity! You’ll want to meet your own needs too, and direct attention your way…

Show up for number one, knowing you may be inclined to look to others to enjoy yourself – even people pleasing a little!

Relationships: There’s great emphasis on the passionate, visionary sectors of your horoscope now, Libra, with a Grand Trine in Air. Serious Saturn is established in your fertile fifth house of romance, creative inspiration, pleasure and delights, encouraging you to take your love & affection into formal territory, while Mars in your ninth house pursues knowledge and another perspective. You could be keen to work with others, to learn or teach something new.

Aries Season always puts the spotlight on others, yet your relationships are hitting a sweet note thanks to your ruler Venus now arm-in-arm with the bright Sun, spotlighting ways you’re inclined to appreciate togetherness and the input of a cherished collaborator.

Note your solo talents but equally be quick to see where a mate is welcome!

Personal Growth: Our planetary go-between and communication planet ‘Mercury’ begins to slow dance with Neptune in your sixth house of health, wellbeing, order and organization, so that work, duties and your physical constitution may be on your mind –– but hard to regulate.

Don’t get overwhelmed with tasks or notions of sickness, especially if you’ve lingering memories of overcoming something recently – there may be a sense of paranoia that you’re not at your best, or you may be keen to consider all manner of placebos to help you maintain your position.

Cool it and use logic and rationale. Neptune blurs the lines around our experiences, now in your sector of purification there’s reason to get a little perspective from wellness.

As the Full Moon peaks in your sign do use clarity around your own person and body issues. Turn to those you can trust or rely on, without buying into anything you might later regret! (not a day to sign up to the GYM).


With Sun & Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy what you can do with your body, Scorpio, move, work, and refuel – feel on top of your duties and hit the gym!

Yet note Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in Libra and your twelfth house of solitude, rest and healing, making for an ideal time to retreat and focus inwardly – take it easy, & focus on what has shifted in private, too…

Mercury arrives in the watery embrace of Neptune, in fellow water sign Pisces promising inspiration – matters of the heart or a creative pursuit could hit a high note thanks to an elevated sense of self-expression! Tune in to what you hope to say or evoke through a hobby, or a fertile project that satiates your passions. Engage with what’s in your heart and soul, Scorpio…

Relationships: Romantic ideas may be front of mind, ways you express your love – your lust for life, even ties to your children or sexuality, as Mercury inches into the arms of Neptune in your fifth house of fertility, pregnancy, playful delights and amorous desires…

Think about what and who you adore and cherish without getting overwhelmed in matters of the heart; Neptune blurs the lines between fantasy and reality and now in your sector of self-expression and creative impulses you’re likely boundless in feelings and sentiments… Idealism may be rife but so too is a heightened capacity to transcend!! Go high!

Personal Growth: Your axis of health and healing is activated today, Scorpio, with the Full Moon illuminating the unconscious, secretive sector of your chart – the twelfth house of gestation, catharsis, repair and rejuvenation.

Serious Saturn and educator Jupiter in your house of stability are teaching you about your needs and foundations, while Mars in Gemini sets you closer to others, relying on unions and togetherness – actively getting vulnerable with opportunities to trust and gain steady footing…

Note the way you care for self and others, and progress in the hidden realms, illuminate bad habits, addictions or self-sabotaging behaviors that have been overcome or are ready for a release. Perhaps you’ve been sacrificing yourself for a good cause, a partner’s wellbeing or charitable, selfless work, maybe you’re bringing up an opportunity to close the door on unwanted relationships or feelings around someone in particular…

Today be at liberty to escape, with time in isolation or solitude – enjoy a breather but know it’s a productive time–Aries Season is incredibly good for work & setting about the tasks and improving your health & vitality!


The Full Moon blossoms today in your eleventh house of community, supportive friends, allies and hopes for humanity, so lend your gaze to your peers, industry or network, and all you get behind as a team…

Your ruling planet Jupiter accompanies stern Saturn in your house of neighbors, navigation, and close connections, making speech, communication skills and rapport pertinent.

Therefore, reach out to cheerleaders and your circle and broach the most important issues of the day, talking over matters that touch you, your kindred spirits, and those in your local surroundings…

Just be mindful that with Mercury engaged with Neptune there’s the potential for confusion in transactions and chatter, for heightened sensitivity, too!

Relationships: With Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy spotlighting your favorite people, places and things – this is a stellar time to indulge, play and have fun with the ones you love!

Meanwhile Mars appears in your house of partnerships, creating further sparks in matters of the heart, so that there’s plenty enthusiasm for one-to-ones.

The Full Moon peaks in your sector of support systems, so that there’s a balance to be struck around your own passions, interests & sole gratification, and your team, society at large, or the desires of others – the collective or those in your company, network or industry – even your city.

Appreciate how your relationships feed in & fuel something greater than you.

Personal Growth: There’s great emphasis on the ‘people-oriented’ sectors of your horoscope now, Sagittarius, with a Grand Trine in Air.

But thoughtful communicator Mercury now appears in Pisces and your sensitive fourth house of home, land and lineage, signaling a time to consider what’s comforting, nourishing and helps you find your feet – or fins!

While there’s plenty to be accomplished in relation to others – involving yourself in a vivacious duo, or wider social network and community there’s also a draw inward, to the hidden realms of your domestic life.

It’s important to honor your needs, but equally essential to keep perspective on this day that melts logic ,and think more in terms of intuition and feelings.


With Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy domestic life and your relationship to the past, Capricorn. Indulge yourself in home spaces with healthy food and time to sink back, hidden from view, secure and warm!

Yet note Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in Libra and your ambitious tenth house of career, visibility, reputation and professional life – your outer world and public image. As well as a sense of place, stability & a great starting point to appreciate you’ll want to step up and take the podium too! Find a balance in your inner & outer world with keen, consistent resolve.

Relationships: Mercury is now inching closer to Neptune in your sector of siblings, kindred spirits, and local community connection, so that you could be in conversation and contact with those up close and personal, talking about the sensitive issues that affect you and your sisters or brothers (figuratively or literally).

Know that today there’s a fog descending over your friendly chatter, talk and transactions, with Mercury engaged with Neptune – the two are intertwined so that anything that’s said could be elevated or escalated; note personal news that spreads to others or gossip that’s bursting to get out!

Attention to detail could be challenging; be clear & concise with your words.

Personal Growth: There’s great emphasis on the practical sectors of your horoscope now, Capricorn, with a Grand Trine in Air. Your ruling planet ‘Saturn’ is accompanied by expansive Jupiter in your second house of resources, personal value, and purpose, while Mars sparkles in your efficient sixth house of work, health, and wellness.

Note ways you’ve established your earning potential or the way you’ve created value around your own contribution this year, your salary, finances and the effect these have on family life or your capacity to nourish and nutrue self and others under your care is now in the spotlight.

Yet today, a Full Moon peaks in the highest house of your horoscope, signaling the potential to illuminate a professional feat– acknowledge achievements, successes, and improvements you’ve made in service of your goals. Apply yourself (professionally, consistently, earnestly) and note how you’re able to come off well in the public eye.

Advance with head held high, celebrate where you stand, vocationally, visibly, and prestigiously. See yourself flourishing and garner attention…


With Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy close ties & the rapport you have in conversation with those closest, Aquarius. Reach out to siblings or a good friend for a meet-up, coffee date, or enjoy life in your neighborhood! Explore!

Yet note Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in Libra and your ninth house of quests, education and growth experiences – your house of travel, adventure, education and dreams, signaling a time to focus on life beyond your immediate environment and mindset.

Elsewhere, Mercury appears up close and personal with Neptune spelling confusion, and as this pairing appears in your second house of spending, earning and assets be sure to check you have everything in your pockets – and aren’t letting things slip through your fingers into some else’s hands…

Relationships: Mars appears with enthusiasm, activating your amorous fifth house, driving forth the feel-good factor in your fun zone, adding creativity, passion and heart, now. It’s a great time to date or pursue your own desires!

Sun and Venus go hand in hand in your house of close encounters, so this is an awesome opportunity to improve relations with a partner, or strike up a hot new connection!

Be open and willing to meet and greet but be sure to stay behind the steering wheel–it’s you that needs to affirm desire & interest not the other way ‘round!

Personal Growth: There’s great emphasis on the passionate, personal sectors of your horoscope now, Aquarius, with a Grand Trine in your own element: Air.

Serious Saturn in your sign adds a sense of authority or responsibility, while Jupiter signals a window of opportunity to follow your own path with the chance to learn, expand your horizons or focus on number one!

What’s more, the Full Moon shines bright in your ninth house of journeys, quests and big visionary plans – put your experience and wisdom first, from knowledge you’ve developed by travelling or accepting a different point of view, to using a platform for your creativity & voice to be heard in the world.

Notice what you now believe to be true, from a code of conduct, cultural norm or philosophy you find beauty in, even religion or a specialist subject that’s sacred to you. Be aware of principles cultivated thanks to a mentor, teacher or guide, with advice and inspiration to help you establish yourself. Relish opportunities to share what you know with others!


With Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries enjoy the spotlight shining on what you can do, earn, attain or contribute that’s worthwhile – tend to your patch! Relish your capacity to put bread on the table!

Yet note Moon arrives across from Sun & Venus, Full in Libra and your eighth house of joint interests, shared spaces and resources, highlighting the way you unify, bond, merge and come together in your relationships to build trust, intimacy and your legacy. Today find the balance between what’s mine and what’s ours to share – what you build thanks to outside resources…

The thoughtful communicator Mercury now appears in your own sign, Pisces, but now enraptured and embraced by Neptune; you could be overwhelmed with information overload – too many ideas scattered here and there. Be sure to write down anything you’re keen not to forget lest it escape you by lunch…

Relationships: There’s great emphasis on the sensitive, emotional sectors of your horoscope now, Pisces, with a Grand Trine in Air. The Full Moon shines bright in your intimate sector of unification, so that efforts to bond and work with another are revealed – from co-parenting, to a business partnership or spouse that shares the load, to an outside provider of cash or a loan (i.e. a pension provider, parent, or friend that’s invested in you and your ideas!)

Maybe you’ve moved in with a mate prompting you to address your finances, your will, or bills… Know you’ve been making the effort in your private life and are ready for such a moment. Saturn and Jupiter are submerged in your twelfth house of transitions, cathartic release and shedding – you’ve no doubt been taking time out to grow behind the scenes, own your progress and acknowledge what’s now between you both to be held on to.

Personal Growth: Notions of security and stability are roused now, with Mars in your fourth house of nurture and home life inspiring you to work towards something that brings comfort, nourishment, or that provides you with space to heal.

You could be a little reclusive now, drawing back to take time off to be effective and productive in your role. Yet there’s a balance to be found at Full Moon – what you contribute and input, and what others commit or put on the table; the Moon moves through your investment zone so pooled resources are easier to see – as is a counterpart that’s ready, willing and able.

Pledge yourself and what you have and see that others do the same, facing areas that are not necessarily fun to talk about (death, sexuality, mortality, commitment, vulnerability, recovery and bad habits that must be dealt with).

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