New Moon In Pisces Horoscope 2024…

Align with bright ideas and build on progress, with a fresh start today!

Read your New Moon in Pisces horoscope for Sun and Rising sign…

The Sun, Moon, Saturn and Neptune are all assembled in Pisces. There are favourable ties between these celestial objects and Jupiter and Uranus! Embrace realism around your dreams then go big! Look ahead to exciting moments, 

Mercury has just moved into Aries, ahead of the eclipse in this sign next month. Important conversations can occur, having meditated on your New Moon in Pisces Horoscope, as Mercury aligns with Pluto just hours after.

New Moon In Pisces Horoscope…


Retreat, replenish body, spirit and your senses, taking the pressure off…

At best, your artistic, romantic, charitable, selfless side is elevated and heightened, above and beyond convention. At worst, you may experience fatigue, delusion or fakery!

The New Moon re-sets in your twelfth house with a sextile to Uranus in your second, so a mysterious, elusive draw can prompt you to focus on what gives you new purpose. Life may hand you confusion and unknowable elements but also a practical way to deal with overwhelm (particularly in the way you make a living or spend).

Mercury has moved into your sign, providing a modicum of clarity and coherence. Show up as a crew member or part of your community, as Mercury approaches a sextile to Pluto. Speak to an important friend, Aries, reach out to express what’s next…


It’s a fortuitous time for your community dealings, social life and team spirit!

The New Moon invites you to refresh your outlook on hopes and dreams for humanity. Therefore, find a way to personally broach friends and the peer group you’re keen to step closer to. Note the aspirations and goals you have for your fellow man, championing a good cause. This New Moon could also play out as a reminder to the circle or network who present people you can get lost among. Avoid getting caught up with those you know aren’t good for you.

Your ruler, Venus, now tours your sector of success, so you might have certain obligations or priorities around your career or family that ask you to step up. Navigate your position in the world and your own path mindfully.


Your reputation could seem important this New Moon, as it touches your public image.

Sense matters of visibility and recognition through the title you hold or notions of success you uphold as a manager, mother, husband or influencer. Affirm your path of notoriety and who you are in the eyes of the world! Find subtle accomplishments and be prepared to soak up fame or adulation.

Mercury has moved into a highly social position in your horoscope, and you could be thinking or connecting to friends more in weeks ahead. As the communication planet approaches Pluto, find foreign concepts, global projects and people different to you are important. Engage intentionally with travel, philosophy and higher education or a plan that takes you in new directions.


New Moons are important for you, and today is your chance to take a leap of faith among friends.

Now in your ninth house, planets urge you to broaden your horizons, set sail, experience paths of wisdom and discovering something wonderful.

Community, networks and your group of peers are very much a part of this, with fresh faces around you cheering you on. Consider ways of sharing or elaborating on your beliefs, a quest or specialism that’s taken time to unfold.

Long-term commitments, trust and future plans can continue to be worked out, yet really you’ll want to grow and understand the world and its people now. Look to be a part of something bigger than just you, and plug in to your friendship circle or social life with enthusiasm!


Take it easy this weekend Leo, as the New Moon touches fears, vulnerabilities and matters of trust, loyalty and legacies. You could be drawn into relationship issues that are confronting or uncomfortable, as you explore the realities of agreements. Familiarize yourself with any weaknesses, grapple with what’s shared or loaned.

Relationships and one-to-ones could seem to dominate, and yet a change of pace is just around the corner. Get through this time of reflection and really affirm ways you depend on others. Work out what you’re willing to give up, donate or loose, and how much to expect from others.

If life seems too mysterious, reach out to a friend with a perspective you appreciate, and talk it through!


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The New Moon re-sets in your partnership zone, so you can focus on togetherness. Relationships could fully absorb you now, or certain individuals may challenge what you know about boundaries (perhaps being the ones to introduce more rules or set up limits and parameters).

Your ruler, Mercury has moved into your sector of trust, bonds, intimate agreements and contracts. So, examine where you’re tied in, where you’ve made a pact for keeps.

Re-set loving unions or address platonic entanglements, for example where you share kids, plans to vacation or be unified by your interests.

Work, duties, service and employment matters are pretty dynamic now too, with potential health issues a hot topic. You could be keen to bring order to your daily life, talk to your other half or a loyal friend and face your fears!


Health, wellbeing, maintenance and daily life are touched by the New Moon, inviting you to streamline a schedule or manage what you do as a regular practice. Address ways of working, reminding yourself of what’s necessary to live a good life.

Venus promotes your own happiness, emphasising what you put your heart into: recreation and procreation. Your fertility, sex life and romantic ideas, children, the arts, a vacation or fun moments could see you keen to conceive, create or indulge.

Yet do be mindful of chores, habits and appointments. Delegate errands or admin if necessary, limiting what you’re capable of – or prioritise! Get ideas from a partner about what makes sense.


Focus on your path to creative fulfillment, Scorpio. The New Moon re-sets in your fertile house of procreation and recreation, so love and heart and central themes. Your fertility journey, children and pregnancy, or the arts, vacations, joy and artistic outlets may be before you.

Find a way to play or acknowledge romance and what moves you.

Elsewhere, your daily life, job or routine may be of interest. Venus and Mars are activating your home environment or surroundings, and conversations could lead you to address what’s healthy for you. Steer toward passion projects, dating and personal pleasure, while also acknowledging your foundations or a foothold that represents stability.


The focus now lands in your house of domestic life, home and family, Sagittarius. There could be a new beginning around the foundations or setting that brings you ultimate comfort. Your parents, or your role as a parent could be pertinent, or a space you occupy, with notions of nourishment and emotional sensitivity heightened.

It might seem like a long hard road, yet there’s plenty of magic flowing in your surroundings, too! Water your roots and highlight where you’re from!

Siblings or social life may be activated, with Venus and Mars in your zone of close kin, and as Mercury has moved into Aries, talk to close pals or neighbors about your kids, creative plans or love life! Tap into those near and dear, who will be significant figures in the next year.


You’ve a strong window for connection and communication skills, Capricorn, as the New Moon lights up your third house of close kin, rapport and navigation. Focus on what’s been on your mind, the news and areas of interest that have been spoken of lately. Tap into your heart and all you find delightful, including children, the arts, crafts, nature or your love life!

Money, earnings, your financial position and purpose may be a hot topic, with work or plans around your stability topical.

However, really lean into the immediate ties in your environment, learning, writing, mindful of your sisterhood, brotherhood or neighborhood dealings. You might find you’re a source of inspiration to those around you, with wisdom to share or an outlook (and project) that excites!


Consider your role, Aquarius. What brings you ultimate purpose, meaning and fills you with satisfaction? What makes money or breeds security for you? Today, the New Moon touches your second house of earnings, so income and your possessions or bank balance may be on your mind.

Hone in on your personal value, what you can build or make, and what you value in terms of your purchases or belongings. Stock take, looking around at your ‘stuff’ (including your pay-cheque and potential). Find you’re rewarded!

Mercury has moved into an exceptionally connected position for you, so be open to talking through plans with honesty. The conversation could put you foremost, with your presence essential (or topical) to those around you.


It’s your New Moon and your new beginning, Pisces! You do you! Focus on number one and the connections you have in the world around you. Your voice, social media presence, your message, contacts and rapport is an important part of the picture.

However, not so fast! Venus and Mars are both in your closure zone. Here you may be pulled back into isolation or private, hidden affairs. Surrender to what’s not in your control, be it sickness, a timeline that’s forcing you to be patient, or work behind the scenes. Think about finances and the way you contribute, silently operating from a place of solitude and peace.

Be physically present, and tend to your body, your sense of self and any important personal philosophies that make up who you are in the most authentic, genuine way.

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