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March 2nd: Your New Moon In Pisces Horoscope…

Embrace Euphoria And New Ways To Innovate!

New Moon In Pisces, 12º06’

  • Weekday: Wednesday – Mercury’s Day (and Mercury is in Aquarius),
  • Element: Water,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Jupiter (in Pisces) & Neptune (in Pisces).

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Thursday March 3rd, 2022 1.35 am
  • London: Wednesday March 2nd, 2022 5.35 pm
  • New York: Wednesday March 2nd, 2022 12.35 pm.

About This Pisces New Moon…

A New Moon resets the dial in Pisces.

Four celestial bodies in this sign make for a profound signature (Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune in the lavender coloured loop), as does a trio in Capricorn (Venus, Mars and Pluto in brown, plus Vesta).

The astrological lovers are bound tightly to Pluto (at 26º/27º), while Mercury and Saturn make up a close pairing in air sign Aquarius (turquoise loop).

The New Moon forms a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, which blends our dreams and aspirations to radical new ways of doing!

New Moon In Pisces Horoscope By Sign…


You might be engaged in conversation with your allies, participating in the group dynamic (thanks to Mercury-Saturn teamed up in air sign Aquarius), talking over science, progress and logical plans among friends.

Yet you’re likely steered to escape toward a spiritual surrender, too, with solitary pursuits and waves of serenity or peaceful isolation calling, thanks to the New Moon.

At worst you may experience overwhelm, anxiety and delusion, potentially following your career path but loosing yourself in slippery habits and even deluding yourself with the promise of magic.

Try not to be too naïve!

At best, your artistic, romantic, charitable, selfless side is elevated and heightened, with transcendence above and beyond convention – toward a mysterious, elusive draw that beckons.

Wonder and confusion reign!

Relationships… Communicator Mercury appears in Aquarius, and your humanitarian house, meeting and conversing with Saturn; touch upon issues among peers, and note what’s talked about and discussed with formality or a touch of austerity in your community.

Strive to be clear and concise in your thinking, yet know it may be hard to trust what you believe to be true during time… Life is awash with confusion, delusion and unquantifiable or unknowable elements! As the astrological lovers appear in Capricorn advancing and moving toward your aspirations likely has a draw, yet planets in Pisces favour a lucid retreat…

Personal growth… Four cosmic entities in your house of closure and quiet isolation signal rest, withdrawal, and a spell to be captivated by your dreams and inner faith… It may be necessary to draw back to reflect on your path and mental health.

Take time out to replenish body mind and spirit!

Career or the motivation to be seen as a success, likely reaches an important pinnacle today, so that you rub shoulders with power and prominence.

However, there’s a balance to be struck between passivity, leaning into acceptance – cultivating faith, spirituality, or simply hitting the escape button to embrace lessons on offer, while maintaining interest in social issues.


You might be planning your path in the public eye or thinking of success strategies (thanks to Mercury-Saturn teamed up in air sign Aquarius), yet you’re likely steered toward social life, peers and your community dealings, too, thanks to a New Moon in Pisces.

A fresh start beckons in your sector of hopes and dreams for humanity, with broadminded ideals or journeys taken moving you deeply and profoundly.

Harness the potential to get involved with a group or collective – an industry or scene that captivates and draws you in… Gravitate towards people you relate to, sensing your place and part is key…

At best you can soothe and heal the world through beauty, music, art and compassionate dealings, at worst you may get confused or lost in a crowd and notions of team spirit, with a promise of making magic that’s nothing more that smoke and mirrors!

Relationships… As your ruling planet Venus appears in Capricorn with Pluto and Mars, there may be great intensity around personal experiences and encounters, now.

What’s more, friendships at a broader level are incredibly pertinent, with four cosmic entities in your house of community, peers and ‘the masses’, including online groups you’re affiliates with or feel a part of.

Allow the sway of the network you’re a part of absorb you, chiming in harmony with your own path of adventure or relationship that’s taught you so much. Your own growth and personal expansion is key to your rapport!

Personal growth… Communicator Mercury appears in logical Aquarius, touching on your capacity to lead, step up within your public life, reputation, career or with the image you uphold to the world.

Consider your vocational path, ways you’re willing to show responsibility, yet arrive at the heart of your community, too, with a quest for meaning and knowledge to share – wisdom to impart! Philosophy, publishing, foreign people, places or concepts allow you to step out among your crew with a specialism or your own growth spurring you on…


You might be engaged in worldly conversations, talking over special projects or plans, foreign concepts, leaning strategies or educational quests, or making your own journey & experiences to know ‘official’, permanent or formalized.

Yet a New Moon in the highest house of your horoscope encourages you to claim a title (mother or CEO), ascend or take the throne, seen as a veritable success having made it. Focus on what achievements or praise means to you.

You may want to reimagine your title or outward facing image, who you are in the eyes of the world, with an illustrious reputation! Note the way your ambitions and a path of continued learning can corroborate.

Relationships… As the astrological lovers appear in your eighth house of long-term commitments, enduring agreements and bonds, you may now be motivated with a desire to invest your time, energy, money and devote yourself to others, with mutually beneficial circumstances on the table.

With Pluto now intensifying personal pledges, there may be no turning from unions, a contract or ways you’re beholden to working with outside influences, particularly as this pertains to your reputation or a sense of praise that comes thanks to ways you come together.

Sense a fresh start for your outwards facing image and how a marriage, professional obligation, co-parent or ties to an elder or parent affect the way you’re viewed as a success. Make a glorious impression arm-in-arm!

Personal growth… Four cosmic entities in your house of accomplishments make it a time to soak up praise and even adulation, fame or notoriety! Seek a stamp of approval from those at the top or claim your ideal title and outer guise…

Realize a path toward recognition and seed intentions for a stellar reputation with resources in place that afford you notoriety and validation.

The meeting of Mercury and Saturn encourage you to examine your outlook and personal philosophy – progress made to establish your beliefs, opinions and the conclusions you’ve come to (i.e. on science, social ideas or global ventures, foreign connections and a specialism you’re committed to – even the journey of motherhood or a professional path).


You might be planning a strategy or long-term commitment, working out enduring agreements, financially or personally, talking over terms and facing your fears with Mercury-Saturn together in logical Aquarius and your sector of joint endeavours and mutual gains.

Yet you’re likely steered toward a new beginning overseas, around your personal growth, broadening your horizons or honed in on travel plans, thanks to a New Moon in Pisces. Elevate a journey of wisdom, your own developmental experiences and an expansion of knowledge, seeding ideas about your own enlightenment and an educational journey or path!

Go forth towards higher thought, sensing a worldly perspective or alternative outlook – a foreign or fresh way of seeing life. Share or elaborate on your beliefs – a quest that’s taken time to unfold… Relationships and key people may have everything to do with how you set sail and forge ahead, now…

Relationships… As the astrological lovers appear in your seventh house of partners (within the strong arms of Pluto), you’re encouraged to be aware of others, and the tools you have to work through relationships.

Those you encounter may be combative, charged and dynamic or one-to-ones may motivate you – yet hold you in their grip, with pressing issues and even matters around control or dominance pertinent. There’s plenty to learn and likely much that’s already been discovered, teaming up in matters of negotiation and intimacy. Thankfully you can keep a cool head and go high when entanglements seem to be all-consuming…

Personal growth… Four cosmic entities appear in your ninth house of personal development, signaling a time of learning, travel, visionary ventures and shared know-how.

Be captivated by what you’ve already realized, or felt first hand. You might even be drawn to broadcast special sentiments to peers or partners…

Inspiration, idealism or a specialist subject may be easily and seamlessly harnessed for new beginnings, so lean into a quest for meaning and expand what you know – go even further! Tune into different streams of consciousness and seize opportunities to get out and evolve! Elevate a moral stance, publish a dream, spiritual awakening and wanderlust…


You might be engaged in talks one-on-one that carry an official or formal tone, as Mercury-Saturn team up in original thinking Aquarius, signaling a time to engage with detachment, logic and practicality.

Meanwhile, a New Moon in Pisces illuminates the dark and shadowy corners of your psyche, in your mysterious eighth house of fears, vulnerability, trust, loyalty and legacies. Keep a tight handle on work and wellbeing, grappling with what you share or how you’re tied and bonded to others.

Set your sights on what’s developed when two merge their efforts, and sense deeply where your own value and volition lies… Be empowered in your healthy choices or lifestyle, making the most of ways you’re able to impact others though a transformation or changes made to your operations.

Relationships… Prepare for heightened emotions and take a fresh glance at ways you merge, pool or partake in partnerships, dedicated to your own legacy, or building with others, relying on what ‘they’ have to contribute…

The New Moon deepens affections and helps you ascertain what you’re willing to do, give up, donate or how much to expect from others. You may feel as if you’re guessing or loosing something, yet thankfully you can keep a cool head in your dealings. The coupling of thoughtful, clever Mercury and stoic, serious Saturn in your zone of intimate relationships brings a clear line.

Personal growth… As the astrological co-pilots (Venus and Mars) appear in your organized sixth house, uphold your part and your usual regime with resolute consistency. Be on top of lifestyle choices, health practices, employment or your routine.

Four cosmic entities deepen trust and loyalties, leading you to acknowledge where you’re irrevocably bonded, with awareness swelling around your obligations, what you owe others. Claim the chance for a new beginning in what you loan, borrow, invest or commit in unity and agreement with others.

Private steps & great awareness around what you share or gain thanks to outside sources align with help you’re able to offer in your position; step up in the role you empowered to uphold, staying well to serve or maintain your part!


Your special ruler ‘Mercury’ sparkles in your efficient sixth house of duty, service and maintenance, thoughtfully touching on strategies to bring order to your daily life, work or wellbeing. Think about progress made at work, and what’s still hard for you, processes that are rigorous and require ongoing formality

A fresh start beckons in your sector of unions, helping you re-set the dial on loving partnerships or platonic entanglements, one-on-one.

An exciting pinnacle can be reached around your hobbies, passion projects, kids, creativity or a deep sense of pleasure and personal gratification, enhancing the process of taking another person into account...

Make room for a plus-one as well as your own happiness solo!

Relationships… A fresh start within the realms of togetherness may seem compelling, thanks to the New Moon in your opposite sign, drawing you in, to approach to key persons & your relationship, including family members or comforting friends.

The astrological lovers appear in your fertile fifth house of romance, sex and playful pleasures with great potency, coming together with Pluto, so heartfelt joy, pregnancy and your own fertile stirrings are to be reckoned with!

Sense your ideal personal rapport or partnership, and interests between you that mean most. There’s motivation and inspiration to have fun with the right individuals! Dissolve boundaries between me & we without being swept away!

Personal growth… Your ruler Mercury meets Saturn in your house of wellness & work life, so bring attention to your organizational nature, routine processes and the details – efficiencies made to live better or manage your body!

Note how you step into service and feel useful, how you gain a sense of order and productivity (keeping fit for the job, knowing your limits, or taking health seriously, with help to get the tasks done). Define what’s best for you on a daily basis (i.e. connecting to a lifestyle practices, finding the right practitioner, cleaner, diet or gym). Streamline systems and turn to key individuals that support you. It’s a special day to acknowledge people one-on-one!


You might be engaged and thinking of your own interests and sense of fun or play, thanks to the chatty communicator Mercury and enduring Saturn in your sector of kids, hobbies, projects and dating. It’s likely you’re taking recreation and procreation seriously, love, sex and your own happiness…

Yet a fresh start beckons in your zone of health, wellbeing, maintenance and daily life, so that the prospect of streamlining schedules or managing what you do as a regular practice could take on unparalleled importance.

Your foundations, family and domestic life are also important, and you may find you’re able to enhance ways of working and living by leveraging a sense of passion that brings stability and firm footing…

Relationships… Mercury and Saturn in your house of children, fertility, sex and happiness direct attention to what you’re keen to conceive, create, or put your heart into. Talk about the issue of love, sexual encounters, dating, and recreational pursuits with formality, gaining clarity around your long-term plan for personal gratification and happiness.

Look at progress made thus far, taking a mature approach toward your own inspiration. What are you keen to conceive, or make happen? Identify what you now know about pleasure-seeking, what really works for you, what’s realistic, feasible and practical – sound it out to someone who sparks joy!

Personal growth… Four cosmic entities appear in your sector of daily life, expanding on your capacity work, serve, and prove yourself useful, running at your optimum, staying well and tending to the tasks – particularly those that pertain to your (household agendas or) homely, familiar surroundings, including your body!

At best you might map out ways to improve your routine habits, employment and lifestyle, at worst you might feel a need to recalibrate choices & decisions, with the propensity to be utterly confused about your constitution and health or job, getting off track or lost in waves of guidance around best practice.

Amplify what’s proven good for you so far, eliminate stress and be grateful for what is within your control to do, be, act or partake in gladly (i.e fitness).


You might be talking over plans for home or discussing parenting strategies, with Mercury-Saturn together in fixed air sign Aquarius and your zone of home. Think of progress made in familiar surroundings to establish rationale.

You’re likely steered toward passion projects, creativity, kids, recreation and procreation, with a New Moon in Pisces resetting the dial on romance, personal pleasure and solo gratification – all that makes your heart sing!

Let loose, in touch with those around you who share your perspective or mindset, noting a poignant transformation around how you develop kinship, your communication skills, and deep, unparalleled trust & rapport…

Relationships… Four cosmic entities appear in your fifth house of love, play and cherished pleasures, inviting you to relish a new beginning with self-expression high.

Look to fun creative outlets, hobbies and ways to smile with those you adore!

Acknowledge childlike desires and elevate what you truly desire… Delight in all that makes you smile, inspired in your heart and involve kindred spirits in doing the things you enjoy! The tone is fluid, boundless, and potentially overwhelming, so be mindful it’s easy to get swept up in excitement, with a sociable, convivial lens and drive to be among neighbors, siblings, close allies and friends. Be in contact, exploring and traversing local terrain, in touch with what’s most meaningful to you, yet know your usual dealings and commute could seem intense!

Personal growth… Clever communicator Mercury now teams up with Saturn, so your land, lineage and the past may be topical, your roots, household issues, real estate or property, where you live and settle – both literally and emotionally.

Get real about family, taking a cold hard look at the facts around parenting issues (your elders or those under your roof). Gravitate towards the hidden realms of domesticity and nurture, willing to take a stark glance at progress made, and what else you’re keen to establish, restrict, limit or restructure.

Issues about where you’re from may call; define your opinion or thoughts around your innermost needs & feelings.


You might be engaged in conversation with close allies, participating in a tight-knit circle, establishing your voice, skills, thoughts and mindset, getting clear on what you want to say (thanks to Mercury-Saturn together in this zone of friendly chatter and learning).

Yet a New Moon in Pisces and your sector of security highlights where you’re from, your space or where you stand, the foundational zone of home. Sink back into your roots, body, land or any area that affords you stability. Turn inwards towards notions of nourishment, and your emotional life touching on your material contribution or input–what you’re willing to do, make or give.

At best you can expand on the nest or base you’ve developed, at worst you may sense an unrelenting longing for a parent or sense of place, with little to anchor you – and therefore a need to imagine your ideal or potential to settle.

Relationships… Communicator Mercury appears in logical Aquarius with Saturn, both in your sociable zone of siblings, allies, friends and neighbors, signaling a time to learn something formal. Explore the thinking, language capabilities or aptitude you’ve established – to listen, talk, write or journal.

Tap into your capacity to really hear others, message and reach out, or even limit contact, with progress made around your tightest connections. You might need to cool off from certain ties in your immediate vicinity – a brother or sister. Sense how you comprehend or understand those around you in a way that’s different, now, with a mature approach to local human issues.

Personal growth… Money, income, personal investments and your own sense of self-worth or value may count, now, with a potentially intense day to reckon with earnings, cash and your belongings. There may be a need to control what you do to make a living, you might find you’re keen to profit or hone in on your power and the position you uphold, motivated to prove the value of what you have in hand, your part, or what you’ve worked for or built.

Take it easy, and draw towards notions that soothe or comfort, anticipating heightened sensitivity, and a connection to the past that can overwhelm. Move ahead with fresh intentions at a subtle emotional level, confident & capable…


You might be engaged in a personal transaction or thinking about what you have, what’s due, and noticing your contribution (thanks to Mercury-Saturn in your house of money and earnings). Use rationale and logic in fiscal affairs!

Yet note a New Moon in imaginative, dreamy, artistic Pisces and your sector of connection & curiosity urges you to take a fresh leaf from the story of your life, to write a new narrative or notice poetry that already exists on the page.

Relate to others, make contact while ascertaining what’s fact or fiction; use your intuition and lean in to your position as news source, mystic, empathic friend or sister, finding others captivated by your message. Your presence, influence and purpose carries potency today, bring emphasis to your part…

Relationships… The New Moon encourages your learning, and expands on the way you gather towards close friends, school mates, colleagues, or immediate ties in your environment. Note how you develop rapport and important communication skills, and appreciate all you’ve accomplished to date in your inner circle, i,e. practicing tolerance around a sibling or co-worker, using compassion for a neighbour, or writing poetic sentiments online, for the benefit of close pals.

Your writing skills and social involvement may have gathered momentum, just be mindful of fakery and illusions, and misinformation around big ideas, as the artistic, spiritual realms are now without bounds. The way you show up physically and resolutely may be very impactful, so be aware how you’re coming off with a strong, penetrating appearance, as others look your way!

Personal growth… Mercury comes together with your ruler Saturn in your house of earnings and gain, suggesting you may be taking your money seriously, strategizing all manner of plans at work or sensing what you have in hand, your part, input, personal value and self-confidence.

Think about progress made to profit, what you do that’s lucrative and worth-while, and where there’s yet more work to be done around your ability to balance certain financial decisions, transactions, outgoings and personal investments.


You might be thoroughly engaged in ‘the conversation’ (or transactions), Aquarius, be it talks about science, current affairs or discussing solo plans and responsibilities – even researching a purchase just for you and your long-term strategy (thanks to Mercury-Saturn teamed up in your sign).

Yet a New Moon in your sector of personal value, self-confidence, earnings and attainment invites you to seed new ways of making more and building yourself up, with unparalleled potential around income and your possessions.

Hone in on what you do autonomously, looking around at your ‘stuff’ (including your pay-cheque and potential) with fresh eyes… You might need generous respite to work on your private life, secret habits or a healing journey behind closed doors; switch off and let go knowing that there’s an intangible (potentially lucrative) benefit that arises in quiet isolation…

Relationships… As the astrological lovers appear in your twelfth house of closure, there may be a slow burn underway or a healing journey you’re undergoing, with ways to broach unknowable areas of life, and all you’re able to endure & tolerate…

Bring attention to personal endeavors – hard work and tough lessons you’ve grappled with, taking a firm approach to your wisdom, maturity and the abilities you possess to contribute something valuable. Use realism, formality & a stern tone, bringing something worthwhile to the table others can’t ignore!

Personal growth… Note ways you’re inclined to sustain yourself, as money, wealth and the material realms feel compelling! Four cosmic entities in your house of personal gains bring great attention and focus to all you do to increase what you have or can afford: your earning potential or what’s been banked.

There’s ultimate inspiration to be lent towards the tangible side of life, with a practical focus – lean in to your role, contribution, or input, what you have and what you’re intent on building or attaining that makes you feel valued.

Act as if there are no limits to what you can do (or even afford, make or spend – dream) while also being responsible and realistic.


You might be silently scheming or thinking of others now, thanks to the pairing of Mercury-Saturn in your private house of hidden affairs – take a pause to acknowledge how hard you’ve worked behind the scenes, finding ways to let go and engage in unknown and unquantifiable facets of life.

You’re likely steered to focus on number one, too – there’s a New Moon in your sign, Pisces, giving you permission to devote attention your way, with a lively dynamic in broader circles. Grow your presence, confidence and clout, and let your personal life take up your focus – make it about you, be physically present among your crew, recognizing where you want to be a part of the action, and what you find valuable – or no longer worth your time…

Relationships… As the astrological lovers appear in your eleventh house of friends, networks and community, there may be a draw and much to note about your circle of peers, acquaintances and associations – the company you keep!

In fact, matters in an industry, group or the wider world may reach a head, with Pluto inviting you to consider where you’ve claimed a sense of control among allies, making an impression among a crowd or online network.

Hone in on your presence and sense of self, with plenty to offer the collective – your dreams and aspirations for fellow people and the greater good count, so get involved or see where you’re willing to avoid or step back from a fellowship or social engagements and away from social activity…

Personal growth… A long-term theme of hard work and even a little endurance test could be on your mind and on the radar, now, with the pairing of planets in your twelfth house – the sector of scandals, solitude and surrendering…

Though some matters are out of sight and out of mind (and beyond your control) take time to ascertain the habits or choices that serve you and others, and those that definitely don’t. A process of respite and physical or emotional space may seem ongoing. Look to all that’s been established unconsciously and be willing to examine all that’s challenging to see.

Perhaps your blind spot has information concealed, or you need to talk out some secrets to gain valuable perspective… Meditate on it! Gain data or an understanding of any limbo you sense in your life.

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