Monday February 20th – New Moon In Pisces Horoscope 2023…

Embrace Euphoria And New Ways To Innovate!

  • Weekday: Monday – The Moon’s Day,
  • Element: Water,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Jupiter (in Pisces) & Neptune (in Pisces).

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Monday February 20th, 2023 3.06 pm
  • London: Monday February 20th, 2023 7.06 am
  • New York: Monday February 20th, 2023 2.06 am.

About This Pisces New Moon…

It’s a New Moon in Pisces!

The Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune are assembled in this sign, briefly together before Venus moves into Aries, teaming up with Jupiter.

Venus at the last degree of Pisces makes easy ties to Pluto (29º), also wrapping up in Capricorn, where its been hosted since 2008!

New Moon In Pisces Horoscope By Sign…


The New Moon re-sets in your twelfth house, suggesting a fortuitous window to take time out to replenish body mind and spirit!

Although it’s a Monday, retreat or take the pressure off…

At best, your artistic, romantic, charitable, selfless side is elevated and heightened, with transcendence above and beyond convention.

A mysterious, elusive draw can beckon. At worst, you may experience fatigue, deception, delusion or fakery!

This is the zone of closure and quiet isolation, signalling a time for rest, withdrawal, a spell to be captivated by your dreams and inner faith…

It may be necessary to draw back to reflect on your path and mental health, or ways of loosing yourself in problematic habits, deluding yourself!

Life may hand you confusion and unquantifiable or unknowable elements but also a way to deal with overwhelm and anxiety (particularly in career matters, or in the way you’re seen).

You’re likely steered to escape, with solitary pursuits and waves of serenity or peaceful isolation!

Welcome passivity, lean into acceptance – and cultivate faith.


The New Moon re-sets in your eleventh house, suggesting a fortuitous window around peers, your community dealings and your social life.

At best you can soothe and heal the world through beauty, music, art and compassionate dealings!

At worst, you may get confused or lost in a crowd and notions of team spirit, with a promise of making magic that’s nothing more that smoke and mirrors!

Appreciate where you stand among friends and humanitarian causes…

This is the sector that steers you to your hopes and dreams for everyman, so harness the potential to get involved with a group or collective – an industry or scene that captivates and draws you in…

Gravitate towards people you relate to, with common aspirations and goals for your fellow man.

Friendships at a broader level are incredibly pertinent, your audience and ‘the masses’.

Allow the sway of the network you’re a part of absorb you, including online groups you’re affiliates with or feel a part of.

Step out among your crew! Chime in harmony sensing your own wisdom, religions leanings, global projects or educational path is in sync.


The New Moon re-sets in your ambitious tenth house – the highest house of your horoscope, suggesting a fortuitous window to claim a title (even as mother, husband, influencer or manager of your own brand!)

Ascend or take the throne, seen as a veritable success having made it.

Focus on what ‘achievement’, authority or ‘expertise’ means to you.

This is your house of accomplishments, making it a time to soak up praise and even adulation, fame or notoriety!

Or, a time to set goals and where you want to be long-term.

Seek a stamp of approval from those at the top or claim your ideal title and outer guise…

Realise a path toward recognition and seed intentions for your status, notoriety and validation.

You may want to reimagine your outward facing image, who you are in the eyes of the world, with an illustrious reputation!


The New Moon re-sets in your ninth house, suggesting a fortuitous window for personal growth and broadening your horizons.

Set sail!

Go forth towards higher thought, sensing a worldly perspective or alternative outlook – a foreign or fresh way of seeing life.

Consider ways of publishing, sharing or elaborating on your beliefs, a quest or specialism that’s taken time to unfold.

There’s plenty still to learn and likely much that’s already been discovered, so do elevate your journey of wisdom!

This is your sector of personal development, signalling a time of learning, travel, visionary ventures and shared know-how.

Be captivated by knowledge, or profound learnings, what you’ve realised or felt first hand. You might even be drawn to broadcast special sentiments online!


The New Moon re-sets in your mysterious eighth house of fears, vulnerability, trust, loyalty and legacies, suggesting a fortuitous window to illuminate the dark and shadowy corners of your psyche!

Set your sights on what’s gained when two merge as one, and familiarise yourself with your weaknesses.

Grapple with what you share or note how you’re tied and bound to others.

Deepen your affections, and ascertain what you’re willing to do, give up, donate or how much to expect from others.

You may feel as if you’re guessing or loosing something, yet keep a cool head.

Prepare for heightened emotions and take a fresh glance at ways you pool together or partake in contracts, building with others, relying on what ‘they’ have to contribute or provide!

Acknowledge where you’re irrevocably bonded, with awareness swelling around your obligations, what you owe others – and your mortality.

Claim the chance for a new beginning in what you loan, borrow, invest or commit, pledging yourself with awareness of what you gain thanks to outside professional sources.


The New Moon re-sets in your seventh house, suggesting a fortuitous window within the realms of togetherness!

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Perhaps it’s a good time to consider a coach, a significant other to bounce off of…

Pisces is your opposite sign, and represents your unions, and the current stars help you re-set the dial on loving partnerships or platonic entanglements.

Be absorbed taking another person into account… Make room for a plus-one and new relationships!


The New Moon re-sets in your sixth house of health, wellbeing, maintenance and daily life, suggesting a fortuitous window to look at streamlining schedules or managing what you do as a regular practice.

Enhance ways of working and living, reminding yourself of your ideal pace, and sensing where it’s okay to sub out chores at home, delegate admin or pass over opportunities and re-prioritize.

Expand on your capacity to work, serve, and prove yourself useful, running at your optimum, staying well and tending to the tasks.

At best you might map out ways to improve your routine, habits, employment and lifestyle.

At worst, you might feel utterly confused about your constitution, health or job, getting off track or lost in best practice.

Amplify what’s proven good for you so far, eliminate stress and be grateful for what is within your control to do, be, act or partake in gladly (i.e. fitness, drinking enough water, taking breaks!)


The New Moon re-sets in your fifth house, suggesting a fortuitous window to let loose, acknowledge childlike desires, elevating what you truly desire

Delight in all that makes you smile, inspired in your heart by the things you enjoy!

Look to fun creative outlets, hobbies and ways to smile with those you adore!

The tone is fluid, boundless, and potentially overwhelming, so be mindful it’s easy to get swept up in excitement!

This is your sector of love, play and cherished pastimes, inviting you to relish a new beginning with self-expression.

You’re likely steered toward passion projects, dating, creativity, kids, recreation and procreation, resetting the dial on romance, personal pleasure and solo gratification – all that makes your heart sing!

Find meaning in simple pleasures, your own interests, including sexual intrigue, pregnancy, fertility and pleasure!

Have a good time with those you adore, say “yes” to what inspires you.


The New Moon re-sets in your fourth house, suggesting a fortuitous window to re-set security measures.

Highlight where you’re from, your space or where you stand, the foundations that bring you ultimate comfort.

At best, you might start afresh in a new home, or affirm intentions to sink back into your roots, body, land or any area that affords you stability.

You can expand on the nest or base you’ve developed, with positive notions of nourishment and emotional sensitivity.

At worst, you may sense an unrelenting longing for a parent or sense of place, with little to anchor you – and therefore a need to imagine your ideal or potential to settle.

This is your house of home and ancestry, so take it easy, and draw towards notions that soothe or comfort.

Anticipate a connection to the past and heightened sensitivity, move ahead at a subtle emotional level.

Conjure memories of mother or be with the family if appropriate!


The New Moon re-sets in your third house, suggesting a fortuitous window for connection and curiosity.

Take a fresh leaf from the story of your life, to write a new narrative or notice poetry that already exists on the page.

Now in imaginative, dreamy, artistic Pisces, and your zone of close kin, dream of ways you might better relate to others.

Make contact, while ascertaining what’s fact or fiction.

Use your intuition and lean in to your position as news source, empathic friend or sister, finding others captivated (or confused) by your message.

The New Moon encourages your learning, and draws on the way you gather towards close neighbourly types, school mates, colleagues, or immediate ties in your environment.

Note how you develop rapport and important communication skills.

Appreciate all you’ve accomplished to date in your inner circle, i,e. practicing tolerance around a sibling or co-worker, using compassion for a neighbour, or writing poetic sentiments online, for the benefit of close pals.

Your writing skills and social involvement may have gathered momentum, just be mindful of fakery and illusions, and misinformation around big ideas, as the artistic, spiritual realms are now without bounds.


The New Moon re-sets in your second house, suggesting a fortuitous window to hone in on your personal value, self-confidence and earnings.

You’re invited to seed new ways of making more and building yourself up, with unparalleled potential around income and your possessions.

Hone in on what you do autonomously, looking around at your ‘stuff’ (including your pay-cheque and potential) with fresh eyes…

This is your house of wealth, encouraging you to hone in on ways you sustain yourself, as money and the material realms feel compelling!

Bring great attention and focus to all you do to increase what you have or can afford: your potential salary bracket, or what’s been banked.

Assess personal gains and profits!

There’s ultimate inspiration to be lent towards the tangible side of life, with a practical focus.

Lean in to your role, contribution, or input, what you have and what you’re intent on building or attaining that makes you feel valued.

Dream as if there are no limits to what you can do (or even afford, make or spend) and bring something worthwhile to the table!


The New Moon re-sets in your sign Pisces, and your first house, suggesting a fortuitous window to focus on number one!

Devote attention your way!

Hone in on your presence, confidence and clout, be physically present and tend to your body, your beauty, your image and elevate your sense of self.

Really look to affirm your own identity, particularly as it pertains the the wider community you’re part of. What do you represent through your look?

This is your special time to shine, with your birthday month stretched out before you…

Realisations around your character may call you to be open about who you really are, or there may be a side of yourself ready to be birthed.

Consider what’s important to you in your personal life.

Like Pisces Rihanna you may be ready to redefine yourself as a mother, or some facet of your ego may have been dissolved and is now ready to be amplified!

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