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Pisces Sharon…


Sagittarius Moon Loves To Gamble, Pisces Sun Adds Glamour…

I’m going to have to admit here that I’m perhaps not the most qualified person to write about Sharon Stone’s astrological make-up.

I’ve never seen Basic Instinct and the only film I can definitely say I’ve watched is Broken Flowers, a comedy with Bill Murray from 2005.

However, I can comment on her general looks – her slender, tall frame is very Moon In Sagittarius–like, her long face and free, fresh persona.

Her Virgo Rising shines through, with her neat features and fine facial bone structure.

Pisces is the chameleon of the zodiac, the mermaid…


Stone’s Star Sign Style!

☆ Sun In Pisces ☆ Moon In Sagittarius ☆ Venus In Aquarius ☆ Virgo Rising ☆


Sharon Stone’s Birth Chart

sharon stone astrology birth chart


Born 10th March, 1956 At 4.52pm In Meadville, Pennsylvania

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