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Full Moon In Virgo February 19th 2019…

Clean house with this powerful full moon at 0º of the Maiden's sign!

Gloria Vanderbilt, Born With Sun In Pisces And Moon In Virgo at 0º… 


The Virgo Full Moon falls Tuesday 19th February at 3.53 pm (GMT) at 0º42′ of the zodiac sign.

Times Around The World:

L.A 7.53 am New York 10.53 am London 3.53 pm Moscow 6.53 pm New Delhi 9.23 pm Hong Kong 11.53 pm 

Before we really get a chance to acknowledge Pisces Season, the moon will bloom at the initial degree of Virgo, the sign opposite Pisces in the Zodiac wheel…

Pisces and Virgo operate two sides of an axis, which could be seen as the two sides of healing; Pisces the empath, martyr, and self-sacrificing nurse on the ward, vs. Virgo, the helpful healer that tends to the sick with the surgeons needle–and lush green apple–in hand.

Although watery Pisces and earthy Virgo have opposite styles, (one feeling, one practical,) both have a shared motivation (mutable) and hope to move others towards wholeness and health.

The ruler of this full moon is communicator Mercury, since Virgo is governed by this swift, dextrous planet. As Luna peaks we look to Mercury for this moon’s message, what she hopes to reveal with her bright, luminous glow.

As you can see from the chart above, Mercury is at 16º and making a harmonious alignment to Saturn at 16º (and Venus at 18º), sitting with Neptune – within a 1º orb.

The full moon is undeniably emphasising the Neptune-Saturn sextile, an astrological syncing that I believe has very much influenced healthcare and drug legislation in America. Neptune governs the pharmaceutical industry as well as all medicinal and recreational drugs, including alcohol.

Saturn is our planet of rules, boundaries and limits, ‘the lord of karma’. I think this is an important point to stop and analyse and review whether the current systems are working (emphasised by Pluto, the south node in Capricorn), OR whether we need to lean towards more compassionate care, community and looking after each other (as per the north node in Cancer).

What to do at this full moon? Rituals to support you and a horoscope by sign below…

Show Your Productive Side!

Virgo is the most astute, productive, refined and organised sign (though they can frequently let standards slide!) and this full moon is a wonderful opportunity to let your inner Virgo shine.

We all have an area of life where Virgo can be found; see your zodiac sign’s horoscope below (coming soon) for clues on which area of your personal horoscope Virgo rules…

Mercury ruled, like Gemini, this is a busy bee of our astrological wheel, and the energy now supports the completion of projects with many moving parts!

Highlight Health And Wellness – An Apple A Day…

In its purest essence, the full moon calls us to shine a torch on the area in question, and can totally bring health and wellness to light.

Virgo has a strong resonance with health – particularly gut health – so spotlight your wellbeing, diet and habits! There’s no better time than now to acknowledge positive efforts, in order to continue those positive rituals.

Consider making breakfast in the morning, starting the day off right; brushing your teeth, maintaining order and routine!

Analyse & Contemplate – What’s Been Revealed?

This particular full moon is awesome for insights, as Mercury is so prominently involved. However the nature of Neptune is to dissolve and cast a watery glaze over matters, dissolving and confusing our outlook.

Think back to the new moon in Virgo, September 9th 2018, and the seeds planted during this time.

On the positive side, imagination is super strong at this full moon; artistic ventures can go viral, as the boundaries and usual lines are blurred…

So Fresh And So Clean!

Represented by an angelic entity, Virgo isn’t a Virgin but a maiden pure and divine.

This full moon is a wonderful opportunity to smooth down the crisp white edges of your bedsheets, or a fresh leaf of paper. Eradicate any creases in life and gaze upon unspoiled beauty, whatever that means to you!

Virgo Full Moon Horoscope By Sign…


The Virgo full moon lights up work, health and service for Aries, emphasizing the present focus on your position, income and path being forged in the world. You might now recognise some impressive traction!

Spotlight your efforts and accomplishments…


Your solo passions are illuminated by the moon during this important peak, Taurus, and you could feel a heightened sense you’re raring to go, taking a certain quest or project very seriously indeed…

Spotlight what you love, your interests and energy!


Home life, your surroundings, family and nesting are the focus of this full moon Gemini, as domestic realms and drawing back takes precedence. Despite emphasis on outward appearances you can pause!

Shine a light on shared spaces, with a moment to enjoy downtime…


Kindred spirits, your inner circle, siblings and peers are the focus of this friendly full moon, Cancer. It’s possible you’re enjoying personal relationships now, thanks to efforts made in your one-to-ones.

Celebrate improved connection to others, and relate!


Leo, the full moon illuminates your role, your income and your worth, while also emphasizing the practicalities of your everyday efforts – consistency in health, wellness, your job and public profile.

It’s time to shine a light on hard work, and to soar!


The full moon in your sign highlights your vitality, Virgo, and lets you emphasize passion projects you’re taking seriously – particularly those involving others. Imagination – and confusion – are high at this lunation.

Illuminate your presence within the spirit of collaboration!


Change and transition is the subject of your full moon moment, Libra, as you’re delivered the opportunity to pull back into your most private realms. Ascertain how you’ve transformed in ways that serve your private life.

It’s a positive time to rest and go within, fair Scales!


Scorpio, your community is in the spotlight at this lunation, or the company you operate within or network of peers surrounding you. Personal relationships are gaining momentum, with rewards due for skillful communication.

Focus on relating to others in a group, beautifully!


There’s a spotlight on your public image and the way the world sees you now, Sagittarius. Where you’ve taken your role seriously you could now find you’re getting rewards!

Be ready to embrace your work, and acknowledge the path ahead…


The full moon illuminates knowledge gained, or experiences that have taught you something, Capricorn. A personal quest or sense of seeking can now come full circle, allowing you to enjoy yourself!

Spotlight what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown…


Special commitments you’ve made and your sense of collaboration is in focus now, Aquarius, as Luna shines bright around private affairs and your investment of time and money.

Spotlight your resources, relationships, and how you’re supported in your transition.


Your outlook on one-to-one relationships is an important facet of this full moon, Pisces, with the moon coming to fruition in your collaborative zone of partnership and connection.

Acknowledge others, using your powerful imagination to aid self-expression.

Celebrities Born On A Full Moon In Virgo…

Chelsea Handler, Rebel Wilson, Beth Ditto, Gloria Vanderbilt, Chaz Bono, Teresa Palmer, Kat Von D, Kate Mara, Jon Hamm, Timbaland, Pete Doherty, Johnny Knoxville, Steve Irwin, Lou Reed and Andy Gibb…

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