Clean House With A Moment For Purity! Full Moon In Virgo Rituals…

It's all in the details; reveal the right answers with this angelic yet earthy lunation!

It’s Pisces Season, so the Full Moon naturally peaks in Virgo. Read your horoscope here! Use the stars on this day of light and fruition to work the celestial weather

Here are my top 5 tips!

1. Reveal, Analyse & Contemplate…

Chelsea Handler, Born On A Full Moon In Virgo…

At Full Moon you can illuminate matter, and in practical Virgo this can include your own response to substances.

Review how well you get on with all manner of produce – do you need organic? Is CBD helpful or not really noteworthy? How about drugs, sugar, alcohol, meat and medication? Coffee?

Pisces and Virgo operate two sides of an axis, which could be seen as the two sides and polarity of health & healing.

While Pisces is the empath, holistic soothing saint and martyr – a self-sacrificing nurse on the ward – Virgo is the helpful, watchful assistant, the healer that tends to the sick with the surgeon’s needle–and a lush green apple–in hand.

Both look good in whites!

Although watery Pisces and earthy Virgo have opposite styles, one feeling (Pisces) and one practical (Virgo) both have a shared motivation (mutable) and hope to move others towards wholeness and optimum wellness or wellbeing.

Neptune In Pisces Elevates Pisces Themes..

With the slow and steady transit of Neptune in Pisces we see how healthcare and drug legislation has shifted around the world.

This is a transit lasting from 2011/12 to 2024.

The latest pandemic is one noteworthy event, so too the growing popularity and varied uses of cannabis, fentanyl and psychedelics.

Neptune is the contemporary ruler of Pisces, thereby enhancing its own themes. Pharmaceuticals and the widespread legalisation of medicinal and recreational drugs are now prominent. Self medicating in other ways, too. Chelsea Handler is a Pisces with a Virgo Moon, and keenly experiments with drugs, reporting her findings back to us.

In Pisces people we might notice a strong response and reaction to substances. They are often highly sensitive! Virgo too responds with gut instinct, and awareness at a deeply intuitive level through their physical body. Virgo can sift, digest and organise, while Pisces fills in the gaps with intuition.

Mercury is the reporter…

As Full Moon’s are times of full light we have a great opportunity to discover the truth of the matter – talk it over…

Pause to analyse and review whether current systems are working for you, or whether you need to lean into alternative cures, and look after yourself in a way that’s different

Consider holistic solutions and change up your approach to health and wellbeing if needed…

2. Illuminate Toil And Order! Show Your Productive Side…

Virgo is the most astute, productive, refined and organized sign (though they can frequently let standards slide!) and this Full Moon is a wonderful opportunity to let your inner Virgo shine by tending to a rigorous and thorough spring clean.

Reveal ways you’re practical and clean house!

Mercury-ruled (like Gemini) Virgo is a busy bee of our astrological wheel, and the energy now supports the fruition of projects with many moving parts!

Be confident as you tackle projects, refine systems, and focus on the tiniest of details…

So Fresh And So Clean!

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Represented by an angelic entity, Virgo isn’t a Virgin but a maiden pure and divine.

This Full Moon is a wonderful opportunity to smooth down the crisp white edges of your bed sheets or a fresh leaf of paper, to underline health and hygiene and eradicate dirt and imperfections.

Delete any disturbances left lingering – the creases in life – and gaze upon unspoiled beauty, whatever that means to you!

Sew on buttons to the garments you can see clearly… Tend to laundry, dry cleaning and the weeds in the garden!

3. Highlight Health And Wellness – An Apple A Day…

In its purest essence, the Full Moon calls us to shine a torch on the area in question, and can totally bring health and wellness to light now.

Virgo has a strong resonance with healthy living and choices that support our lifestyle, so spotlight your diet and habits!

There’s no better time than now to acknowledge positive efforts, in order to continue those positive rituals that work.

Consider small improvements – making breakfast in the morning, starting the day off right; brushing your teeth, maintaining order and routine!

Perhaps you’ve taken care of business in real-world ways (healing the gut, body, digestive system) or maybe you’ve improved your schedule and mindset (following a daily practice or making other acts a strong part of your life).

Analyse and assess what’s been accomplished in a practical, organised sense, day-to-day.

Ask, where have I bought order to my lifestyle choices? Where have I detoxed, purged and purified?

Yes, a true challenge during lockdown and Covid, but note routines that have been sustained and adhered to, even if this looks like washing hands and keeping spirits on an even keel.

4. Zone Out… To Find Answers!

The nature of water sign Pisces is to dissolve and cast a foggy glaze over matters, confusing our outlook, whereas Virgo is analytical, even critical, pure and simple.

While Pisces Season is highly imaginative and lucid, a time to meditate) the Full Moon brings us a moment to pause and use our brain, our common sense.

Moss Agate, A Crystal For Virgo…

On the one hand, we’ll want to go with the flow and be easy (martini in hand). On the other, there’s room to wear a suit and tie, maintaining order and precision.

Born on a Virgo Full Moon, Jon Hamm bares his soul and his feet as the Ad-Man in Mad Men. This TV show glamorises (drinking and) the illusionary qualities of advertising… 

Think back to the New Moon in Virgo, and the seeds planted during this time but release expectations (and a personal critique of ‘successes’).

5. Celebrate With Gratitude And An Eye On The Details…

Gratitude and celebration are the best ways to acknowledge a Full Moon. Sense all that’s come to pass since the New Moon.

We all have an area of life where Virgo can be found. Read your zodiac sign’s Full Moon Horoscope here for clues on which area of your personal horoscope Virgo rules…

Don’t forget to write down what you most appreciate today, and connect the dots later, more will be revealed!

Celebrities Born On A Full Moon In Virgo…

Chelsea Handler, Rebel Wilson, Beth Ditto, Gloria Vanderbilt, Taylor Marie Hill, Chaz Bono, Teresa Palmer, Kat Von D, Kate Mara, Jenna Fischer, Jon Hamm, Jack Harlow, Timbaland, Pete Doherty, Johnny Knoxville, Steve Irwin, Lou Reed, Aaron Eckhart, David Foster Wallace, Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson and Andy Gibb…

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