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Worm Moon Forecast: Full Moon In Virgo 2022 Horoscope…

March 18th, Moon Blossoms in the Maiden's sign...

  • Weekday: Friday – Day of Venus,
  • Element: Earth,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mercury in Pisces.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney / A.E.D.T  Friday 18th March 2022 6.18 pm
  • Hong Kong / A.W.S.T – Friday 18th March 2022 3.18 pm
  • London / G.M.T – Friday March 18th 2022 7.18 am
  • New York / E.D.T – Friday March 18th 2022 3.18 am.

About This Virgo New Moon…

The Moon in Virgo appears opposite the Sun in Pisces both at 27º40′.

It’s not an easy Full Moon, with so many planets in Pisces, including the ruler of the Moon: Mercury.

The communication planet is in detriment in this sign, so it’s possible any messages that come to light will be overwhelmed by confusion!

The Full Moon is almost perfectly aligned with Pluto in Capricorn – the Pisces Sun also shines in harmony with this potent little planet that packs a punch! We can see plans coming to fruition, yet our imaginings can overwhelm, with deep dreams yet to harness and surf…

Your Full Moon In Virgo 2022 Horoscope…


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to look at ways you’re keen to help out, organize or be of service, yet this notion requires balance. On the one hand you can feel the need to be practical around issues of maintenance, keeping the cogs spinning, on the other, solutions are intangible – mental health, and an elusive focus on yielding in flow. Surrendering to what is may be key!

Communicator Mercury experiences a dreamy lull in your twelfth house, so you may be speaking in rhymes and riddles! Ideas may be poetic, idealistic or whimsical, particularly where money & earnings are concerned.

As the luminaries align with Pluto, allow your reputation to precede you…

Relationships… Three planets occupy your friendly eleventh house, including socially responsible Saturn, socially active Mars, and socially engaged Venus!

You’re invited to take group participation seriously, with a part to play in community concerns and collective causes. It might be time to flex your muscle in a circle of peers or industry, taking humanitarian objectives to heart. Note what matters to you and those you love, what’s a worthwhile pursuit, and make moves to make a difference.

Personal Growth… The Moon comes to fruition in Virgo, and your sixth house of wellbeing, health and habits – what and who keep you running like clockwork?

Daily practices, diet and routines, your schedule or a sense of organization are illuminated, so that you might now present a side of yourself that’s domesticated, ‘well’ and able to fulfill a position, setting about chores & tasks!

But an overarching focus steers your attention towards rest, surrender, and a sense of charity. Pisces Season inspires lucid principles, so that your current ethos could be more intuitive, ‘going with the flow’ – especially when it comes to and how you make a living. It may be necessary to find the balance between fulfilling your job, while also being selfless or putting others first…

Tap into your career, professionalism, outer life and the way you’re seen in public to be a strong cornerstone in your story…


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to spotlight your playful, romantic side, your talents and creativity, illuminating your fertile sector of heart, self-expression and joyful experiences. Yet balance, as a plan or project (pregnancy, artistic inklings or something you put year heart into) potentially answers to community, the masses, and the world at large.

There may be a vacillation between supporters in your circle (including online alliances) and the personal interests that mean so much to you!

Communicator Mercury could increase your friendly personal network, with ties to society & opportunities to connect to peers–particularly via online channels or innovative digital platforms! Meanwhile, Pluto brings a long-term quest (via foreigners, travel, religion, education, philosophy or a matter of faith) into the picture. Lean on your personal experiences and growth…

Relationships… The Full Moon points you to your own passions, your kids, love life, your amorous pursuits, dating, entertainments and parties (or hobbies), so that you might hone in on something you love now, as well as an enduring feat that’s seen you go a great distance, literally or metaphorically …

You could find you’re acknowledging a sexual liaison, or a desire to do something (like make a baby), yet rather than completely tap in to what you do, find fun or enjoy, note there’s a broader interest, with feedback from the crowd or your friendship circle that can potentially overwhelm a sense of personal gratification. Pisces Season urges you to consider the greater good, your people and audience, not just pleasure for its own sake…

Personal Growth… Planets now occupy your zone of visibility, career, public image & reputation: serious Saturn, urging you to look to long-term plans, aspirations & ambitions, motivated Mars, bringing a capacity to argue with higher ups, and finally Venus – your ruling celestial guide – adds an even greater desire to be seen.

Note what success means to you and how you’ll sense you’ve ‘made it’, personally or professionally. Pursue your path to praise and align your profile to suit enduring goals (not just a quick way to advance). You’re capable of proving yourself, in vocational terms, or coming across as an expert, authority or experienced wise elder! Now, attract the right attention …


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to touch on your nurturing side, and you could find you’re keen to nest or illuminate hidden facets of home or a self-care practice, a regime that connects you to the past or your mothering tendencies – a secure way of being.

Yet balance family time or the issues roused from within with outward notoriety, as planets swell to put your professional life, career, trade or vocation on high!

Your ruler Mercury in your tenth house of visibility, prominence and success, so you may be thinking and talking about routes to advance, strategizing from behind the scenes, with ways to maneuver silent & surreptitious…

As the luminaries align with Pluto, allow reliable circumstances to stand firm: collaborators or parties that have forced you to reckon with your obligations.

Relationships… Three planets occupy your adventurous ninth house of personal growth, learning and travel: responsible Saturn, active Mars, and desire driven Venus!

This combination may bring you toward teachers, guides or philosophical types who can enhance the road you walk to greater understanding of the world and its people. Look to cultivate diversity and fun friends who show you another culture, faith or format to follow.

Look to those new faces that light the way for you, with knowledge, specialist subjects, education, or a global project that flings open a fresh perspective.

Personal Growth… Moon moves through the hidden, domesticated base or roots of your chart, the foundational fourth house. Draw back to regroup and acknowledge family patterns or the needs you have that must be tended to; address your surroundings, pay attention to parents, or those at home.

Honor ways you might recharge safely and relish your public profile or image.

You may have had to face up to what’s shared, or your loyalties, commitments and irrevocable pledges or investments; this could be key to finding balance between your goals, reputation, and a position of visibility (a focus on your outer persona) and your private life.


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to hone in on your connection to others, your neighbors or sibling types in your environment, illuminate your communication skills! Look toward an important realization around the way you relate personally, the way you talk, express yourself or develop affinity with those in your inner circle, or skillfully navigate via written word, or messages. Yet balance your outlook.

There may be the need for detail and precision, but also to sense where you’ve been encouraged to explore, grow and develop awareness… An imaginative lens can present a view of the world that’s intangible. You could be embracing paths for growth, with intuitive thinking and worldly inspiration that goes beyond immediate ties & local environments…

As the luminaries align with Pluto, allow key people to bear great influence.

Relationships… Private dealings and partnerships might take up much of your energy, as three planets occupy your committed eighth house, including dedicated, enduring Saturn, Mars and Venus. Tune into serious relationships, agreements and where you’re obligated, bonded, wedded or beholden to play a part.

Joint spending, shared friends or social ties, and how you manage and merge resources (time, energy and money) is now key! Trusting others to keep your confidence, to show loyalty, or to make a comparable effort to build together is likely something you desire, with a formal indication you’re both in the same space. Detach and use cool logic where possible, merging intimate facets of life for a long-lasting alliance…

Personal Growth… Your celestial guide – the Moon – draws out your analytical side, so you can be keenly perceptive and astute, engaged at a local level, spotlighting issues, ideas or concepts among friends or co-workers, siblings or neighbors. Note the most powerful figures who have bought about issues or situations that forced you to focus attention more broadly – toward higher meaning and philosophy! Talk on your truth in a community or online setting.

An overarching theme touches on your visionary potential and a spiritual outlook – hopes & faith. Stay grounded and somewhat down to earth while allowing magic to permeate. Elevate wisdom and wanderlust among friends and peers – your beliefs and personal quest toward profound understanding.


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to analyze or consider your own personal gains – reap what you’ve sown, feel rewarded for your solo efforts or illuminate ways you’ve been making, building, profiting or earning thanks to your own input or wit.

However, note your focus is likely very much captivated by what you do with outside support, how you provide or build in tandem with others. Important realizations around your job, work or income solo could be overwhelmed by the sensation you’ve pooled together.

As the luminaries align with Pluto, allow your health, consistency and a daily practice or regime to stand strong, evidence of just how your toil underscores financial or energetic entanglements and what you’re able to contribute.

Relationships… Three planets occupy your opposite sign, Aquarius: serious Saturn, heady, dynamic, passionate Mars and lovely, friendly Venus.

This steers great focus to getting on with others, finding ways to negotiate or strive for balance, with many moving parts to what you’re motivated towards (and desire) one-on-one.

Progress has likely been made and yet you’re still likely pursuing ways to get on, work together rationally and reasonably… Bolster key relationships, partnerships, and collaborate with eyes on an enduring, long-term set-up…

Personal Growth… Celebrate your part, input and contribution, recognizing what you do that’s worth something – even quite valuable or essential – as the Moon comes to fruition in Virgo and your sector of sustenance, belongings and assets.

Illuminate the security, resources or attributes you bring to the table, while also allowing focus and attention to be steered toward shared bonds, mutual gains and jointly held resources. The way you co-operate and come together to trust or rely on outside influences is a huge signature now, so you can’t ignore what unification or merging assets means to you and those you meet.

Appreciate what others do for you, while also tending to the details of your material or practical life and your position of visibility, health & work, too…


The Full Moon in your first house invites you to spotlight your own presence, purpose and persona– you could find you’ve reason to celebrate something personal: your spirit, resilience or something important about yourself.

Bring attention your way, though don’t be surprised if being part of a pair, union, marriage or partnership seems to be more important than your solo identity (with the ruling planet of the Full Moon – Mercury – in your relationship zone)… You may be listening and paying attention to others, even getting lost absorbing other people’s opinions – even though this may be a confusing notion that leads you asunder! With ties to Uranus note the wild perspectives now offered… Your own passions – or obsessions – and creativity or talents may be key to finding the sweet spot!

Relationships… The Virgo Full Moon spotlights your appearance, presence, physicality, your body and vitality– so let others pay attention to you! Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge an emotional side of yourself… However, note Pisces Season puts emphasis on others – from a best friend or creative partnership, to a spouse, family member, even a coach or therapist you’re working with.

Four celestial entities encourage you to negotiate or discover the nature of your alliances, one-on-one, to learn more about how you engage and develop an understanding and appreciation of others. Clock what’s going on inside of you while also getting swept up in the romanticism of togetherness…

With Pluto in the mix, note how your powers of seduction, sexuality or strong understanding of LOVE, pregnancy, passion or playful sentiments unifies you!

Personal Growth… Planets occupy your zone of health, employment, wellbeing and maintenance: Saturn, Mars and Venus bring emphasis to routines, a sense of service and daily life: the issue of keeping on top of things, developing efficiencies and sticking to a practice or job is likely topical. You may have the gumption and desire around day to day activities to progress, willing to build on what you know is sustainable and good for you – be nice to those who assist you or make life easier, tackle your role and any domestic tasks with pleasure, looking at habits and your routine. Up level your productivity – to avoid sickness or be even better at what you do!

Employ what you know works and delegate or seek help to do more…


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to go offline for quiet reflection, clocking out of usual regimes to incubate, recharge or check in with a professional who assists you, yet this moment of illumination & respite requires balance.

It’s a time to take a moment to digest & unwind, and you could find you feel the need to tend to others, letting go, surrendering to a process beyond your control, on the other, you’re only able to be truly selfless if you’re taking care of yourself on many levels… You may be streamlining your tasks and admin, getting in flow around health & wellbeing, particularly where joint endeavors & shared agreements are concerned.

As the luminaries align with Pluto, allow home and family life, domesticity and your firm foundations – including your body – to bring essential stability.

Relationships… Three planets occupy your fertile fifth house of fun: responsible Saturn, active Mars, and desire driven Venus!

Devote yourself to your own happiness, pleasure and delights, with the things you love and adore on your radar, to be taken seriously. Romantic liaisons, exciting projects, dating or meeting friend who bring you joy may be compelling, yet it may seem as if there’s work to be done, too.

Recreation, procreation, and creative urges may be better off as formalized and kept within reasonable, measured bounds.

Personal Growth… The Moon moves through reclusive Virgo, and the most secretive sector of your horoscope: the zone of closure, escapism, unconscious patterns and mysteries. You could now find you’re inclined to gestate in private and allow others to lead. Yet a huge focus steers you toward health and healing.

Opposition in the stars rouses your dreamlife but also busy productivity, wellbeing, and useful employment, … It could be an inspiring time for work yet some elusive, frustrating sacrifice may be presented. The key may be relying on what others are capable of doing and what’s you’ve produced underfoot – a way to stand on terra firma, with roots or a base that underpin your capacity to undertake tasks, work, a regular lifestyle practice.


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to illuminate friends, allies and collaborative efforts. It’s a time to connect to a group or be among community, a social scene or crowd, with your people or peers prominent.

Yet balance the need for an audience, cheerleaders or fellowship with your own passions, imagination & inspiration: hobbies, talents, kids or plans !

Planets appears in your fertile fifth house, so you could be thinking about playdates, opportunities for fun, and ruminating on what you like – or who you love – bouncing ideas off one person in particular.

As the luminaries align with Pluto, allow your understanding of communication skills and your voice to resonate deeply…

Relationships… Moon moves through sociable Virgo, so you could find yourself among the masses, co-workers or a wider circle of alliances – even those whose name you don’t know. A group endeavor (& sense of camaraderie) may come to fruition; celebrate the team you’re on, how you serve community.

However, note Pisces Season, which presents a more indulgent time of romance and personal pleasure. Note what matters most to you, and what interest’s everyman, allowing a partner to bridge the gap between what’s in your heart and what matters to society at large… You may have an important message or sentiment on your lips, a local issue or story to tell among friends!

Personal Growth… Home life, your country or the land that you live on might take up energy, as three planets occupy your foundational fourth house of stability, safety – and social issues around ancestry. Address where you settle with a sense of formality & permanence, as Saturn sets out a long-term plan to bring structure. Look at long-lasting parenting techniques or consider life within your four walls.

Mars now motivates you, while Venus can titivate – make a move to meet a partner’s parents (bring cake!), or DIY and design an interior, fashioning a way to live well in your surroundings… Discover a diet that works, enjoy domesticity and cooking! Feed & nurture yourself and those around you.


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to spotlight your vocation or progress on your path – you could find you’re claiming a title or keen to gain a sense of recognition, validation or simply be seen thriving professionally or personally.

Yet balance – on the one hand you can feel the need to step up, visible and recognized with a stellar reputation, on the other, home life is flourishing: a safety net, the ability to nurture, nourish and find the middle of the bed may be key… Planets in your fourth house could have you reminiscing and dreaming of an ideal home, particularly in ways that are healthy, and reflect new domestic regimes, a job, or fresh approach to work & wellness.

As the luminaries align with Pluto, allow your role or income, your financial power and sense of stability to see you through; take control and the reigns.

Relationships… Three planets occupy your sociable sector of communication skills, cousins and curiosity – responsible Saturn, dynamic (argumentative) Mars, and friendly Venus! A formal tone around siblings, close connections or colleagues may be apparent, as you make your way with enthusiasm.

Be sure to make contact in a way that shows your competence in human issues, having become a master of discourse, news and writing or messaging, now aware of nuances in the way you and yours think, understand and comprehend life and issues of the day. Move ahead with a cool, calm sense of direction, relishing neighbors, navigation & local ties–those you meet & greet!

Personal Growth… Moon grows and peaks in your prolific tenth house of visibility, notoriety, profession, ambition and accomplishment, making it a time to be seen as a consummate professional – exacting, proficient… Even a perfectionist!

Note where you’ve excelled, where your reputation precedes you, yet realize as it’s Pisces Season, a deeply emotive focus is in flow around your sense of self-care, mothering, family life or household matters; where you’re coming from and going to is relevant… Balance emphasis on publicity as well as watering your roots, innovating with consistency around daily life, too!

Money, earnings or your contribution may now be key, so allow what you have or do to speak volumes and be what enhances life now.


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to spotlight a journey or vision quest– illuminate travel and truth-seeking, ways you’ve explored your beliefs (and what others share with you), yet balance. On the one hand you can feel the need to go further or connect to another perspective (even seeing a moral conundrum from another party’s point of view, on the other your own mindset may overwhelm and percolate…

Planets in Pisces and your third house enhance your message, speech and delivery, while Pluto brings your personal life, presence and physical impact into the fold – you’re encouraged to elevate your skills and strength of purpose.

Develop your penchant as news anchor, go-between, messenger or sounding board for those you love, or in ways that are radical or progressive! Speak up!

Relationships… The Full Moon points you to reveal another way of seeing the world, with knowledge, wisdom & an education coming to light; however, Pisces Season puts emphasis on your environment and those in it, as well as the way you relate and communicate with close-knit peers. Take stock of what’s on your mind and what you’re speaking about on this poignant day for sharing information back and forth, or getting from A-to-B, bringing it back to you…

Balance your outlook, the way you speak, connect, and navigate locally while also gravitating towards those with a broader perspective. Sense a philosophy, global project, or course taken, open to a personal quest, as well as your own viewpoint, and something important you’ve come to stand for…

Personal Growth… Three planets occupy your zone of money, earnings and tangible trappings, so that you’re likely embroiled, motivated and driven by your assets, what you have and ways you might build or make more…

Your ruler, Saturn, encourages you to adhere to a long-term plan around wealth, income, savings and your material life, while Mars brings enthusiasm to approach your contribution and role with zeal. You may like to brush up on your fiscal goals, and take care of business, with Venus moving coolly through this sector of personal value, confidence and worth. Look to what you’re eager to gain, and if it’s an investment that’s logical! Your possessions, pay check and position may hold great prominence; honor security.


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to illuminate where you’re committed, tied in or have worked with others to build, unify and develop together. And yet, while you could feel the need to honor a practical bond – and reveal private agreements or a vulnerable part of yourself, your own input, contribution and sole rewards are important, and vital too Find the balance between a merging process and assets or attributes that are all down to your own persistence, with a deep healing journey (behind closed doors key, too).

Planets in your second house amp up transactions and money talks, particularly where home turf, domestic or family life is concerned, and your private life. Discuss ways you contribute toward stability & safety from within.

Relationships… You now play host to three planets – slow moving Saturn, responsible, wise and mature, imparting his work and steady endurance upon your shoulders; active Mars, and desire planet Venus – both increasing your vim and vanity!

Consider your personal life or identity, solo plans but also make room to acknowledge intimate exchanges or shared resources, with today’s Full Moon.

Who you are, your character and how well you know yourself may present realizations about your body, vitality and state of being that encourage you to focus on number one – cultivating respect or authority. Get acquainted with your autonomous drives & desires, step out with a fresh look or tighten up your persona & presence as well as touching on a unified sensibility today.

Personal Growth… The Full Moon in Virgo could bring important realizations around the way you merge, bond, collaborate, or invest what you have, yet planets in Pisces suggest a potentially lucrative time solo.

Focus on your role, earnings, and the desire to sustain yourself (or spend as you’d like without boundaries or limits!!) Acknowledge trusted collaborators who have shown up, helped and supported you, perhaps through an enduring time of relative solitude – your resourceful eighth house of shared secrets, shared assets, and shared space.


The Full Moon in Virgo invites you to hone in on relationships, and intimate one-to-ones, illuminating your opposite sign and house of partners. Yet balance a need to team up with key people, and go with the flow in the direction of yourself, your autonomy and what you see is ‘right’. As it’s Pisces Season, all eyes are on you – and that’s a well-justified notion!!

Planets in your first house could have you thinking of your own interests, opinions, plans and projects, with new ways to talk and express what’s on your mind to make more of your message and teachings. Broach what’s not usually touched on, finding ways to bring it back to you, and involve others or your relationship experiences as you process…

As the luminaries align with Pluto, allow friends, community or your social life and network of peers to offer the strength or perspective necessary.

Relationships… It’s an incredibly social time of pronounced and exciting rapport, with the Full Moon your opposite sign, Mercury in your sign enhancing your ability to articulate what’s on your mind, and radical potential to shake up the discourse among kindred spirits, as the light-footed go-between (Mercury) makes ties to Uranus in your third house of close ties. Those in your network or circle are to be considered too, either navigating the reigns of control, or leaning in to what those in your group, company or community touch in you.

Illuminate your most intimate dealings, your connection to other people, your outlook and voice your opinions! Just be mindful there’s the potential to become muddled in your (birthday) speech, so consider sharing the stage or asking a friend to double check the details…

Personal Growth… Three planets occupy your secretive, surreptitious twelfth house of solitude, making it a key time to address situations from the sidelines, and anticipate necessary shifts that are ready to be tackled. Subtle hints or major realizations may have presented tools for mindful reflection, and you’ve likely stepped back for a retreat, rehabilitation, or generally gained closure on certain situations.

However, now is a time to go further into a healing process, facing facts – which might not be easy or obvious. There may be habits you possess that just aren’t serving you, use this window to tend to any misunderstandings.

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