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About This Virgo Full Moon…

The Full Moon is in earnest Virgo, sign of precision, employment, routines and consistency. We could be in the mood to bring order to practical plans and real world innovations!

However, it’s Pisces Season, a free-flowing time of lucid dreaming and closure. The astrological year is almost over! Find balance between intuition and not knowing, and proof of the habits that work. Sense there’s plenty that’s been accomplished, with ways to celebrate small wins and everything that’s played a part.

Your Full Moon In Virgo Horoscope…


It’s a time to reap what you’ve sown, as the Virgo Moon grows full… See evidence of where you’re of service and help out. Appreciate methods that see you organized, healthy and on top of things.

Yet use your intuition and methods that are alternative, Aries. It’s Pisces Season, so your dreamlife and healing potential is touched on. Ideas may be poetic, idealistic or whimsical, elusive solutions could prove to keep the cogs spinning! Money, your role and earnings play into this too…

Elsewhere, planets occupy your friendly, social zone of community, adding activity in group matters. Peers or your network vie for attention, which could distract you from the job you do. Acknowledge what works for you, the routine habits that are supremely nourishing and essential.


Illuminate your playful romantic side, your talents and creativity Taurus! This Full Moon can be fun, as your fertile sector of pregnancy, enjoyment, hobbies, heart and artistry is lit!

Mercury in your friendly house of social engagement feeds into this, with ties to society, communities or group plans relevant. Notice what’s said by your peers about your love life, children or projects.

Note too that public perceptions of success, your career or getting ahead is also a hot topic, with Mars and your ruler Venus in the highest corner of your chart. Ambition, status or prominence could seem extra important.

Find time for the personal interests that mean so much!


Your ruler Mercury is also the governing planet at Full Moon. Now in your house of visibility, prominence and success, you may be thinking and talking about routes to advance, or about your goals, ambitions, career or status.

However, the Moon touches down at the base of your horoscope, bringing you awareness of your nest. Illuminate sleep and the hidden facets of home. A self-care practice, property issue or your nurturing side may be important, as you strive for notoriety!

You’re on a path to gain major wisdom in private, maneuvering silently behind the scenes. This considered approach could get you where you want to be and support you during the Full Moon, as you settle or approach your inner world.

Just be aware that your adventurous tendencies are strong now, and could interrupt a moment for R&R!


As one who is sensitive to the Moon, you might like to talk through this one with a close friend, Cancer. The zodiac sign Virgo lights up your house of connection, siblings, rapport, teaching and communication. Find you can reach out! Yet with Mercury in your visionary sector you could be touching on ideas that are boundless and beyond your inner circle.

As you share your truth be sure what’s expressed is relatable. Illuminate the way you discern familiarity and navigate, as well as embracing world ties and the bigger picture.

Your private life and intimate issues are currently being activated, with financial ties, investments and personal bonds a pressing issue. Your long-term security and path ahead may be key! A lasting alliance might also interfere with your connection to peers, friends and community.


Key relationships may be prominent now Leo, with LOTS of planets activating your opposite signs (the 7th and 8th houses).

Yet it’s also a time to address money, what you possess or have in terms of your assets. The Full Moon lights up your personal values, in a material sense and your approach to what you contribute…

How this relates to others could be key, with financial entanglements and the ways you feel obligated to provide, pay back, loan or ensure a benefit is there for all parties. It’s likely you’re getting on well with others, able to share and join resources – or your life together as one.

However, be sure to embrace important realizations around your job or income, too. Feel rewarded for your part! Recognition could be forthcoming now, with a positive way to stay on top of it all.


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Illuminate body issues, your presence, purpose and appearance, Virgo! This Full Moon puts you front and foremost, however you might be paying attention to what a key person says about your character or look. Relationships are spotlighted, with the reality of one-to-ones likely apparent. Today, how a spouse, client, family member or figure responds to you may inform the way you approach and celebrate something personal.

Health, employment, your wellbeing and maintenance issues underway may also stand out! Note an emphasis around routines, a sense of service and wellness. General upkeep could bring masses of satisfaction and seem worthwhile.

Clock what’s going on inside of you while also listening to others, and what they can bring to your awareness. There’s lots to develop, learn and ways to grow now, with travel, publishing platforms or a quest of knowledge favoured!

Discover rituals to compliment your Full Moon in Virgo horoscope here!


Take space to digest and unwind, as the Moon lights up your closure zone, Libra. Home, family life, a property or the past may have been hard work but now breeds a sense of accomplishment. Find joint endeavors, shared resources, finances and agreements play into your quiet reflection too.

We’re now in flow with Pisces Season, your month to streamline tasks and admin, getting in touch with a health regime or wellness practice. Sickness and recovery may be thematic, even tending to others that need you.

Therefore, go easy and slow, finding a way to navigate the processes beyond your control. Your employment and lifestyle could give you clues as to where to let go and practice acceptance. Know you’re coming around to rely on what others can do for you, sharing the load in your private life.


Your imagination could be strong, as communicator Mercury appears in your house of the arts, children, play dates and romance. However, the Full Moon directs you towards a group or community setting.

Be a part of the crowd or see the need for an audience. While your own inspiration counts, today your social scene or peers may be prominent. One person in particular may give you great growth experiences, so invite a partner to bridge the gap between what’s in your heart and what matters to friends, allies and your network.

Elsewhere, home life, family issues or a property matter may be palpable and exciting. Try not to let security and your space distract you from camaraderie in a wider circle that could be fun!


Your Full Moon in Virgo horoscope encourages a moment of ambition and fame! Illuminate accomplishments, your vocation or progress on your path.

Family life and property issues could be on your mind, as planets in Pisces steer you home. Try to find the balance between your inner and outer world, claiming a title and reminiscing or dreaming of safety, security and the past.

Your position, health and how you keep on top of things with a productive regime is a sweet spot. Lean into the work and wellness practice that’s serving you and others! Just be aware that local ties could be ultimately distracting.

It’s a social time with lots of attention on how you express yourself, connect and communicate, yet make space for a professional or personal goals to shine. It might be that you can publicity show off something from your personal life, household or the past!


This Full Moon is all about knowledge, connection, communication and expressing yourself publicly, Capricorn. Here you can touch on a journey, your beliefs, global issues and the way you relate to other philosophies or ways of life.

It may be that you’re delivering a message, encouraged to speak up about projects, vision, plans or your truth. Your children, love life, the arts, pregnancy, a vacation or hobby may be pertinent too!

Look to your environment and those in it, participating with close-knit peers, while touching on another way of seeing the world.

Be aware that money, your position, security and assets are also topical in the stars now. Grapple with what you do, how you contribute, spend or appreciate finances.


Money talks may be on your mind, with your job role, rewards and income an important focus now, Aquarius.

Yet your Full Moon in Virgo horoscope encourages you to illuminate where you’re committed, tied in or have worked with others to build, unify and develop together.

Try to balance your assets, attributes and contribution solo with a merging process that involves another. A key person could help you understand the need to share or plan for the long-term. Your family life, property, home turf and domestic plans play into this somewhat, with lots of potential around a secure base, space or surroundings.

Just be aware Mars and Venus are amping up your vim and vitality! A focus on number one is important but potentially distracting.


The Full Moon in your opposite sign and relationship zone means one person could stand out, Pisces! Communicator Mercury in your sign could have your message and delivery important too. Consider instructing or telling others what to do, comfortable with leading or being the authority.

This time of the month is one for illumination, so hone in on intimate one-to-ones, with awareness of partners. This may be a friend, family member, boss, client or spouse.

Express your own interests, opinions, plans and responsibilities, also aware of all social dealings, including community figures. There may be new ways to relate, engage and teach that are allowing you to expand.

Elsewhere, Venus, Mars and Pluto invite you to embrace solitude and healing. It could be timely devoting attention to a secret or private matter. Or, you may be called to reflect, retreat, rehabilitate, even serving or sacrificing yourself in relative isolation.

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