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Snow Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Virgo Horoscope…

Soak up this powerful full moon at 9th degree of the Maiden's sign!

Full Moon In Virgo, 8º57’

  • Weekday: Saturday – Saturn’s Day,
  • Element: Earth,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mercury.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Saturday February 27th, 2021 7.17 pm
  • Hong Kong: Saturday February 27th, 2021 4.17 pm
  • London: Saturday February 27th, 2021 8.17 am
  • New York: Saturday February 27th, 2021 3.17 am
  • Los Angeles: Saturday February 27th, 2021 00.17 am.

About This New Moon…

  • Sun in Pisces & Moon in Taurus are aligned with Uranus in Taurus
  • Mars in Taurus is aligned with Pluto in Capricorn.

The Moon in Virgo appears opposite the Sun in Pisces at Full Moon, while the ruler of this lunation – Mercury – sits between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, aligned with the Nodal Axis. 

The Moon and asteroid Vesta make a strong pairing, as the apex of a yod (made up of a sextile between Saturn and Chiron in Aries, too).

It’s a time to reap what we’ve sown – Full Moons are a time of peak illumination and awareness, and we can now shine a light on the area of our horoscope that bears witness to Virgo and her corn sheaf, while also lighting up the opposite sector, governed by Pisces…

Three celestial bodies appear in the sign of the Fish, so that we’re to cultivate balance at Full Moon.

On the one hand we can indulge and enjoy wistful yearning thanks to the boundless nature of Pisces and its omnipresent romanticism, on the other, details, precision and patient development is flavor of the day…

Elsewhere, three planets in Aquarius make for a strong line-up in cool, fixed air: thoughtful Mercury sandwiched by Saturn and Jupiter – our thinking is very much encapsulated by big plans unfolding and being established in the social realms, structures evolving that detach us from feeling too much…


The Full Moon could have you keen to help out, or recognise ways you can be of service… 

Pick out some themes to work on, Aries – there are plenty to choose from as the Moon comes to fruition in Virgo, and your sixth house of maintenance, wellbeing, health and habits that keep you running….

Daily practices and routines, your schedule and sense of organization are illuminated, so you might now acknowledge how you show up in your position, and all that keeps the cogs spinning… From an apple a day to your neat hem, and buttons sewn on tight.

But so too is an overarching focus towards rest, surrender, and a sense of charity. Pisces Season inspires lucid, emotionally attuned principles, so that your current ethos could be more intuitive, ‘going with the flow’ – especially when it comes to earnings and how you make a living – you may in a position to help other people, perhaps sacrificing time and money for a worthy cause…

It may be necessary to find the balance between fulfilling your own jobs, tasks and goals for wellness, while also being of service to another, now…

Three planets occupy your sociable eleventh house of groups, community concerns, and collective interests, including Mercury, the planet of communication, expansive Jupiter – now inviting you to level up participation in a circle of peers, organization, or industry – and Saturn, helping you take humanitarian aims seriously.

You could have an outlook, perspective, or shared principles with a pocket of society, coming together on a unique and meaningful subject, advancing and connecting on the things that matter to you all. Tune-in to friendships, and be among those that share your hopes and dreams for humanity. Just be mindful that with your ruling planet Mars in security driven Taurus you could see material interests interrupt your team spirit…


Love, passion, self-expression and your playful romantic side and creativity is illuminated today, Taurus! Moon moves into fellow earth sign Virgo, with a Full Moon drawing on all you put year heart into.

You could find you’re ready to reveal or acknowledge a sexual liaison, plan or passion project – a pregnancy – or perhaps you’re ready to admit that you’re dating, or have found the one who sets your heart alight!

Put your children, hobbies or desires center stage, or make a skill or talent you’ve developed visible; a love affair, or any number of personal interests can be spotlighted.

However, note it’s Pisces Season, which presents a broader lens with which to view your interests; this water sign spotlights the boundless nature of those you know – your community, the masses, and the world at large, including friends and supporters in your circle (including online alliances).

Balance your outlook, acknowledge what you love, (giving due attention,) take pleasure fully, while also knowing there’s a focus on your people.

Aside from the passionate, amorous Full Moon, tune into the way you come across in the world at large – and conversations or interests that warrant attention, particularly those concerning how you show up, strive for success, and navigate your path to praise…

Your house of visibility, career, public image and reputation is bolstered by the strong combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, so that you may have been exploring your options in vocational matters, addressing how you come across in your outer role or on social media. Or maybe you’ve been transitioning to a different role, a different industry or company.

Align your profile with the way you make a living and be rewarded, though know it’s not easy engaging with allies and personal interests heightened!


The Full Moon touches on your nurturing side.

Lend the spotlight to home life, self-care, and the way you nest, address family issues, or approach your domestic surroundings – pay attention to parents, or those that tend to you, or, who you look over as a guardian, parent or caretaker.

There could now be an important realization around your roots, and your literal or emotional boundaries. It’s a great day to take time out, to recharge, and connect to your sense of safety and security.

And yet as a trio shine bright in air sign Aquarius, you may find you’re connecting to refreshing new faces or tied to those that encourage you on a path to personal growth & expansion, lighting the way with plenty to learn…

Pisces Season inspires your public profile, career and vocation, Gemini, so that you could now find you’re directing focus towards your goals, reputation, and a position of visibility.

Yet you’d do well to balance your outlook today, as the opposition in the stars stresses your outer persona, but also a need to go inwards.

Draw back to regroup into your private life and the hidden realms – there may be great satisfaction derived in your ability to tackle misunderstandings and your private life, with Mars deep diving in your elusive, secretive twelfth house of prep, gestation and solitary action…

Elsewhere, the planet of commerce, communication, and movement – and your special ruling planet in astrology – appears in your house of personal growth, learning and travel. Make space to tune in to adventures, a quest for knowledge, education, or a global project on your mind. Consider what you’ve already learnt this year; certain specialist subjects, tracks or unfamiliar territories beckon so explore! Discover fresh perspectives or your own beliefs, truth, or philosophy…


The Full Moon draws on your connection to others, and therefore you could find you’re engaged at a local level, spotlighting an issue, idea or concept among friends or co-workers, siblings or neighbors. There may be an important realization around the way you relate personally, the way you talk, communicate, or express yourself through the written word, or messages.

Virgo is precise, analytical, keenly perceptive and astute; consider ways you’ve developed an affinity with those in your inner circle, or skillfully navigated your local environment. Heighten your attention on rapport and relationships!

Tune into serious, committed relationships, and issues that warrant your attention – how you spend or merge your resources (time, energy and money), and trust others to share and do the same. A trio in Aquarius urge you to double down your efforts to yield in your private life, and explore what’s usually left unsaid…

Balance your outlook, today – the dynamic and opposition in the Full Moon stresses different perspectives and approaches worth acknowledging.

The Sun’s tour of Pisces presents an imaginative lens with which to view the world and prompts a focus on the search for higher meaning – no matter how intangible. You could be embracing paths for personal development and looking into subjects that touch you and help you grow, emotionally attuned with broader brushstrokes, intuitive thinking and worldly inspiration that goes beyond your immediate ties… Yet the Virgo Moon keeps you grounded, down to earth with a slice of realism during Pisces Season…

Elsewhere, there’s cool logic in the stars, as Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn present a strong line-up in your committed house of joint interests, intimacy, investments and merging, so there’s still plenty of progress to be made to create long lasting alliances, following through in a more pragmatic sense…


Pisces Season is a deeply emotive, collaborative time, and as your celestial guide – the Sun – tours your committed house of bonds, trust and unification, you could be focused on next steps with those who have proven loyal.

Generally speaking, relationships, partners, and matters of negotiation and collaboration are boosted and bolstered, thanks to the pairing of Jupiter and Saturn in your opposite sign, Aquarius, and your house of others.

Mercury too adds an engaging connection, with lots to talk over, one-on-one (smoother now, thanks to the direct motion of Mercury).

Progress important talks from a logical standpoint, categorical, cool and measured appreciating what others bring to the table while also gaining perspective about your part.

The Full Moon spotlights your valuable contribution, so hone in on the details of your input…

The Full Moon illuminates matters of security, money, personal resources, what you have and what there is to gain from your capabilities (to sustain yourself).

There could now be an important realization around your job or income, or ways you make a living, earn and create efficiencies around material possessions – you may have a skill that proves useful (cooking or tightening the purse strings to good effect).

Practical, proficient and astute, run over the books with a fine-tooth comb, measured and exacting with the mood offering rewards.

Aside from the fiscal focus of the Full Moon, the Sun in Pisces and Venus in this sign – and your eighth house of commitment – steers focus towards what others have to give. Ways you pool together for mutual gain, and rely on outside influences is also on the table… Your shared bond.

Balance is achieved when taking the lead or the position of most visibility or notoriety – Mars helps you move ahead with ambition!


Pisces Season puts the emphasis on others – from a best friend or creative partnership, to a spouse, family member, even a coach or therapist you’re working with. The Sun’s tour of the Fish encourages you to negotiate or discover the nature of your alliances, one-on-one, how you engage and uphold unions and develop understanding and appreciation of others.

However, this evening sees a Full Moon in your sign, Virgo!

The Moon spotlights and elevates your appearance, presence, physicality, your body, your vitality and solo identity – so let others pay attention to you!

You could find you’ve reason to celebrate something personal: your spirit, resilience or something important about yourself. Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge what’s going on inside, in the more emotional sense of yourself…

Allow yourself to tune in to the way you keep yourself healthy, employed, and ‘well’ – and note any issues that have shown up that warrant your attention.

Mercury your ruling planet now appears in Aquarius with two ‘big boys’, Saturn and Jupiter all gathered in your house of work, routine, service and daily life: the issue of maintenance is likely topical.

You may have identified some element of your day to day that’s ripe for exploration, and now know or anticipate the ways to progress.

There may be an important development or realization around your physical being or healthy lifestyle choices…You may have thoughts or ideas about your role or vocation, about a job issue, habits and your routine…

Aside from the focus of the Full Moon on your presence, persona or purpose, there may be a reason to lean in to body management.

Employ what you know works! What or who would be helpful?


The Full Moon could feel reclusive, drawing you offline for quiet reflection.

You might be prompted to deal with matters in relationships that are elusive, frustrating or hold an element of service and sacrifice – being selfless and putting your own needs second, forgetting yourself to tend to others…

A trio of planets appear in your house of fun, pleasure and delights, so that the things you love and adore are boosted and bolstered now; your interest in romantic liaisons, exciting projects, dating, your creative urges and expressions, or matter regarding your heartfelt passions are elevated – yet might be complicated…

It may be necessary to slow down and take stock of more surface or superficial indulgences with a drive towards commitment and longevity also under consideration (thanks to Mars in your house of unification)…

The Moon illuminates your dreams, and the most secretive sector of your horoscope: the zone of closure, escapism, unconscious patterns and mysteries. You could now find you’re inclined to heal in private, or gestate, and prepare something out of sight.

There could now be an important realization around the way you approach affairs that warrant space and solitude to process; it makes for a great day to take time out, to incubate, recharge, to release and surrender.

However, it’s Pisces Season, a busy, productive, and inspiring time for your work, Libra. You could relish being caught up in plans with a flourishing schedule full of exciting tasks, as your ruling planet Venus glides through this water sign. Perhaps you’ve the feeling and sensation of being ‘in flow’ with chores or engaging a job that’s truly appealing – helpful, useful and needed.

Balance your outlook today, as the opposition in the stars stresses your work, health and lifestyle, but there’s a real need to retreat.


The Full Moon draws on your connection to a group, Scorpio, and you could find you’re engaged at a community level, spotlighting progress, support, and camaraderie among friends, co-workers or the masses.

There may be an important realization around the way you relate to others in the world at large – the clan, tribe or team you’re on, how you serve your team or the useful part you fulfil.

Consider ways you’ve developed affinity with those in wider circles, in your city, or society at large. Heighten attention on those you gravitate towards and be part-of: a fellow among fellows.

However, note it’s Pisces Season, which presents a more indulgent, self-propelled month for you, Scorpio.

With the Sun in your fun, fifth house, personal pleasures, solo gratification – and romance reigns. Note what matters most to you, and what interests everyman, allowing a partner to bridge the gap with reliable, steady dedication.

A trio of celestial influences now blossoms in your fourth house of stability, safety & home life; aside from the sociable Full Moon, allow yourself to tune in to an issue pertaining to your inner landscape, nest, or emotional world…

You may have been thinking long and hard about a domestic issue, addressing where you live or how you settle – perhaps you’ve been prompted to look deeply at your roots, ancestry, where you’re from and how you feed & nurture yourself and those around you.

You may have revisited an issue about family in therapy – or your boundaries, parenting, and even property matters, and can enjoy a sense of objective clarity around feelings and the matter at hand…

You may have arrived at a well thought out conclusion but don’t expect your outlook to align perfectly with others! A partner may ruffle feathers…


Tune in to issues of a sociable, human nature, engaged in how you communicate and relate to others, and deal with those in your immediate vicinity and environment.

A trio of planets appear in your third house of news, connection and short trips and journeys, highlighting navigation, neighbors, and local ties.

You may have had to address a matter within your inner circle, among coworkers or in your neighborhood, approaching verbal exchanges from a logical standpoint, talking it through to make better sense of it all. You might now feel liberated, having dealt with a conversation in a cool, categorical, measured way and can now feel competent and confident with progress.

You’re perhaps now better equipped to move ahead with clarity, and a better sense of direction. If words have been left unspoken – but you’re keen to give a situation airtime – contemplate and consider what to verbalize.

The Full Moon appears in your prolific tenth house of visibility, notoriety, profession, ambition and accomplishment.

Spotlight progress made in your vocation and on your path, consider ways you’re thriving; earth sign Virgo is exacting, perfectionist, and known for its ability to get on with the tasks, similarly, you might note where you’ve excelled and where your reputation precedes you. The emphasis could now be on what you do in the world – professionally or otherwise – with important realization around the way you show up & succeed.

However, as it’s Pisces Season, a deeply emotive focus is in flow around home life, your sense of self-care and nurture, family life or household matters; where you’re coming from and going to is relevant…

Balance is needed – and achieved – through a sense of consistency, patience and servitude. Do what needs to be done and find your stride…


The Full Moon in Virgo illuminates your zone of travel and truth-seeking, the area of your horoscope where you explore your beliefs (and what others have to share with you).

Pursue knowledge, wisdom, and come into alignment with your moral code or philosophy. You could find you’re aware of a journey, global project, or course (of education), with important development or realization to acknowledge.

Be open to your dreams, passions, and news around a personal quest.

However, note it’s Pisces Season, which presents a strong emphasis around close ties and a more primary way of thinking and assimilating information; close-knit encounters, and viewpoints shared are also spotlighted.

Balance your outlook, the way you speak, connect, and navigate locally while also gravitating towards those with a broader perspective.

Allow yourself to tune in to what you have and what’s coming your way – your possessions, pay check and position may have begun to take on prominence, thanks to Saturn’s tour of your second house, Capricorn.

You may have been dealing with delays around payments, a stalled notification about a job or contract, or simply found yourself ruminating and rethinking what you do, your value and approach to personal assets.

Note any fiscal or money issues that have shown up that still warrant your attention. Is there something worth examining more closely?

Opportunities to handle and explore your approach to your income, savings, or personal wealth with logic and clarity are likely on the table, so be confident approaching earnings, work and material comforts, your role and contribution…


The Full Moon illuminates your resourceful eighth house of shared secrets, shared assets, and shared space. You could now find you’re able to acknowledge the trusted collaborators who have shown up, helped and supported you, perhaps through an enduring time of relative solitude – on home turf, or in an emotional capacity requiring stability – helping you process…

There could now be an important realization around the way you merge, bond, collaborate, or reveal a private facet of yourself, Aquarius. Spotlight your ability to show vulnerability and pool or invest what you have.

Do note, however, that it’s Pisces Season, a potentially lucrative time – or at least a month to focus on your role, earnings, and the desire to sustain yourself (or spend as you’d like without boundaries or limits!!)

With this in mind, you’d do well to balance your outlook today, as the opposition in the stars stresses solo assets and standing, and ways you open up and unify.

There’s something to acknowledge about intimate exchanges with today’s Full Moon, however don’t linger too long on collaborations and others – thinking planet Mercury is in your sign, lending a chatty and engaging tone to your own plans, designs and projects, Aquarius!

Consider your personal life or identity, a solo venture, or clarity around who you are, and how you’re keen to step out with a fresh chapter in motion. Note ways you’re evolving on an autonomous level, which could be a look, ethos or character you’ve developed, a chance for self-expression, creativity and an adventure.

There may be new realizations about your body, vitality, and state of being that encourage you to focus on number one, in your element thriving.

There are so many ways to evolve, while it’s an opportune moment to know yourself, be prepared to come along even further…


The Full Moon lights up your opposite sign, and your connection to other people.

This is an incredibly social time of rapport, with Mars presently in your third house of communication and close ties propelling interests forwards locally.

There may be an important realization around the way you relate personally, on an individual basis, one-on-one, and a significant partnership to acknowledge… This needn’t be a romantic liaison, spouse, sweetheart, or crush, although it might be. Consider all your unions, and the people you collaborate with, and team up in a stellar partnership.

However, note it’s Pisces Season, your birthday! Which puts the spotlight on you in a more autonomous fashion (and the way you show up as an individual force among close kindred spirits). Find balance, sharing the stage with others at this Full Moon moment.

Aside from the Full Moon urging you to relate, allow yourself to step back into solitude, reflect on what’s shifted recently–what’s on your mind, Pisces?

A trio of planets now blossom in your sleepy twelfth house of retreat, rehabilitation, closure and restraint signaling a time to take your interests offline. There may have been a situation lately that’s forced you to retire and engage in a healing process, facing facts – which might not be easy or obvious.

Looking at your own tendencies and behaviors (or potentially the way you enable others). There may be habits you possess or engaging in that aren’t great for you, or, you might be keen to devote yourself in ways that are charitable, selfless, and work with unconscious or mysterious subjects.

Perhaps you’re tending to the sick and needy, or have a partner that’s asking you to show up for them. It’s a powerful time to consider misunderstandings that have caused you to isolate and slip into fantasy – if there has been some reason to pull inwards you can engage with it, and work it to your benefit.

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