2022 Horoscope – A Sneak Peek!

Useful dates for your diary, to schedule in ahead of time...

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Looking ahead to the 2022 horoscope, what do we see?

Star Sign Style is here to deliver key dates for the year ahead, so take a glance at what’s in store…

The Eclipses In 2022…

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The Nodal Axis, which guides our Moon’s ecliptic path and shows us where the Eclipses land, moves into a Fixed polarity on January 19th 2022, and the Zodiac Signs Taurus and Scorpio.

The North Node of destiny, fate and karmic experience will appear in Taurus, while the South Node will move backwards through Scorpio – read more here!

There will be four Eclipses in 2022:

  • April 30th or May 1st 2022, a Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus – a Taurus New Moon at 10º28′ (conjunct Uranus at 14º32′)
  • May 16th 2022, a Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – a Scorpio Full Moon at 25º17′ (square Saturn in Aquarius 24º56′)
  • October 25th, a Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – a Scorpio New Moon at 2º00′
  • November 8th, Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus – a Taurus Full Moon at 16º00′ (again conjunct Uranus at 16º56′).

Dates are time zone dependent.

Note that the two houses of your horoscope where Taurus and Scorpio appear will be highly significant growth areas.

Stay tuned for your yearly horoscope and read more about these four eclipses here!

☿ Mercury Retrograde In 2022…

Mercury will appear retrograde in the air and earth signs:

  • Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius, January 2022
  • Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (and Taurus), May / June 2022 and
  • Mercury Retrograde in Libra (and Virgo) September / October 2022.

♃ Jupiter & Neptune In Pisces In 2022 – Dream A Little Dream, Let It Go, Let It Grow!

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♃ Jupiter In Aries 2022

  • May 11th 2022 to October 28th 2022, then
  • Tuesday December 20th 2022 to May 17th 2023.

♄ Saturn In Aquarius – A Continuation Of Community & Collective Causes…


Saturn appears in Aquarius all year, slowly tracing through this fixed sign of science, just as he did throughout 2021.

♅ Uranus in Taurus – Ground Breaking Changes…

March 6th 2019 to April 25th 2026

Agriculture, Farming, Fashion, Food, Finances, Cash & Coin, Plant Based, Vegan

Uranus moved permanently into earthy Taurus for a seven-year stint in March of 2019, shaking up the earthly realms.

Over the coming years we’ll experience varying degrees of change and unrest, around financial security and values, consumerism and how we build, develop and relate to nature.

Collectively we might make more money online, or in the progressive realms of digital business. Read more here.

Mars Retrograde, 2022

Mars will retrograde at 25º Gemini…

Stay tuned for more insights!

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