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Blossom With The Full Moon In Taurus, October 24th…

Luna peaks with Uranus, highlighting major change!

Taurus Gigi Blooms…

This years full moon in Taurus falls Wednesday, October 24th 2018 at 12:45 pm EST, peaking at the power degree – 1º of Taurus, in conjunction with Uranus at 0º Taurus and opposite Venus – the ruler of Taurus, 4º Scorpio.

Venus is presently retrograde, and although we have to wait till Halloween until she reaches the 0º hot spot she can’t help but get in on the action this full moon, sidling up to the sun.

This full moon emphasises two things:–

1 Uranus in Taurus – developments to date, and

2 Venus Retrograde.

Uranus moved into Taurus May 15th 2018, just hours before the new moon in Taurus, so we can really reference what was happening back in May to this full moon moment, and what’s happened in the six months that have followed.

On a broader level Uranus in Taurus is highlighting innovations around money, food, how we earn and value things.

But on a more personal level Uranus could be invoking change – remarkably or very subtly. Look back to the new moon in mid-May for clues… What was going on for you in May?

Times For The Taurus Full Moon…

☆ New York October 24th 2018 at 12:45 pm EST ☆ London 25th 5.45 pm ☆ Hong Kong 25th October 2018 12:45 am ☆

Full Moon In Taurus Horoscope…

Aries – Ways of making money might have begun to shift or some element of your job role could now be geared slightly differently, Aries. Since mid-May your income and earnings have begun to alter, so use the power of the moon to focus on gains made. Claim confidence around the position you hold and your own capabilities.

Taurus – The focus is on you this full moon, Taurus, as Luna illuminates your sign and the radical changes that are beginning to be seen. Since mid-May Uranus has begun to shake up your personal sense of purpose and incite new and innovative developments. Relationships are presently undergoing transformation too, but today, own your individual nature.

Gemini – The moon peaks in your zone of surrender, rest and sleep. Stand down, Gemini, remembering we all have moments to take it easy. Scorpio season prompts you to think about your health, day job, routine and rituals, however this full moon spotlights the more transcendent side of everyday habits – your connection to Gaia and source. Meditate.

Cancer – You community and wider circles are spotlighted by this full moon, Cancer, so think about how you connect with those around you – including your peers or network online. You might now have a new group of friends to work with, and a whole wave of potential at your fingertips.

Leo – Since mid-May your reputation or professional path could’ve been undergoing very gradual change, Leo; you might be working in a field that’s technologically advanced or extremely alternative. Uranus zaps us with his progressive powers and you might find you’re doing something meaningful in the world over the years to come.

Virgo – The moon illuminates new experiences for Virgo, an education outside of your usual scope of reference. You may have been focussed on close connections lately, with co-workers, siblings or schoolfriend brining up opportunities for growth. However today the full moon spotlights something beyond your usual environment.

Libra – Solid commitments, breaking new ground with a partner, embracing strong bonds in different ways, sharing space and resources with another or private investments are the theme of your full moon Libra. The peak of the Lunar Cycle involves Uranus, and your ruling planet Venus, so financial changes or alternative methods for investment could be relevant.

Scorpio – Your partnerships and one-to-one relations are spotlighted by the full moon, with surprises in store for Scorpions! You might have an interesting exchange now or be presented with an unusual collaboration. Though there’s disruption from partners remember Venus is now retrograde in your sign, and therefore it’s difficult to settle on a final outcome. December reveals more.

Sagittarius – Day to day life may have undergone a change since mid-May, with a shake-up in routine matters. You might have switched up your health plan or be exercising at a different time, or embracing a new piece of technology to monitor your eating or wellness. Spotlight routines and rituals with this full moon!

Capricorn – Your playful, amorous zone of love and passion is spotlighted with this full moon, Capricorn, the area where babies are made and fun is had! With Uranus in this area of your chart you can welcome in new ways to enjoy yourself, or even consider alternative or different lifestyle choices. It’s possible to have a baby through IVF over the years ahead or produce an unconventional creative offering!

Aquarius – New developments in your domestic setting, space or home life can reveal themselves with the moon illuminate in your nesting zone now. Hone in on what’s changed since mid-May underfoot, considering your general sense of security and stability. You might be sensing the beginning tremors of change that’s to come!

Pisces – Surprising information can come to light with the moon peaking in your zone of close connections, peers and playmates, Pisces. You’ve powerful ties to the group, members of the community or may generally be working hard to establish yourself among friends now. Think before you speak today, and pay attention to revelations!

A Note About Tauro

The Taurean goddess as explained in the Shamanic school of thought is a courtesan, an expert at making men drool – literally, satisfying their hungers on all levels.

She loves to eat and drink the finest finds, therefore she’s a connoisseur; she has a sensitive touch and knows how to give a solid massage; she is au fait with all that is beautiful – art, ballet, design – and makes the best date to accompany a single gent to a gallery or dinner.

Here are your 5 essential rituals for the supa-dupa full moon in Taurus, which can be indulgent and sensual…

1. Celebrate Beauty

Become A MUA…

One of my most favourite rituals has to be putting on makeup.

I love the process of getting ready, at times more than the going out itself! With this beautiful full moon presents the opportunity to shine as your very own Make Up Artist extrodinnaire because Taurus is one of the two signs ruled by Venus, the most gorgeous planet of them all.

With an eye for beauty, the Venus ruled signs are particularly aligned with professions that are oriented towards the aesthetic – a curator, the beauty industry itself.


Sun In Taurus Beauties: Jessica Alba, Christina Hendricks, Adele And Anne Margret.

2. Bathe In Luxurious Oils

And Flowers…


Let Your Bath Runneth Over…

Full Moon’s are a time of peak excitement, and can either prompt us to go out and party ourselves silly, or they can overwhelm, requiring a moment’s pause to assimilate the high emotional vibes.


A ritual bath full of gorgeous essential oils and fresh or dried flowers will make you swoon under the full moon…


Relax and embrace the electric feels.

3. Satisfy Your Senses

With Relish…


Smell good, feel great and eat well.

Yes, Taurus loves to eat! Have you met a Taurus? Even the moon in Tauro folk get hangry when they’re not sufficiently full.

Eating is a ritual I can get down with – take your friend for a special treat and savour every sweet morsel.


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Cover delicacies with flowers.


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4. Count Your Blessings –

In Your Purse

The full moon is a time for us all to celebrate, and with Taurus as the backdrop to the illuminated moon we can look to the practical, material realms for clues on what to be thankful for.


A Chic Purse Fit For Tauro…

Think about honouring your love of things, your possessions in the home, meditate on the real world valuables around you and be comforted by their steadfast dependability – a solid wood table, a comfortable chair, a good pair of shoes…

5. Light A Pink Candle

And Turn Off Your Devices…

Pink candles hold a potent energy, fuelled with love and magic.

So many spells for beauty and love feature the use of a pink candle, you can simply meditate on its abundant radiance and pause.

Turn off all your phones, electric devices and be still in the full moon moment!

Celebrities Born On A Full Moon In Taurus…

Demi Moore, Prince Charles, Lisa Bonet, Kathy Griffin, Delta Goodrem, Nick Lachey, Tonya Harding, ‘Monica’,

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