Taurus, Leo & Aquarius – Fabulous Fixed Signs!


Taurus Leo Scorpio And Aquarius – They’re Fabulous Fixed!

The Fixed Signs

The zodiac is divided into three modes, with four signs adopted by each. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed signs, read on to discover their common characteristics… But before you race off to read more about yourself, stop and consider something important – you are not simply your Sun sign. That’s right astro lover, you’re a combination of planetary placements, so consider your Moon, Venus and all your star signs before you settle on a mode!

When an astrologer looks at a birth chart they’ll sometimes notice a predominant mode, or they’ll take the strongest mode based on the personal planets, the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury, plus the ascendant and midheaven.

Read the Astrology ArticleHow Do I Work Out My Birth Chart to find out your predominant element

Fixed energy is stable, and Fixed Is Fabulous! because people with a lot of this energy in their chart are loyal, steadfast and follow through where others flounder, get distracted or loose momentum (yes Cardinal and Mutable, that’s you!).

These people have heaps of determination, endurance, and are powerful, persistent high achievers. They’re more reliable and constant.

On the down side, those with a lot of Fixed energy in their chart can be resistant to change, and are prone to getting stuck in a rut. It can be harder for them to ‘let go’ and they can be inflexible… To find out if you have a lot of planets in the Fixed signs, check out your birth chart!

The Fixed Signs…

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Taurus  Leo  Scorpio  Aquarius

tenacious Taurus ☆ luscious Leo sexy Scorpio ☆ audacious Aquarius ☆

The Fixed signs (fittingly) reflect the more stable times of the year – in the northern hemisphere.

Taurus is when Spring is in full bloom and we can kick back in the meadow, like the grazing Bull, or the garden!

Leo’s time is the steady, heady midst of Summer, when we station ourselves on the beach and enjoy the blazing heat of the Sun – not a time to run around too much…

Scorpio is into Autumn – we’re past the ‘back to school’ burst of energy, it’s time for a slow walk with crisp leaves underfoot.

Finally, Aquarius is the stillness of Winter, after the party of new years and the burst of energy required to start the year. Aquarians time is the end of January, moving into February, a time for waiting out the cold.

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