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Breathe Deep With The New Moon In Scorpio, November 7th /8th 2018…

The new moon in Scorpio sees tension between Mars and Jupiter, take a generous pause!

Born With The Sun And Moon (and Mercury and Saturn) In Scorpio, Alexa Chung…

New Moon In Scorpio, Times

The luminaries will bond in the sultry, sexy Scorpio constellation on Wednesday November 7th 2018 at 15º11′ of the sign.

☆ L.A. October 8.02 a.m. ☆ New York 11:02 a.m. ☆ London 4:02 p.m. ☆ Paris 5:47 a.m. ☆ Hong Kong 00:02 a.m. (Thursday 8th) ☆

What to do With The New Moon in Scorpio?

The new moon is a potent time of collected energy, and this month that energy culminates in the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Sun, Moon and Jupiter are present in this water sign, with Sol and Lune meeting at 15º Scorpio.

They align relationship with Neptune, who’s at 13º of a fellow water sign, Pisces, as the astro-bodies form a trine, which indicates a sense of ease.

The ruler of this new moon is Mars in Aquarius, in tension with Jupiter, which has been passing through Scorpio this year.

You can see from the chart above that sun and moon are joined at 15º with Jupiter at 29º, and Mars is at 25º – so not an exact right-angle or ‘square’ but still, close.

This tension could express itself in many ways, but one that stands out for me at this time is the momentum around voting – a social (Aquarius) issue, which some people hold privately (Scorpio). The Spice Girls (Aquarius-era-pop-band) are back together, however their return to the stage is overshadowed with a backstory of jealousy (Scorpio) and one missing band member (VB). Aquarius Rising Khloe Kardashian is in the news this week talking about the public betrayal of her partner (Scorpio). These are just a few examples of head-strong Mars brushing up against big boy Jupiter.


Just before the new moon we can let go and release, ready to make room for a fresh start and new cycle.

This is an excellent time for manifestation and intention setting, that is, considering what seeds you’d like to plant, and see come to fruition on the full moon in Scorpio, in 2020.

You don’t have to wish for the most magnificent things to unfold, this can be a streamlined request full of gratitude of what’s already in motion and remember, it’s always fun (and more intentional) to write down exactly what you’d like to occur, before handing it to the universe with a smile.

Each new moon is a wonderful opportunity to take a moment of still, calm serenity, and to tune into our inner senses. Breathe, and afford yourself a moment just for you.

Scorpio New Moon Horoscope

Where does the new moon fall in your horoscope?

Aries or Aries Rising

Your community activities are presently thriving Aries, and you could feel as if you’re being effective in a group setting or among colleagues and your peers. However the new moon calls your attention towards the closest bonds you share – the personal partnerships you’ve cultivated this year.

It could be a day when friends clash with lovers, or your dreams clash with financial commitments, as your ruling planet Mars is in tension with Jupiter in your zone of private investments…

Just for today, focus on bae, or how best to pool your resources somewhere good.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

Special partnerships are spotlighted with the new moon in Scorpio and your relationship zone, and you’re afforded a fresh start around the interactions that are most meaningful. Your position on the public stage or your career path is also gleaning attention, as Mars blazes through the area of your goals and aspirations. This is one day when reaching for the stars can play second fiddle to the ones you love, Taurus.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

It’s a busy day for Gemini as the moon joins the sun and Jupiter in your productive zone of work and service. It’s an awesome time to claim a fresh start in your day job or around habits and wellness, however an adventurous streak could prove distracting!

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Jupiter – and Scorpio season – has seen an emphasis swell around your personal sense of creative self-expression, romantic adventures, solo interests and passions. It’s may have been a year that’s drawn attention towards pet projects or the urge to produce something – be it a baby, book, creative venture or sense of playful fun!

With the moon re-setting in Scorpio you can affirm what you hope to continue with, and manifest more joy, more pleasurable activities… Do note at this full moon there’s tension between Jupiter and Mars, which is now in your zone of investments, intimacy and private affairs. You could find driving ahead a committed relationship takes away some of the fun, or that close partners distract you from enjoyable hobbies… Take time to think about what you’re hoping to build, grow and produce.

Leo or Leo Rising

A fresh start for home life comes after a year of Jupiter touring your domestic realms, Leo. Scorpio season and the new moon put even greater emphasis on household – or emotional – matters. You can claim a new beginning in your space, and look forward to a pleasurable time in to nest throughout December, which is generally going to be a fun month!

The only sticking point at this new moon could come in the way of other people getting in the way, or creating disruptions. Mars is spicing up your partnership zone and has been for sometime. Relationships may have been interesting during late summer and into Autumn, with the signature prevalent at the moon moment.

Spring Clean your home for an extra positive spin on matters.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

It may been a year of growth for building your communication skills, making friends, learning something new or simply growing strong bonds with siblings or playmates. The Scorpio zodiac sign emphasises close ties and ways of learning and being curious among immediate peers – think school friends or co-workers. Hopefully you’ve managed to have some fabulous moments this summer – despite the Venus retrograde!

With this new moon you can affirm immediate connections, and take forward the best qualities surrounding your interactions.

Mars in your productive, busy zone may try and convince you that work is more pressing than reaching out, but make space to consider those in your inner circle.

Libra or Libra Rising

Your financial affairs, earnings and job role are the subject of this new moon, Libra, with the position you uphold in great focus now. You might have embarked on a journey that’s seen you change or reimagine what you do – what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at. It’s now a good time to rein-visage how you feel good about earnings, your financial position and savings in mind. You could be distracted by your greatest passion, as Mars presses ahead in your playful, recreation zone of fun and exciting projects. But drill down on what your goals are around the material, practical side of life.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

The new moon in your sign solidifies the great adventure you’ve embarked upon this year, Scorpio, and signifies a personal fresh start for you. Tension mounts in home spaces or your immediate surroundings, as your governing planet, Mars, clashes with Jupiter in your sign.

You might find that efforts you’ve been making to clear the emotional decks – or feel nested, settled, safe and secure – contend with what you’re trying to achieve personally. Focus on you this new moon, and all will be well.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Major acceptance can come with this new moon, Sagittarius, as planets congregate in your zone of closure, healing, dreams and surrender. Feisty Mars is sparking in your communication and connection area, however, meaning you could reveal something you might not had planned, or passions may spark with a friend.

Things are never straightforward in the stars, yet it’s a good day to step back and get some privacy, rather than taking action among your inner circle. If in doubt, don’t send the email or make the call. Wait a while and thank me later.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

With Mars in your progress-driven zone of earnings you might presently be enjoying momentum in your role, Capricorn. However the new moon draws your focus towards community, networks and friendships – the connections in your wider circles.

It’s no doubt been a year of growth in terms of the group you align with, and today you can embrace your place among peers. With a slight discord in play be sure to give time to the relationships that have blossomed.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

A radical reset is on the cards for Aquarius around this new moon. Jupiter has been blossoming in Scorpio this year and with the Scorpio new moon comes focus on your position at large.

And yet, with Mars in your most personal house of ‘self’ you could be feeling impulsive, aggravated, extra driven or even impulsive!

It’s important to be aware of the opportunities around your path and goals – and the buzzing energy that’s currently running through you. Not only are you hosting Mars in your sign, your governing planet is adding tension, as Uranus has just slipped back into Aries.

Suit up and show up, mindful of how you express yourself. The way you come across could be a little jarring or aloof…

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Jupiter has delivered opportunities to expand your world-view through transformative experiences, Pisces. This may have included a year of travel, education or another channel of growth. Now, with the new moon you can forge ahead with these very special projects and plans, and yet there’s a sticking point.

Relationships are presently challenging, with Venus retrograde in your zone of close bonds and commitments. If you have a partner it’s possible you’re going through an interesting process, which could feel cathartic and peppered with ‘surrender’ moments. Don’t let your love life prove too much of a distraction, you can still have fun, embracing all you’ve learnt! Lean on your community.

Get The Timing Right!

The best time to take action is a couple of days after the new moon, when luna has a bit of wind beneath her wings to carry your wishes with her to fruition…

These intentions can be short-term, flourishing with the full moon in two weeks, or may take six or 18 months to appear, blooming with the full moon in Scorpio next year.


What to do With The New Moon in Scorpio?

  • Slip Into Still Waters – Have A Detox Bath


The new moon is a potent time of collected energy, and this month that energy culminates in the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Sun, Moon and Mercury are gathered together in this, the ‘fixed’ water sign, that I like to liken to a dark lake at night, mysterious and irresistible, cool and deep.

Just before the new moon we can let go and release, ready to make room for the new with the new moon and new cycles.

The detoxing effect of the dark moon phase lends itself perfectly to a bath that draws out toxins, so pour salt in the tub and exhale.

  • Release Negative Shit – Calls For A Colonic


In the most literal sense you can clear away the most dark matter from your physical body during this Scorpio moon.

Did you know the bacteria in your gut can seriously actually affect your mood?

It’s true, and while enemas aren’t totally proven to be good for long-term health they sure do feel good once in a while… Scorpio rules the rectum, prostate gland, bladder, cervix and genitals, so while the moon is waning in Scorp get clearing!

  • Abracadabra – Manɪfɛst Magic


The new moon is a powerful time for still contemplation, thinking about what you’d like to manifest or ‘make real’.

Write your lips wearing the classic Scorpio colors – oxblood or maroon red, and the dark as night black shade for extra powerful intentions…

  • Get Your Wax On – Wax Off!


With the waning moon you LET GO.

The dark moon hours in the sexy Scorpio sign are perfect for focusing on removal of all the things you want to get rid of, indulging the hairs on your chin – and all private parts. Time for a wax!

  • Explore The Waters – Dive Deep…


Scorpio is the probing investigator of the zodiac and with the new moon in Scorpio it’s essential to dive deeply in the emotions, exploring the dark shadows of our psyche and the underworld of thoughts.

If we don’t know what lies beneath how can we truly eradicate the garbage?

I PROMISE you’ll look more beautiful with a smile on your face after you’ve swum the waters of your soul…

Celebrities Born With Sun and Moon In Scorpio

Björk, Ryan Reynolds, RuPaul, Brittany Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, Owen Wilson, Alexa Chung, Kim Wilde, Thandie Newton and Katy Perry

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