Eclipse Cycle: Taurus North Node, Scorpio South Node…

Themes & Trends for the upcoming shift into Taurus-Scorpio

The Taurus Bovine Leads, The Still Scorpio Waters Left Behind…

The axis of Taurus and Scorpio is of the fixed modality.

The time of fertility and abundance in nature – and Beltane – and the darker time – the thinning of the veil at Halloween – these two Zodiac Signs are represented by the Bull and Scorpion.

Earth (and practicality) and Water (emotional sensitivity) are often complimentary in the Wheel of the Zodiac but here they lie in opposition

Let’s look ahead to the implications of the upcoming Eclipse Cycle in Taurus and Scorpio, as the North Node shifts into Taurus January 19th 2022 (to July 17th 2023).

Taurus North Node (+ Uranus)

With the North Node in Taurus we could see:

  • An influx of profitable artistic opportunities NFT’s – non fungible tokens – value held in digital art & cryptocurrency,
  • An influx of sustainability, greenwashing, and awareness of the tangible, material world (climate change and environmental issues),
  • An influx of advances made around plant based cooking and dining, foraging experiences, consumption – how we consume & consumerism,
  • An influx in property prices, land, attention on building & development costs, more people wanting to gain stability and a place to live and work,
  • An influx of feminine sensuality and innovation of sex toys (like Taurus Lilly Allen has been promoting),
  • An influx of our desire for simple song and sensory pleasures (Audrey Hepburn), ballet, music and dance, access to artists, Spotify and artistic technology,
  • An influx of brick and mortar or pop-up stores that are exciting – here today, gone tomorrow – where people experience a little luxury, 
  • The need for a ‘permanent address’, a desire for solid ground and real investments that arrive in ways that are progressive (Bitcoin)…

As Taurus is Fixed Earth, and presides over food, finances, fashion (sensuality, self-sufficiency and what’s in stock), we can anticipate self-reliance, ways to add value and find out the worth of things.

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Scorpio South Node

  • A lack of insurance (post Covid), money lent, credit, pensions or other schemes to help out,
  • A lack of abortion access, resources for addiction, suicide, and ‘non superficial’ interests (the darker topics),
  • A lack of money to borrow (Prince Harry), no-one to rely or depend on,
  • A lack of trust, sharing space, coming together to pool resources, an inability to divorce or seamlessly separate,
  • A lack of focus on death, shifts to funerals and funeral services, palliative and end of life care,
  • Less to inherit, fiscally or emotionally – less wisdom and memories passed from elderly to young…

As Scorpio is Fixed Water, and presides over shared resources, trust, unification, power dynamics and privacy, we can anticipate a lessening of private interests (loans), secrets and the ability to rely on outside sources of income or resources.

What Else?

Note too, that the Moon is ‘exalted’ in Taurus, and in ‘fall’ in Scorpio. Read more about the Essential Dignities in astrology, here: exaltation, fall, domicile and detriment.


Born during these times and you’ll have a Taurus North Node, and will be having your Nodal Return!

  • January 19th 2022 – to July 17th 2023
  • April 15th 2003 to December 26th 2004
  • September 12th 1984 to April 6th 1986
  • February 20th 1966 to August 19th 1967
  • August 3rd 1947 to January 26th 1949.
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