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The Full Moon In Scorpio, April 29th/30th 2018…


The Scorpio Full Moon falls April 30th 00.58 Am (GMT) at 9º of the zodiac sign.

April’s Full Moon In Scorpio, Times Around The World:

☆ L.A. – Sunday 29th 5.58 pm ☆ New York Sunday 29th 8.58 pm ☆

☆ Paris – Monday 30th 2.58 am ☆ London –Monday 30th 1.58 am ☆ Hong Kong – Monday 30th 8.58 am ☆ Sydney – Monday 30th 10.58 am ☆

Overview Of This Full Moon

The moon is full and blooming in Scorpio this weekend, an extra special moment.

Red hot Mars and Pluto – the two co-rulers of Scorpio – meet in Capricorn’s constellation (metaphorically speaking), while the moon shines in the intense, still waters of Scorpio.

The moon in it’s full phase brings things to light and Scorpio isn’t afraid of the horrors of life – this is, after all the sign of the season of Halloween, when the veil is thinnest…

Scorpionic themes of the past 6-8 months are coming to fruition – more sex and abuse scandals are coming to light, rampant anger and violence is being displayed in the news and we could be feeling squeezed, dominated or fiercely defensive.

Mars and Pluto, the warrior and lord of the underworld – two hardcore influences in the stars – meeting in patriarchal Capricorn indicates a shift in the tectonic plates of power; long-term transformations could suddenly appear very present, up close and personal.

We might find a real awareness growing over the weekend of all that’s been unearthed during Jupiter in Scorpio, as consciousness grows around the darker subjects.

News is currently breaking around a high profile sex cult ‘Nxivm’ and Harvey Weinstein continues to populate the news. This is so apt – Mars (sex), Pluto (power), Jupiter (press and broadcasting). We’ve seen major violence and outbursts all around the world in the past week, with individuals on the rampage and cruel attacks.

On the plus side there’s more empowerment and agency for those who fight for it.

This energy doesn’t have to play out negatively, it could put you in touch with incredibly powerful types or help you transition on a personal level. It’s a fantastic time to action transformations in process, stepping into your own.

Top 5 Tips For The Full Moon In Scorpio, Beauty Rituals

1. Go Magnetic. Hypnotic. Smokey. Sultry…

Our most beautiful Scorpio heroines come with a side serving of smoking allure; with the moon full in Scorp shine a light on the look that speaks of mystery…

Scorpio Winona…

Like a magnetic force field, Scorpio draws you in yet keeps you at arms length. Hypnotic, it’s a compulsive force field that can attract or repel us – or both!

Scorpio isn’t concerned with the shiny veneer, the polished presence or glossy facade. It’s beyond people pleasing niceties, it’s more interested in real, hard-core emotions. Get really, really real this weekend…

2. Break Out In Bondage!

With the two co-rulers of Scorpio up close and personal, it’s time to bring on the sexy underwear (Pluto), and sweat (Mars’ territory).

Pluto governs the underworld – and underwear – while Mars presides over our animal instincts and pursuit of satisfaction – sexual gratification included.

This pairing speaks of domination – the heady pulse of Mars in Capricorn with the striking hand of Pluto. An extra sassy heel or powerful boot also ticks the box now.

The full moon brings situations full circle and in Scorpio this speaks of close bonds, consumption and our ability as humans to mate and rebirth.

3. Potent Shifts, Purges And Power Plays

Scorpio Models Gemma Ward

Scorpio is the sign that knows ‘what lies beneath’. It’s the zodiac sign we assign to death and rebirth, to the knowingness around taboo subjects and to the greatest transformations possible.

Scorpio is with us when we walk through the dark passages, and is the sign we want holding our hands as we experience the shadows. Scorpio helps us purge, detox and come to terms with power plays – which are often uncomfortable and unfair.

This weekend draw a detox bath and comprehend the long term changes that you’ve plunged towards this last six months.

Scents of Patchouli can help heal the emotional and psychological impact of stress, supplying extra energy when you’re depleted and don’t have anything left to give.

4. Snakes And Ladders…

Remember Stargazers, Jupiter has been swollen and engorged in the Scorpio zodiac sign since October 11th 2017, the day the news about degenerate predator Harvey Weinstein broke.

This year has seen the Gucci motif ‘the snake’ resonating hard within our collective. Slink into some Scorpionic motifs to channel the power of reptilians that have the power to shed their skin and slip seamlessly into a new guise – the Phoenix rising from the ashes…

What area of the chart is the Scorpio full moon lighting up for you?



Eighth & Tenth House Matters… Power Trippin, Sex & Money + Career, Fame And Honours…


Seventh & Ninth House Matters… Marriage, Partnership And One–to–Ones + Travel, Adventure, Learning, Higher Education…


Sixth & Eighth House Matters… Work, Health, Rituals of The Daily Kind + Power Trippin, Sex & Money…


Fifth & Seventh House Matters… Creation, Recreation, Self Expression and Fun + Marriage, Partnership And One–to–Ones


Fourth & Sixth House Matters… Family, Home And Hearth + Work, Health, Rituals of The Daily Kind…


Third & Fifth House Matters… Siblings, Peers And Social Network – Communication & Community + Creation, Recreation, Self Expression and Fun


Second & Fourth House Matters… Material Values And Self Worth + Family, Home And Hearth…


First & Third House Matters… You, Your Approach, Your SELF + Siblings, Peers And Social Network – Communication & Community…


Twelfth  & Second House Matters… Dreams, Delusion and Deep Shifts – Transformation and Transition + Material Values And Self Worth…


Eleventh & First House Matters… The Group, Peers, Friendships And Your Wider Circles + You, Your Approach, Your SELF…


Tenth & Twelfth House Matters… Career, Fame And Honours + Dreams, Delusion and Deep Shifts – Transformation and Transition…


Ninth & Eleventh House Matters… Travel, Adventure, Learning, Higher Education + The Group, Peers, Friendships And Your Wider Circles…

How will YOU celebrate the full moon in SCORPIO Stargazer? Let me know in the comments below!

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