A Full Moon Ritual for Supernatural Skincare…

You know that the full moon charges crystals but can lune also enhance our beauty products? Jessica DeFino investigates!

Do you perform rituals or set intentions under the full moon?

Full moon ceremonies have been a part of my personal practice for the past year or so, and I find myself getting more and more experimental with each moon phase that passes.

In general though, there are two main ways to work with the energy of the full moon: you can “clear out,” or you can “plug in.”

Symbolically, a new moon is the ideal time to release the things that are no longer serving us.

As the full moon wanes (AKA, gets smaller) over the following two weeks, the things we’ve decided to “release” get smaller and smaller, too. This is the “clearing out.”

This lunar phases also represents moments of enhanced potential.

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And during the full moon, Luna is at full capacity and is literally overflowing with energy, giving us the opportunity to soak up those good vibes. The most common way to do this is to leave crystals out to charge under the light of the moon.

This is the “plugging in.”

When I was gathering my crystals after a night of moonlit charging last month, I started thinking: Why do we only charge crystals?

If the full moon really does imbue them with its energy, then theoretically, couldn’t we charge anything under the full moon for peak performance and powerful vibes? Anything, including…skincare products?

It only seems natural that the moon would enhance the nourishing properties of our cleansers and serums, too.

This theory checks out for some skincare products. Basically, the full moon supercharges crystals because they’re of the Earth–the moon’s energy mingles with their natural vibrations, making them stronger.

So if you want to supercharge your skincare, stick to the all-natural products on your shelf (no chemicals or man-made ingredients).

Full Moon Ritual – Charge Your Beauty Products

  • Find an outdoor space that will get hit by the light of the moon overnight. A balcony or even a windowsill will do if you’re in an apartment.
  • Arrange your skincare products and add any sacred objects you like (crystals, candles, earth elements) to your altar to enhance the healing energy.
  • Set an intention, and take a moment or two to meditate on that intention over your full moon altar. Something like, “May these products be filled with the light and energy of the full moon” works just fine–but you can make it as specific to your skin as you want (maybe you’re focusing on clearing up your acne or keeping your skin hydrated).
  • Leave them to soak up the moonlight overnight, then collect them in the morning. Say a little “Thank you” to the moon.
  • Use and watch your skin develop a glow as bright the full moon!

Your dates for the full moon can be found here!

What do you think–will you be including skincare products in your full moon ritual this month, or is this one woo-woo step too far?

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