Tried And Tested – Under Luna Red Moon Dust Review!

Jessica De Fino embraces dry masking and a special moon mask...

My latest skincare obsession? Dry masking.

Dry masks generally include clay, herbs, flowers, and/or plants that have been ground up and packaged in powder form. Since powders don’t harbor bacteria like wet formulas do, they’re not only healthier for your skin, but they also last forever.

Especially when they’re imbued with the power of the moon, like Under Luna’s Red Moon Dust Mask.

This dry mask looks like what it sounds like: red dust.

It gets its color from red sandalwood, which is both anti-aging and anti-bacterial, and also includes hibiscus (which exfoliates and evens skin tone), rosehips (which are rich in antioxidants and help heal blemishes and scarring), turmeric root (which gives the skin a natural glow), and beet-derived lactic acid (to exfoliate and brighten).

To use the mask, you simply mix the powder with an equal amount of water, blend, and apply to the face. I love blending my own dry mask formulas–to me, the process feels both meditative and interactive; like I’m participating in a sacred skincare ritual.

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When the Red Moon Dust Mask mixes with water, it smells like fresh rain hitting the dirt, but better. That natural, earthy smell lets me know I can feel good about the ingredients I’m slathering on my face.

Once the powder/water paste is applied to the skin, you have to let it dry for about 10 – 15 minutes. A lot of dry masks tighten over the skin as they dry, but this one doesn’t do that as much. In fact, it feels strangely hydrating for a dry mask, thanks to the moisturizing properties of sandalwood and rosehips.

When time is up, simply wash the dry paste from your face with warm water (and a washcloth you don’t mind staining red).

Overall, this mask is intended to soothe irritated skin and brighten skin tone–and it works. After one use, my skin looked clear and glowy, and my cheeks had a healthy flush. No blush or highlighter needed!

Since this mask does include lactic acid, I wouldn’t use it more than once a week–but really, you can’t overdose on good, natural ingredients.

You can buy your own Under Luna Red Moon Dust Mask here for $19.

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