Apothecary Co. Moon Ritual Manifesting Duo Review

These “Manifesting Sprays” Will Take Your Moon Rituals to the Next Level

I’m a sucker for a mystical mist–I’ve amassed a legitimately ridiculous amount of essential oil sprays and sage spritzes; I even make my own Moon Water Face Mists, for Goddess’ sake!

So when Apothecary Company sent me their Moon Ritual Manifesting Set, made up of a “Full Moon Surrender Spray” and a “New Moon Manifesting Mist,” I was all in.

Manifesting Mist | Surrender Spray

Each spray is lovingly handcrafted (in a place called Loveland, Colorado, no less) with crystals and essential oils, and intended to take your moon ritual to the next level.

Here’s how they work.

Full Moon Surrender Spray

The Full Moon Surrender Spray supports the energy of releasethat’s associated with the Full Moon. It’s infused with Back Tourmaline Crystals (to protect you from negative energy), Palo Santo Wood (for grounding and centering), Clary Sage Oil (which strengthens your “life force”), and Lavender Oil (to relax and soothe).

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Apothecary Company suggests incorporating it into your usual Full Moon ritual, or spritzing it on your sheets as you sleep under the Full Moon in order to amplify the power of your intentions.

I called on this during my last Full Moon ritual–it was a natural addition to my crystal cleansing and Moon Water making–and it gave my mini private ceremony a magical boost. Whatreally makes this product special for me, though, is the combination of Palo Santo and Lavender. The scent lulled me into a deep state of relaxation and rootedness, which only grew more powerful when I spritzed it on my pillowcase before bed.

New Moon Manifesting Mist

But where the Full Moon Surrender Spray put me in a dream state, the New Moon Manifesting Mist filled me with energy when I used it two weeks later. That’s because its key ingredients–Citrine and Clear Quartz Crystals and Lime Essential Oil–are specifically engineered to strengthenthe intention-setting vibeof the New Moon.

In other words, this spray will help cleanse your aura, stimulate your mind, and assist with manifesting abundance.

Again, the aromatherapy benefits of the New Moon Manifesting Mist are noticeable. I sprayed the bright, citrus scent everywhereand found myself sitting up in bed, scribbling in my journal to set intentions and detail all of my manifestation goals well into the night. It must’ve been that hint of lime on my bed sheets, right?

After using these sprays for a full moon cycle, I’ve decided to make them a permanent part of my personal practice and, in the words of Apothecary Company, “give[my] troubles to the moon and trust the lunar Goddess in all her glory.”

Shop the Full Moon Surrender Spray here and New Moon Manifesting Mist here, or get them both as part of the Moon Ritual Manifesting Set.

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