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Aromatherapy Astrology And The Best Essential Oils For Leo Season…

Natalie Delahaye Gives Us Cosmic Insight On Stellar Scents For Lions...

How can we use therapeutic oils during the season of Leo – late July to late August – and what are the best essential aromatherapy oils for Leo themselves?

Let’s look to the stars for answers! As a complementary therapy, we can work with aromatherapy, with recommended blends for different seasons.

During Leo Season, we might like to consider the essential oils that have a balancing, healing effect on Leo: Neroli (orange blossom), Benzoin and Basil.


Neroli is an oil that is suited to personality types who over-dramatize and like to be the centre of attention, perfect for Leos, especially during the high drama eclipse month, during which they play a starring role.


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…Neroli Orange Blossom…

This classic anti-stress, heartwarming flower, enhances creativity. Neroli is an exquisite oil that can be worn simply as a perfume, too.

  • Mixing a tablespoon of a massage base oil with 2 drops of neroli to create a fragrance for Leo.


Benzoin is an oil that resonates with the Sun, making it a perfect choice for Leo.

Like the Sun, it Is heating, drying, energising, uplifting and euphoric.

  • Melt away all your troubles of the day by immersing yourself into a warm bath with a few drops of benzoin. Massage your solar plexus and chest in a clock-wise direction with 2 drops to your base oil.


Fire sign Leo can benefit from the balancing effects of refreshing basil: diffuse some basil in your work space to increase mental alertness and at the same time, calm the nerves.

Being a fixed sign, Leo can suffer from stubbornness and can find sudden change, difficult.

Basil is an oil that give Leo the courage, adaptability and focus to overcome obstacles and to move forward in life.

Instructions and Safety!

There are many ways to absorb essential oils. You can either use a diffuser, add up to 5 drops to bath or have an Aromatherapy Massage. I suggest using 10 drops to every 40ml carrier oil for a massage.

Always do a skin test for oils you’ve never used, in the unlikely event of an allergy. To do this, add a drop to the back of your wrist, via a cotton bud, apply a plaster and wait for 24 hours.

There are some oils which are fine to use during pregnancy, though lots of them aren’t. Please check before use and do not ingest or apply the oils neat…

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