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Aromatherapy Astrology And The Best Essential Oils For Aries Season…

Natalie Delahaye Gives Us Cosmic Insight On Stellar Scents For The Ram...

How can we use therapeutic oils during the season of Aries – late March to late April – and what are the best essential aromatherapy oils for Aries themselves?

Let’s look to the stars for answers! As a complementary therapy, we can work with aromatherapy, with recommended blends for different seasons.

During Aries Season, we might like to consider the essential oils that have a balancing, healing effect on Aries: Lemon, Rose and Marjoram.


Lemon essential oil resonates well with Aries spirited personality, both have feisty, zesty temperaments. Lemon is mentally enlivening, making it perfect inhalation for your morning shower water or oil diffuser.

Aries rules the head, and brain…. tension is experienced in the form of headaches and achy jaws. Lemon helps to cool down a hot head and clear a busy mind.

  • Inhale during your shower or add to an oil diffuser.
  • Add up to 5 drops to your base oil for a head massage.


These energetic, fiery rams can get burnt out and stressed.

At such times, all they need is some unconditional love and hug in a bottle in the form of Rose essential oil.

This Venusian flower moves Mars ruled Aries from their head to heart. Rose is the flower of Venus and has long been prized the symbol of love and beauty. The scent has a soothing effect on the heart and soul and is an aphrodisiac too.

  • Simply add a few drops of the essential oil to your perfume or your massage blend to reap the benefits of this sumptuous aroma.


Marjoram Flower…

According to famous herbalist Culpepper, Marjoram is ‘an herb under Aries’ and an excellent brain tonic, easing fear, depression and mental stresses.

It makes a great rescue remedy for headaches and insomnia too.

For a post sports massage to soothe muscular aches and pains, blend a few drops with a base oil and massage deeply into the muscles or add 5 to 10 drops to your bath for a restorative, relaxing experience.

Instructions and Safety!

There are many ways to absorb essential oils. You can either use a diffuser, add up to 5 drops to bath or have an Aromatherapy Massage. I suggest using 10 drops to every 40ml carrier oil for a massage.

Always do a skin test for oils you’ve never used, in the unlikely event of an allergy. To do this, add a drop to the back of your wrist, via a cotton bud, apply a plaster and wait for 24 hours.

There are some oils which are fine to use during pregnancy, though lots of them aren’t. Please check before use and do not ingest or apply the oils neat…

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