Aromatherapy Astrology And The Best Essential Oils For Scorpio Season…

Natalie Delahaye Gives Us Cosmic Insight On Stellar Scents...

How can we use therapeutic oils during the season of Scorpio – late October to late November – and what are the best essential aromatherapy oils for Scorpio themselves?

Let’s look to the stars for answers! As a complementary therapy, we can work with aromatherapy, with recommended blends for different seasons.

During Scorpio Season, we might like to consider the essential oils that have a balancing, healing effect on Scorpio: Lavender, Patchouli and Frankincense.


Lavender is a perfect aroma for Scorpio season, being a herb dedicated to Hecate, the queen of the underworld who assists in transitory phases in life, and is the goddess of witches and sorcerers.

Add 5 to 10 drops to an evening bath to melt away the stresses of the day and soothe the soul.

For insomnia, blend a drop of lavender into a smidgen of base oil and massage onto the soles of the feet to induce deep sleep. Lavender is one of the few essential oils that can be worn neat and is a great addition to your first aid box. Keep close to your cauldron when cooking, it is a magical healer for burns.


Frankincense provides healing and purification for Scorpio.

It is an ancient, spiritual plant, and one that can help Scorpio release fears. Use frankincense to sever ties to the past that are blocking growth.

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This scent assists in rebirth and empowerment through facing buried issue. Apply to an oil diffuser or inhale directly from the bottle.

Frankincense helps deepen the breath and clear clutter from the mind. Here you’ve a perfect incense for your yoga, prayer or meditation session.


Patchouli resonates with Scorpio’s personality.

It is deep, sensual, and has a powerful effect on all those who catch its musky scent. It deters moths and even psychic vampires.

It is a grounding, earthy resin, that brings you back you from the heavenly heights, right back into your body, making it a perfect oil for spaced out personalities that need some terra firma.


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🌑Scorpio New Moon Ritual Bath 🌑 . 🌙 . 🦂 . 🛀 . We are surrounded by angels. Everywhere we look. They are this beautiful earth’s creatures. Animals are Angels 🐘 they have so much to teach us about community and compassion. So much to share. Even the scorpion is an angel, an angel that says “pay attention, be mindful, be grounded feel the earth under your feet, you don’t have to step on others to get to where you are going.” This is powerful Medicine for this new moon that has us feeling wide open, so very sensitive and so very tired …. . 🌱 We don’t need to create or perpetuate suffering in order to live in our fullest potential. We don’t need to step on other living beings in order to get to where we are going. Maybe if we looked deeper into the Medicine they are sharing with us we could grow beyond our wildest imagination. . . 💫 This bath is designed to give you a chance to rest, restore and listen. . ~INGREDIENTS~ – flowers from you farmers market or dried roses. – charcoal powder – nettles tea – Epsom salt – obsidian crystal – Jasmine & patchouli essential oils . ~ RITUAL ~ – cleanse & bless your aura with the smoke of sweet grass – step into bath and dunk head underwater – take three deep breaths – keep eyes closed – invite your animal angel spirit guides to come and share their messages and Medicine with you. – pause and listen see who comes in for you. – thank them for sharing – after bath offer plants used to the earth with a prayer for protection for the earth’s angels, the animals. . . . . #ritualbath #crystalbath #animalsareangels #animalspirits #medicinereadings #mamamedicine #newmooninscorpio #weekendvibes 🛀 by me 📸 by @stephanienoritz

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It makes an exotic, comforting room fragrance, when diffused or added to a bath to revive the spirit.

Instructions and Safety!

There are many ways to absorb essential oils. You can either use a diffuser, add up to 5 drops to bath or have an Aromatherapy Massage. I suggest using 10 drops to every 40ml carrier oil for a massage.

Always do a skin test for oils you’ve never used, in the unlikely event of an allergy. To do this, add a drop to the back of your wrist, via a cotton bud, apply a plaster and wait for 24 hours.

There are some oils which are fine to use during pregnancy, though lots of them aren’t. Please check before use and do not ingest or apply the oils neat…

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