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Capricorn Sets The Style Bar High, With Conservative Conduct…

Capricorn, Conservative Conduct Is In…

If you’re a Capricorn there’s one fashion rule to follow, or at least to be aware of.

Keep It Conservative.

If the zodiac sign Capricorn is strong in your chart you’re possibly and probably already a natural but if your fashions are flailing and you want to steer yourself back on course, Star Sign Style has some tips for you…

Wear Work Wear, Well


Sun In Capricorn Celebrities Sienna Miller, Vanessa Paradis, Christie Turlington, Abby Clancy And Kate Moss..

You love to work Capricorn!

The office is your domain – you climb the corporate ladder and burn the midnight oil so why not wear work-wear – all the time? That way you can put your professional face forward at all hours…

Even the singer Sade used workwear as her signature look.

Capricorn Fashion = Serious Style

Supposedly an austere sign, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the grandfather of the zodiac, who has a philosophy of tough love, restriction and hardship – Saturn is the taskmaster of astrology, here to impart lessons to be learned (think of the ‘Saturn Return).

Although this sign is witty and almost certain to have you in stitches when you’re bosom buddies, their approach to life is serious – that goes for their wardrobe too. Typically they like to wear styles that are modest and give off an air of responsibility.

With their practical natures, Capricorn woman intuitively understand how to dress for the occasion and should simply trust her instincts. Capricorn possesses a certain knack for dressing well, and totally appropriately for the occasion – always call a Cappy if you’re wondering what to wear to that job interview, summer wedding or any important event. They’ll dress you down then put you in something perfect. always consult a Capricorn if you want to make the right impression.

Queen of cool Kate Moss is a Capricorn with fashion know-how in droves, still, she keeps it modest (most of the time!) and is often spotted in simple suits, shirts and subtle colours.

Two Piece Time

Not every sign can carry of a fitted two-piece, it’s really only certain characters that can pack their neat little bodies into this ensamble (Pisces wants more flowing lines, Aries simply can’t do this type of formal wear – unless it’s a sharp shouldered jacket, and even then she’d ditch the matching skirt or trousers – the list goes on!)

Really, the zodiac signs who pull off the twin set are balanced Libra, Virgo and conservative Cappy.

Classy – Never Brassy

The classiest of all the signs, our Saturn-ruled sisters find it impossible to look cheap. They’re also incredible canny with their finances, they often wont buy expensive, but make what they do have look worth a lot more.

Capricorn women should steer clear of bright, breezy colours or eccentric designs. Grey, dark blue, brown or black tailored suits are perfect for your stylish, understated elegance.

An earth sign, this bunch do look good in deep green, mossy colours and lovely, deep navy blue too. Read More In: Capricorn, Beauty In Black, here.

Best dressed in smart, neatly tailored (we’re not talking tight, slick structured suit jackets – more casually thrown on ) clothes, Capricorn looks swell in relaxed, but classy jackets worn over well selected pieces.

Subtle, dignified, elegance and essentially conservative, Capricorn can wear traditional materials like tweed with ease. Too tailored? Too harsh!

My best advice for Capricorn?

Keep it simple, classy and a touch conservative.

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