Your Guide To The Planets – Serious Saturn In Astrology…

Grandfather Time, he watches the clock and over us, with hard lessons to impart!

Saturn In Space…

Saturn In Astrology –

Saturn is a stern, serious and authoritative planet, a taskmaster that takes a whopping 29 years to complete a cycle round the Sun, also known as our ‘Saturn Return‘.

Saturn stands for structure, boundaries, limitations, lessons and it challenges us, big time.

This planet shows us where to develop discipline through its placement in our charts, and eventually, to become a master. The zodiac sign your Saturn appears in (in your birth chart) reveals more about the area you’ll gain solid footing and expertise.

Saturn in astrology is likened to a teacher, grandfather or uncle. Think of him as the grandfather clock, with his relatedness to time…

It is a masculine planet and the second largest in our solar system behind Jupiter.

It is cold, dry and slow (whereas Jupiter is warm, moist and speedy). It contains, gives structure and meaning.

Saturn oversees Capricorn and is the traditional ruler of Aquarius.

Its colour is black, its day Saturday and it’s associated with death in old age.

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This planet is authoritative, a disciplinarian of man; melancholy and wise he represents responsibility and commitments, boundaries, rules and the law.

Saturn governs our ambition and career, hierarchies and conforming to social structures.


It is our sense of duty, our physical and emotional endurance during hardships and is the principle of limitation, restriction, structures, discipline and remorse. This is the planet of long-term planning, where practicality and realism is needed.

The Saturn Return

Between the ages of 28 and 30, and 58 and 60, and 88 and 90, we experience what is known as our Saturn Return. This is a significant time of transition in our lives, usually prompting change – whether a change of direction or lifestyle.

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Saturn in the Signs…

From our perspective here on earth, each constellation of stars forms a backdrop to Saturn, so it would appear that ‘Saturn is in the constellation of Scorpio’ when we look up to the sky.

Saturn takes just under 30 years to orbit the Sun, and spends about two and a half years in each sign.

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