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Moon in Capricorn – Celebrities And Style…

Malika Favre Capricorn

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Our Moon sign is an indicator of what we need – what we like to feel nurtured or secure, it’s what comforts us. It’s our emotional nature within the safe folds of family and trusted friends, it’s the personality that comes out when we’re relaxed at home. Our moon sign shows how we feed ourselves – literally and emotionally!

It’s how we nurture and feed others…

People born when the Moon was in Capricorn are ambitious, highly driven and work harder than all the other signs to reach their goals.

They aren’t afraid to wait out the early stages of an endeavour to reap greater rewards later.

They’re disciplined and discerning, and can be quite serious. Emotionally they can be cool until someone has proved they’re a worthy investment…

Moon In Capricorn Fashion Style


Stars With Moon In Capricorn – Sarah Jessica Parker, Chloë Sevigny, Kate Hudson And Reece Witherspoon…


Moon In Capricorn Home Style

We decorate according to a number of factors, including our Sun, Venus and Rising Signs, however, as the moon governs ‘home’ it can reveal a lot about how we make ourselves feel at comfortable in our nest through our unique personal style.

People with moon in Capricorn need solitude, a quiet place where they can take time out undisturbed (think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character ‘Carrie’ at her desk in Sex and the City, sitting in serious contemplation – that’s your Moon in Capricorn’s ideal spot!)

They value quality, long lasting pieces that will stand the test of time. Antiques will often appeal to the moon in Capricorn person but not because of sentimental value, more because it’s been made well and is a solid investment.

Celebrities With The Moon In Capricorn

abbey-clancy  sjp  kate-hudson  Reese-Witherspoon  zoe  sd  carmen  virgo-shirley-manson  stevie  liv-typer  quant    amy-winehouse  sagittarius-sarah-silverman  elke-somner  chloe-sevigny

Sarah Jessica Parker ☆ Kate Hudson ☆ Kourtney Kardashian ☆ Carmen Dell’Orefice ☆ Siobhan Donaghy ☆ Ashley Tisdale ☆ Susan Sarandon ☆ Chloe Sevigny ☆ Zooey Deschanel ☆ Katee Sackhoff ☆ Julia Stiles ☆ Reece Witherspoon ☆ Audrina Partridge ☆ Cher ☆ Stevie Nicks ☆ Liv Tyler ☆ Linda Cardellini ☆ Serinda Swan ☆ Rachel Zoe ☆ Shirely Ann Manson ☆ Amy Winehouse ☆ Elke Sommer ☆ Willow Smith ☆ Tara Reid ☆ Sarah Silverman ☆ Mia Farrow ☆ Christina Ricci ☆ Mary Quant ☆ Jennifer Love Hewitt ☆ Yves Saint Laurent ☆

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