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Libra Bella Hadid

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Libra Bella Hadid’s Astrology

Sun In LibraMercury In Libra ☆ Moon In VirgoVenus In Virgo

Like her sister, Taurus beauty Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid is a Venus ruled super model.

Venusian’s are the official beauties of the zodiac!

Bella Hadid’s sun is in the air ruled Venus sign, Libra. The sun in the air principle of Venus means that Bella naturally exudes elegance, charm, beauty and grace.

Bella is indeed a Libra bombshell but there is no denying that she also exudes a dark allure. We often see her rocking dark shades and looking fabulous in black leather, lace and even red. Her skin is porcelain with freckles and her hair dark as the night sky. These features are attributed to her Libra Sun in opposition to Saturn in Aries, giving her Libra elegance a twist of a timeless dark and gaunt sophistication.

Her Venus, ruler of her Sun in Libra, is conjunct her Moon in feminine and angelic Virgo.

Bella’s Venus/Moon in Virgo conjunction gives her charm a touch of earthy eloquence. Venus is a social planet!

However, Bella has her Venus in Virgo and Moon in Virgo, making her emotional and social nature reserved.

Bella Hadid’s Birth Chart


Born 9th October, 1996 in In Los Angeles…

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