Libra Bella Hadid Astrology Analysis… Virgo Rising!

Bella Hadid loves astrology. She even had her chart read by Aliza Kelly at an event not so long ago, where her Virgo Ascendant was confirmed…

Like her sister, Taurus beauty Gigi Hadid, Libra Bella Hadid is a Venusian super model.

Taurus and Libra are the two Zodiac Signs co-ruled by Venus, beauty and adornment planet.

The Sun in this air sign means Bella naturally exudes elegance, charm, beauty and grace.

Bella is indeed a Libra bombshell, with Mercury and the North Node in this sign. But there’s no denying that she also exudes so much more.

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Planets in the 12th house allude to a lot that she’s keeping back!

We see the Moon rising and Venus closely conjunct the ascendant too.

All these points in Virgo (Moon, Venus and Rising) mean we have to consider there are two sides to Bella: Virgo and Libra. Lightly freckled with a pale, even porcelain appearance to her skin point to the Virgo Moon rising.

Angelic Virgo seeks perfection, and it’s not a secret that Bella tweaks and touches up her appearance. We might say she’s one of the many stars of today looking to perfect their outer visage by any means.

While the Moon-Venus conjunction suggest friendly charm, the fact they are in Virgo can’t help me think she could be relatively emotional, and her social nature reserved. I’ve seen quite a few pictures she’s posted of herself where she’s been crying!

Another interesting thing about this Hadid sister, is that the Part Of Fortune is conjunct her Sun, and widely the North Node in Libra. This suggests to me her life purpose is intrinsically rewarding and best directed toward the pursuit of justice and beauty.

Bella Hadid’s Birth Chart…

Born Wednesday, October 9th 1996 at 4.19 am In Washington, DC, United States, via AstroTheme…

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