The Top Libra Fashion Designers!

Who are the leading design geniuses born under the Libra Zodiac Sign?


Sun In Libra Ralph Lauren…

Libra fashion designers produced beautifully streamlined clothes with a romantic feel.


Ralph Lauren And Wu’s Work…

Given this is a Venus-ruled sign, it’s natural that design and fashion expressions are delivered with a love of balance and harmony – perfect equilibrium! 

It’s common to see the feminine archetype favoured in offerings from Librian designers, who perhaps play it a little safe sometimes – like Donna Karan, and Ralph Lauren.

These people are charming and diplomatic, perhaps why Jason Wu is the trusted go-to for high profile clients like Michelle Obama. Interestingly, it was Libra André Leon Talley who advised the Obama family on fashion, introducing Michelle Obama to the Taiwanese-Canadian designer Wu, from whom she bought several dresses, including her inaugural gown.

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But we can also see the principles of fairness and justice in these folk too…

Virgil Abloh embodied Libra / Venusian values, dedication to his craft and a mission to open doors for others, creating greater equality in art and design.

This deep belief in the power of art to inspire is indicative of his Pluto in Libra, Venus in Leo connection… Read more here


Civilised Style, Ralph Lauren

Lovely Libra Fashion Designers…

☆ Andre Leon Talley 16th October 1949 (not a designer per say) ☆ Delfina Delettrez Fendi 15th October 1987 ☆ Donna Karan 2nd October 1948 ☆ Eva Cavalli 9th October 1959 (wife and collaborator with husband Roberto Cavalli) ☆ Isaac Mizrahi 14th October 1961☆ Jason Wu 27th September 1982 ☆ Ralph Lauren 14th October 1939 ☆ Virgil Abloh 30th September 1980 ☆ Yohji Yamamoto 3rd October 1943 ☆

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